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Rainbow Cookie Surprise Featuring My Life As x Hello Kitty Bakery Set | Hello Kitty Cooking Fun

Hello Friends! Today we’re going to show you how to make rainbow cookie mixes for a super fun surprise for your friends. And while we bake a batch of cookies we’ll play with our new Hello Kitty x My Life As 18” Baker Dolls and Hello Kitty My Life As Baking Accessories from Walmart! Let’s get started!

Hello friends today we’re going to show you how to prep rainbow cookie mixes to share with friends for a super fun surprise then we’ll bake a batch of these delicious cookies while we play with our new hello kitty my life has 18 inch baker dolls and baking accessories from walmart we’ll show you how to decorate your rainbow cookie surprises and attach a recipe card

For a perfect homemade gift for family and friends these sweet cookie surprises are 100 customizable so grab your favorite toppings and let’s get started on the fun here’s what you’ll need for the cookie mix vanilla extract all-purpose flour softened butter or margarine sprinkles semi-sweet chocolate chips one large egg brown sugar salt baking soda and white

Sugar you’ll also need some kitchen supplies a mixing bowl a cookie sheet with some parchment paper a tool for mixing or an electric mixer and some measuring utensils let’s get started combine your flour baking soda and salt in a bowl drop your mix into a one quart jar next put your chocolate chips brown sugar sprinkles and white sugar on top using an adult to

Help preheat your oven to 375. the cookies need to bake for 10 minutes let’s keep going and make a batch of our cookie mix mix the softened butter egg and vanilla extract in a large bowl add the dry cookie ingredients and mix well breaking up any big clumps just like this roll up the dough into little balls for fun let’s dip each ball into more sprinkles while we

Wait for our cookies to bake in the oven let’s check out the new line of super cute hello kitty my life has items from walmart first up we have our adorable 18 inch my life as baker dolls look how adorable their hello kitty aprons look the apron has a super cute picture of hello kitty with a little whisk in her hand each baker doll comes with 11 lovely pieces for

You to play with there’s a little oven mitt a pencil for your doll to write down her favorite hello kitty recipes a tiny recipe book which is a real notebook strawberry tarts hello kitty cookies and a box for her treats next we have the hello kitty my life as cooking playset your doll can have fun with an electric mixer measuring spoons and even a little rolling

Pin the set comes with super cute cookie cutters shaped like hello kitty’s head and iconic red bow a really fun surprise inside the dough box is actual modeling clay so you can roll out and cut out hello kitty cookie shapes foreign the pasta maker really works so much fun the collection wouldn’t be complete without this super cute hello kitty my life as bakery

Set this set is perfect for your baker dolls to show off their baking skills and make delicious treats for their customers you’re done now that our cookies are out of the oven let’s decorate our jars we’ll be using acrylic paint and brushes you could use markers too we’ll need a jar of course some string a picture of hello kitty and some scrap paper and scissors

To make a tag watch how we’re going to make a rainbow on our jar next let’s make some clouds and add some sprinkles let’s make an adorable little recipe card to tie to our jars once you cut out your card just write out the recipe like this decorate the other side with hello kitty’s iconic bow in the corner for an extra special touch for the top of the jar

Grab your picture of hello kitty and use the jar lid to trace a perfect circle now add some color you can download a picture in the comments below maybe some dots too cut her out and ta-da look how perfectly she fits on the lid use some string to attach your tag foreign cookie mixes look so cute now you can enjoy these delicious cookies with your new hello

Kitty my life as faker dolls tell us what cooking video you want to see next in the comments below don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel see you next time

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Rainbow Cookie Surprise Featuring My Life As x Hello Kitty Bakery Set | Hello Kitty Cooking Fun By Hello Kitty and Friends