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Rainbow Dash jogando Minecraft pela primeira vez no modo sobrevivência (survival).

Hello everyone, how are you here rainbow dash doesn’t make her hair green and today i’m here in minecraft for the first time in survival mode there look at us a minecraft but i ‘m going to jump there i lost a life in the northeast watch out for the bugs over there but i ‘m already warning you that i don’t know how to throw anything here people ah i don’t know about you

That you know nothing i just know that we have to make a sword looking for a stone to find a place to sleep so the monsters don’t get to us we do just that to make that work table there so let’s start cutting wood here and you finally have a lot of tips here in the comments for me you who play minecraft because as i said i don’t know i’m going to need many lives i’m going

To talk i’m noob in minecraft wiki shame o brother leave where you are here snooping by my side watching me play soon he can here look he’s all right with you i see here on the starboard side embarrass myself i was like you don’t want to then peg hey wood i think i can make it now look at the little doll i left, it looks like the whole hair live, right? carvalho and now

I’m going to get the pregnancy that causes it the stick will also need to do some things with it here appears the sword i’ll need the workbench so i’ll get it here you have enough material but i don’t live to put it here i have i’m going to make a basic sword here and i also want to make a pickaxe where’s the pickaxe here ah i’m going to do this again oak wood that needs

It there yes i’ll give it ready let me put it like this just makes it boring i also think i’ll make a boring one too and there aren’t enough things the daughter doesn’t have enough things wait a minute so let’s make oak wood again tree that has leftovers and i’m not cool i’m going to make a trunk i’ll leave it here gua rdado i think it’s going to be important when i find

A place for rian that’s in the same place then i made a record if you’re pregnant so now i think that’s it i think it’s good, right let’s get the work table to load it’s because i’m not going to stay around here i ‘m scared of the animals at night i’m just going to serve a chicken no photo of the sheep i ‘m going duck sorry but i’m going to kill you because otherwise

I won’t have to for myself i ‘m going to die look the body sprouted from there nothing where is the duck sheep i think i ‘m going to need to kill dear sorry oh poor thing at least i got food elan elan needs to make the bed that’s good too right bed important and chicken come here come here people oh my god oh my i think oh my god i fell there yes moneche i could rest

Quietly there now now i couldn’t get out of here okay we can explore here look i don’t know what could be an animal right i ask i died i don’t know what this is really very cutting impression i don’t keep breaking it there’s another like another color lately then there was nothing i think this stone is hard for my pickaxe so i think i would need a lot of stone but let’s

Try apparently there’s nothing here to see you i’m going to get here some things that stone you give me i’m scared to stay here oh my god i’m going to go up here it’ll be easier later since i’m nub right i’m going to get some stones here i think it wasn’t a stone sword at once because it’s a little stronger, right? it’s a pickaxe, it wears out here, otherwise you use it,

The pin is related because i’m talking here with yours that it’s already news. or do you think it wears out, that’s okay oh my god, i accidentally made another spade, it ‘s because, as i said, i’m a beginner. it’s a cow, there could be a villager’s house here, right, because i could sleep in it like a boring one, right, but i don’t really think about it, calm down, well,

Let’s get used to it and i find a cutting here and i need to find a place to sleep, hem what a scare i found that it was an animal i’m going to take this one too because it can be useful at some time that different way, right i’m going to take more normal even there were a lot of animals more normal even there were a lot of animals more normal even there

Were a lot of animals and pow pow pow right in the game despite attacking freedom for real this here i dig a hole here what do you think i do that so i’m going to wash a place where i slept i just hope the bugs don’t invade the light this happened i’m chipped let’s go let’s go i think you’ll get a shower i’ll make a torch later because otherwise it gets too dark in here

To me oxe i don’t want to go i think it’s because the pickaxe has to be applied it’s faster and you also have to make the pickaxe that is already stone i’m going to try to make a bed too since i got it there that goes there just a little more here not even my god i ‘m going to make a door so it ‘s getting nighty there oh my god i need to do it calm down where is that work

Table calm down calm down i’ll put it here where is the door i’m going to research where do you search here door and swiss get a lot everything here is very useful i made three doors at once in my god in heaven let’s get it now i’m going to change it here where we’re hearing the noises oh my god in heaven oh and now put a person in a door i made a door there i gave the

Lord god is free long yes a steak there you’re lost then i put the door i think i’m safe but i see some steps coming here i don’t know no no no i’m not going to go out i’m going to pull it out because i’m in here i’m going to make a torch now wait a minute let’s see how you make a torch you need charcoal i don’t have it there but at least here it’s not all dark later i’ll

Stay out if charcoal then you are not making a bed and hopefully i need it and oh my god a robot stays here all night talking to this one led furnace that’s why there’s no food i’m going to make one since i have stone anyway i’m going to put a news since i’m going to have to spend the night like this oh my god and put it here i’ll leave it i’ll put flowers in the area

Here and the meat here i hear footsteps and i’m scared let’s see now people of coal really i won’t even use any form for now i ‘m not hungry so ok we do you look like you have a zombie the stripe that i saw right now i’m too scared to go out but i don’t have to tell you if he finds the hiding place all the way here to here i needed a bed so much and now it’s good that

Chic like ah mom oh my god hi i think it was just an ergonet cow eating the cows poor thing there i don’t know right for jec who’s going to come up if the door opens ai ai ai and now oh my god oh oh my god i need the pickaxe it makes noise yeah don’t even leave it there because you put it there it’s too dark you can see nothing it’s going to make a beak from here too right

Two of the way back to the grass house so scared there he pink i leave it gets very brave oh my god i can’t hit him from here oh my god i wish i had yours that personal coal put it here where i can find coal right in the mine probably right but put it here don’t forget to put your tips there’s something it’s just a level i think you’re talking about being stuck here i’m

Going to do it ai ai ai when you make a tip, right, it’s the northeast, not here, they’re going to get it but i can’t anymore and you stay our nominal to play well i don’t lose oh and i’m winning friend i’m going up in level wow, how much coal there i’m going down there and i won’t be able to go up after i’m going to make a little ladder here, i can’t break it too much,

It’s not bad later but i also want to get these coals and this will be very useful, right, coal for lighting inar right the torch and also need in the furnace so i think i understand it’s useless i don’t know if it’s just for that, right like i said i ‘m nub i’m new here because her nephew at that door i wanted to go out to beat the animals but if you with me people will

Have a hill if i die i lose everything and i don’t have a bed to sleep if i had a bed at night it’s going to pass quickly because sleep already dawn she’s well what i wanted later i’m going to try to kill but listen my sheep came to another one of them, what a pain i hope i arrive i don’t see that hey hey she’s going to be mad at your value in this cold and then calm down i

Explain to her that it’s just a game wow, it’s getting dark in a little while i’ll put more torch you can’t see anything else oh my god how scared an animal came up here putting a torch on then i’m i chose i’m going to see how far this goes because imagine if i go to the last stone in the world and i fall and die for what i caught this iron gross because i don’t see how

Useful it is that’s good in a little while i’m going to talk about this thing just break it down from here more who think it’s weaker group is and i’m going to go up is it until tomorrow morning i hope so i hope it ‘s ok let’s go go up and i’m going to pick up the torch when i get the bundle it gets very dark look at that my god, how scary the other one is where she is

Right my head wow how can i get back there i heard the noise of the zumbis it’s not dawn yet so i think it will take a while will it be that i open people i’m going oh my god oh my god no what does a thing mean what is this let’s hope it’s food now that he left here so he doesn’t scratch oh my god in heaven i’m running down one of the streets that’s beautiful and square

Not with the aunt, of course it closes and let them leave it i found out where you live from where you live i think it will be dawn in a little while, i hope so, let’s see that this is rotten meat, i love it, mother, zombie, i think it will dawn scene let’s see r here there, as it’s dawning, take a little risk, right, there’s probably still an animal jeez, there’s a fire

Animal over there and cow people, i’m scared, my god, will they be able to because my work table is there oh my god oh my god and i also wanted to follow the cows they killed there i think it’s because it was aunty let me hit your little boots already pick them up and they’re meat right old i didn’t want to do that not a little bit but i’m sorry i pressed a thing about

The animals here i wanted sheep for later take the bed not shine that the second so francilia i’ll leave it perfine kidding i’ll leave it the way you said fluffy is so fluffy and then you go i fell out of the water so i’ll let you not get it i hate it there i got it because twice i die i ‘m going to end the video here when are your comments and tips going huh i felt today

We’re going to talk juisabele months to luiza ratão parade and laura reis to guilherme and gustavo go to vitória to olímpia ana and to carolina kisses and a kiss when you called i’m here too, bye limited there

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