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Reaction to: Slay the Spire Board Game: How to play (The Brothers Murphy)

Let’s take a look at Slay the Spire the Board Game and see if it’s as good as the video game. Enjoy my commentary and remember to LIKE and SUB.

It’s your boy rob back with another video today we’re going to be taking a look at slay the spire board game this is going to be my reaction to this gameplay um i don’t know much about the board game i just recently found out that it was based on a video game so i don’t know anything about the video game if you don’t know your boy rob does not play video games at

All uh not since playstation 3. so let’s get into this video and see what this board game be like slay the spire the board game is a cooperative deck building game based on the video game slay the spire each player will choose a character there’s the ironclad the silent the defect and the watcher each character plays differently and has their own unique deck in

This so stopping it real quick guys um games that have card mechanics for combat i’m kind of iffy on some of those because they can be done when they’re done right it’s cool um there’s a lot of tactical aspect in it but when they’re done wrong uh i.e relic nights um you get a game that dies fairly quickly so let’s continue and players will be winding their way

Up the spire coming across enemies events treasures and finally the boss if you defeat the boss you may then move on to act two that’s kind of distort concept every player will get in the owl’s blessing which will give them a bonus okay most of the spaces in the spire are encounters and when the team gets to an encounter they will flip over cards putting one enemy

In each row each player occupies i’m digging it so far enemies in that row will be attacking that character so some enemies will summon other enemies which will be shown on the bottom of their card here for example slimes be duplicating so when the small side shows up you will search the summon stack so right off the bat this reminds me of um what was the name

Of that game it was this card game you put it was xenoshift that was the name of the game so this reminds me of xenoshift right now not entirely but just like this card aspect where you’ve got like a row of enemies and you’re like your base or you’re i guess in this case your model is standing there and he’s dealing with these uh attacking creatures one at a time

So that was pretty good concept um xenoshift man i play the hell out of that game um i played it so much that like i got bored with it and went like within um i’d say within a month um but i was i was all over that game when it came out acid slime and a spike slime and you will add them to the smallest lives row now it’s time to fight you will win the fight and

Move on i got the anime style to defeated at the beginning of every fight round players will roll the die which will dictate what abilities will trigger on enemies and some relics that’s clever um so rolling the die kind of gives each creature um i guess different attacks and that’s kind of cool because you’re not getting that when you see that creature because

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see multiple multiples of the same creature you know you’ve got different things um that the creature will be doing that i guess you have to handle a different way now one thing and this isn’t about gameplay this is more about uh the hard art the illustration the iconography um the i might pointing to the screen like you guys can see

What i’m pointing to um like if you look at that first card top row um seems like the the iconography is kind of small and maybe it’s got to be small because they’ve gotta they want to keep things kind of uniform so when you’ve got uh several combinations like that stacked up like you see in the second card in that top row um it can be you know you don’t want to

Get too cluttered with the image with the icons being too big but it just seems like when that icon is kind of you see like a one in like a sword i believe that is um something like that just seems kind of small but you know it is what it is let’s continue and once they’re done the enemies will take their turn each player starts off with a basic deck of mostly

Strikes and defends bordered in gray on their turn the players will draw five cards and then play cards okay so you’ve got this cool little game the cost of a car is in the top left corner strikes the defense costs one energy but stronger cards like bash costumes this is kind of reminded me as many cards that they’re able to miss board games will do damage so if

You play three strikes on your turn not as deal three damn technical though when damaging you were able to hit any single enemy not just one in your row though if a card has this symbol this is an area of attack and you were able to hit all enemies in any one row the shield symbol is block when you game seems really simplistic sounds like something you can block

Track play with this lockdown kids maybe 10. there are a lot of different abilities and keywords on cards so i’m not going to go through if they kill someone over the ones that come up often if you gain strength you will gain a strength token and for the rest of combat all damage you deal is plus one for every token you have if the target has any vulnerable tokens

They take double damage each time they’re at so i know we’re like halfway through the video already and the minis don’t seem like they really play any kind of role um in the game that’s kind of unfortunate it’s almost like i don’t know how much this game is but if the minis aren’t you’re not there’s no tactical aspect to it as far as moving the models around so

It’s like you don’t really need them um i think i would have preferred uh don’t attack me guys don’t attack me for this but i would have preferred for you to just have a card representing your hero that way you’ve got the card art color is there and it blends with the rest of the the cards um i think that would have been better or at least give that option you

Know so hey you can either play with the mini or you can put your card out um and i’ve got one more critique i want to watch a little more of the video before i make it though after every attack the target discards one vulnerable token week is similar except the target deals one less damage that they have any weak tokens and like vulnerable after every attack

They discard one weak token if a card has exhaust it will go to your exhaust pile after it’s played it will be unavailable for the rest of this combat if you play a power card it will stay out or as cute as the taste of combat once all players are really into the harm all cards okay and then the enemies will activate i’m assuming that’s what it is the enemies will

Activate from left to right and will attack the character in that row because we’ll activate in three ways some will have a set activation they do every turn some will do a certain action depending on what was rolled on the die at the beginning of the fight i kind of like the cards as i see more of it is kind of it’s like okay i get it it’s their style it damages

You each block you have will stop one damage if you run out of block any excess damage lowers your health if any player ever reaches zero health all players lose i hate and all enemies the combat ends and players will gain rewards so i hate games where it’s like if one person dies you all suffer and lose um i’m like dude what’s the point of having multiplayer

And or cooperative gameplay when one person goes down that it’s just that’s a wrap for everybody it should be a situation where if someone dies you know you keep grinding on and you bring them back in the next challenge or or something i don’t know uh so the critique i was going to make earlier was instead of having the models on the side of the board like that um

Maybe they could have been moved along the map um actually that wasn’t critique i was going to make i’ll say in a second but this is just an idea that popped in my head i guess that’s why it had just totally bypassed my original thought anyway so i think it would have been better to have um the models kind of make their way up the map instead of the little meeple

Boot um i think it have made the models more uh relevant for the game um and the other thing was i don’t like how everything is happening right here on this board so you know it works right in this situation for this guy um because it’s like he’s the camera’s like dead set on him and it’s from his point of view but if you’ve got like i’m assuming three to four

Players sitting around a table it seems like you know you’re going to want to have those cards in front of you and maybe that’s how it is but the models are there uh the board for the models are there so unless everyone gets their own board it’s like there’s going to be a lot of reaching back and forth and if you’re putting new cars out every turn uh that’s going

To be um kind of a cluster there so excuse the language players will gain the rewards from the enemy in their row rewards are in the top left corner of the enemy card these will mostly be money and card rewards yeah i mean if you’re sitting like that that works you know i guess that’ll work but still i mean these will have a blackboard you’ve got a huge deck of

Cards of protein right there too so several get a golden ticket you will reveal the top card of your gold border deck and it shows that card players will then choose where in the spire they will go next always moving up you will mostly be fighting but let’s quickly go over the other spaces on the board these spaces are elite encounters and will be a tougher fight

But with better rewards okay we’ll have players flip over an event card which will have them make choices and these can be good or bad in treasure spaces players will gain a relic relics are active for the rest of the game and will give special powers and bonuses at a campfire players may either rest and heal three or upgrade a card in their deck every card has an

Upgraded side shown in green textures more potions potions are only one time use but they’re very useful note that at any time outside of battle players may freely trade potions and share gold okay you may also find cards from your rewards it’s always cool to be able to uh share your play deck and the last spot is at the top of the spire and it’s the boss there’s

The boss this act has different bosses and these will be super tough battles the boss will have health depending on the number of players and will hit like a truck if you beat the boss you will all gain powerful boss relics and you will get to gain one of your powerful gold cards and now you have beaten act one you can then put the game away or reset your health

Keeping all your cards potions relics and upgrades and then try act two the very last thing we’ll do is give a very brief overview of each character the iron so before they jump into these characters um i want to see they should have touched on more of the replayability of the game i’m assuming um on that map where you’re putting the little tokens out for your

Encounters um maybe you flip it over and then the size of the encounter changes or something i don’t know but i can see this getting kind of old quick um i guess it’ll be cool because you’ve got your deck of cards and you’re constantly changing it but you know unless this is something that’s going to have a bunch of expansions i could see where you know it once you

See several cards you’re kind of gonna know what you got to do um the one thing about card base combat systems it’s always like well i’m just gonna play the best card that’s what you got to do you’re going to play the best card in your hand every time um and so i i prefer a dice uh combat system space combat system personally because i love randomness especially

If you’re playing anything like solo or cooperatively that that random element that dice give you is just you can’t beat it all right so let’s get into this but it’s all about strength they also have the ability to make many synergies around exhausting cards and at the end of combat they will always heal one hp the silent will draw two extra cards at the start of

Each combat and it’s all about shives and poison penny oh baby shoes just has a mask on okay and poison tokens may be placed on targets and at the end of this this makes me want to look at this check out the video game for this see if it’s something i don’t like games channel i don’t play games but i watch gameplay of video games lightning and frost will act to

Be at the end of every turn the defects orbs may be a vote where they’ll be removed to do an ability finally the watcher will be switching that’s cool when you leave comstance you will gain two energy and in wrath you deal extra damage but you also take extra damage they will also gain miracle tokens which may be used to gain extra energy that is all the characters

Of slate aspire the board game we’ll see so let’s conclude this video and i’ll let you guys go so um all in all it seems like a clever game i think without seeing the video game for this i think you know you know how video game ips are they they want to capture as much of the essence of the video game as possible and with movies or they try to at least and that’s

What most people like so um i’m interested in seeing how close to the the video game this comes um other than that i think we will leave it with this you guys let me know what you think about the game um in the comments below if you haven’t liked the video you need to like right now before you go please subscribe and follow us on all of our socials i’ll see you

Guys again for the next video this is another reaction love you guys see ya

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