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[Read description] How To Get A Vault Truck In Lumber Tycoon 2 (Read description)

The Vault Truck allows you to protect your items and wood from trolls, and works as a clamp which can clamp all your wood/items down for safe transport.

This is a vault truck it can protect everything inside from trolls as well as keep all of the items inside in place so you can basically drive this thing off a cliff and everything will still be inside right where you left it and for comparison here is me doing the exact same thing except with a normal truck and while you might not be driving off cliffs with lots of

Wood in your truck very often you can now but also something as little as accelerating or just taking a sharp turn can result in major spillage which can take a while to clean up but with the vault truck you don’t have to worry about any of that and yes you can hook it up to the vault trailer as well you can even carry entire trees easily with the pocket feature

In front on top of tons of other features that we’ll get into in a minute but this thing is the multi-tool of trucks if i said this thing was incredibly useful it would be an understatement so today i’m going to tell you how this thing works what you can do with it how you can actually get one of these trucks for yourself and what happens when you use mousetrap

Mode on your unsuspecting friends hey tech hi hi would you like an end times axe yes you would well too bad because we’re going to your favorite place instead somebody help me please i’m being kidnapped where are we going my but before we can do all of that we first need to understand how to use it so you can’t actually just go out and buy this thing at boxed

Cars this is a custom made vehicle using the truck weld glitch basically this top trailer is welded to the tailgate of this truck meaning that when you open the tailgate of the truck it brings the trailer along with it this means that you get convenient access to everything inside and once you are done filling the truck you can actually close the tailgate and that

Basically clamps everything down and so if you have tons of wood in the truck as soon as you close the tailgate that wood is not moving until you open the tailgate back up but before i get too carried away with all of the features because trust me there is a lot i’ve prepared a pros and cons list so that you can decide if you want to get this thing or not so pause

And read through it if you are worried about something like cost or something like that if you want but anyways now it’s time to start building and to do that you’ll need to get all the required materials for this project all right so here’s an overview of everything you will need and remember guys you can use the truck spawner that you already have and still

Be able to spawn your truck without the bed cap on top if you ever just want a normal truck the only thing you’re really sacrificing is your trailer but anyways you want to place down your truck wherever although if you want to be able to auto unload with this thing i’d recommend putting the spawner right next to your auto unloader and later i’ll show you how to

Hook this thing up to your auto unloader anyways get out a large tile blueprint and place it exactly one stud from the back of your truck spawner like so and to verify that it is in fact one stud away from the spawner get out a tiny floor blueprint don’t place it but put it between the spawner and the blueprint and it should fit with no space on either side next

Take your trailer spawner and rotate it upside down like this and make sure that the button is right here now place it against the blueprint and make sure that the wooden part of the spawn pad is one stud above the top of the guide blueprint once again you can verify this by getting a tiny floor blueprint and place it on top of the large floor and the trailer

Spawner should be flush with the top of the tiny floor just in case you got it wrong here are the measurements one more time alright now get your button and place it right here make sure you don’t place it on the spawn pad but instead off to the side finally hook wires from both the spawn pad buttons to the button i’d recommend placing them exactly as i do in

The video for the best results and now to spawn it just press the button and if you did everything correctly this trailer should be welded to the truck’s tailgate and you can verify this by opening the tailgate of the truck and by the way a quick note make sure that when you open the vault truck that you open the trucks tailgate and not the trailer’s tailgate

Because otherwise this will happen which is definitely not ideal and also if you ever find that you just can’t quite seem to open the tailgate just hover over the bottom of the tailgate and it should allow you to open it and if it still doesn’t work for some reason which has never really happened to me just hop into the vault trucks driver’s seat and hop back out

And that should fix it alright so now that you have your very own vault truck let me share with you everything you will need to know about it like some tips and tricks and all the handy uses i have been able to find and if you guys find any useful feature that i didn’t mention that you’d like to share make sure to leave that in the comments below for other people

That would be awesome so let’s start off with some useful tips now since this thing costs an extra 260 dollars each time you want to respawn it you may just want to use your normal truck every once in a while you can actually do that with the exact same spawner so all you have to do is press the button on the truck spawner itself and it will give you just a normal

Truck and by the way if you ever want to just remove the trailer from the truck you can do so by pressing the button on the top trailer pad like so now if you want to hook this thing up to your auto unloader then all you have to do is take a wire from the output of the auto unloader to the output of the button and now you should be able to use both the button

For the vault truck and if you want to unload then you can do that too tip number four placing your wood parallel to the sides of your truck will make your wood a lot less susceptible to falling out so try to avoid stacking your wood like this as it can fall out a lot easier tip number five if your vault truck ever flips upside down you can flip your vehicle

By opening both the doors and opening the truck’s tailgate like so this doesn’t work 100 of the time though so the blueprint glitch is still superior now with that out of the way let’s move on to everything you can do with the vault truck so this is the main feature of the vault truck it’s a pretty obvious one but basically if you put lots of wood or items

In the vault truck as soon as you close it that wood is basically locked in place until you open it back up again and the vault truck even packs your wood down a bit meaning that you can put more stuff in there than you might expect but basically as soon as you close the vault truck the stuff is pretty much completely secure and not even flipping entirely upside

Down will make it fall out so yeah super cool and this feature can even help keep trolls from taking your stuff so definitely a great feature and by the way if you want to get good at taking shortcuts off cliffs with a vault truck remember to drive straight off try not to drive off at any angle otherwise your truck will start to rotate which usually doesn’t land

You on your wheels so yeah you can practice that a lot until you get really good at it and you might just be able to save some time or grinding as mentioned in the intro you can carry entire trees with this pocket in front and you can not only carry trees but also modded wood as well and this will no doubt make trading much easier if you are running a business

Involving modded wood or something like that simply put the tree or modded wood perpendicular to the truck right up against the driver area and then close the tailgate and that should clamp the wood down and this will make carrying entire trees a whole lot easier especially pine wood which is particularly notorious for being very difficult to drive around with but

Obviously with the vault truck you do not have to worry about any of that as you can see i’m bumping into everything with the wood directly and the wood is not budging at all and without the trailer it’s yeah it’s not fun i swear this is one of the worst things to do in lumber tycoon but once again with the vault truck you do not have to worry about any of that it

Makes life so much easier so this is a strange feature but if you open all of the doors on the vault truck and then you open the tailgate on the truck you are pretty much immune to flipping over from my testing this will decrease the frequency of flipping over by as much as 90 percent which is crazy just try to drive off fairly straight but honestly you can be

Way off and you’ll most likely still land straight up and if you’re driving off multiple levels of a mountain it’s best to drive off the cliffs one at a time for the best results if you’ve played lumber tycoon for any amount of time you’ll know that it can get very annoying sometimes accelerating with long pieces of wood stacked horizontally in the back of your

Vehicle since the back of trucks are relatively frictionless now imagine something on the back to catch your wood before it falls i think you might be able to tell where i’m going with this just open the vault truck and then you can pack a bunch of wood stacked horizontally obviously this is mainly intended to be used with modded wood and you won’t have to worry

About your acceleration affecting the wood so those were just some of the most useful features i could find and once again if you find any features that i didn’t mention make sure to leave those down in the comments below alright that will almost do it for this video but i want to kidnap people before you leave so oh hi there electro oh hello there you got a nice

Lovely axe there that’s cool yeah i i just spent all my money on it it’s pretty nice right oh that’s cool it would be quite a shame if you lost it but anyways direct your attention to this tnt you know how you love tnt right can i detonate no wait listen wait wait what so you know i love drowning in water no i i just spent my money on the axe not the tnt bro

No stop stop this is bad this is a war crime in seven countries i’m dying i’m losing oxygen i’m gonna impale my oxygen supply ah anyways thank you guys so much for watching i’d like to thank tech panda and electro tech for being kidnapped and i’d also like to thank jim kilis and triangulum for helping to popularize trailer and vehicle welding as without that push

I probably wouldn’t have found this anyways don’t forget that you can hook the vault trailer up to this thing there should be a link on screen right now and in the description where you can get your very own vault trailer which you can hook up to the vault truck or just any truck it behaves the exact same way as any normal trailer anyways i’ll see you in the next video once it’s out

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[Read description] How To Get A Vault Truck In Lumber Tycoon 2 (Read description) By Aptyn