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Remove a Stuck Bathtub Drain Flange

Have a hard to remove drain flange? Struggling to twist it out because it’s corroded? No problem! Learn how to take it out easier with this video.

Hi everybody so what we’re gonna do today is we’re going to replace this copper tub strainer with a steel version and in order to do that first we need to remove this pop-up stopper and already kind of loosened this one already so i can easily take it off are you oops not as easy as i thought there we go and if there’s also a screw for this but to give them long back

So let me just remember that yeah and we can just remove the pop-up stop right here there you go so mine as you can see it’s pretty corroded so it’s not going to be quite easy to take off but i’m gonna show you some things to kind of make a little bit easier okay in order to get the job done we need a pair of animals pliers also some adjustable wrench or pliers

And a heat gun now if you don’t have a heat gun you can also use a hairdryer about depending on how stubborn the plumber’s putty or caulking is with inside the drain it can take you a little bit longer but it still can be done so the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take the heat gun or hair dryer and we’re going to try to heat inside the collar here

We’re trying to avoid the outside we just really want to heat on the inside and not for too long because you know as we as we heat it there could be some expansion of some other material but we just want to really just come warm up a little bit the plumber’s putty if it was there and to make a little bit easier for us to turn okay so let’s go ahead and do that so

As you can see i’m just gonna work on the inside here easier it might be barring duration of time depending on how stuck your sails okay so now that we’ve heated up the collar and hopefully loosened it a little bit we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take our needle nose pliers and we’re gonna place it into the drain cross wise to where the cross is so you’re not gonna

Put it like this because you might snap off one of these pieces you know put it across like that like so things you want to diagonal and then you take your adjustable pliers place it on one side just like so and hopefully can slip this one down there we go and lefty loosey so let’s provide some torque and there we go starting to turn see if i can get the rest okay

So it’s starting to loosen up and you keep turning cuz the caller is pretty pretty tall so i’ll just keep going alright and here you go here’s the subway strainer out and as you can see it’s quite corroded i believe the the previous owner i placed caulking instead of plumber’s putty to seal it as you can see i’m gonna have quite a bit of a chore cleaning that out

But you should definitely clean it out before you replace your new one what you should do is probably play some plumbers play along the threads here placing your new tub frame washer and then retorque it back in there alright so hope you found this useful see you next time

Transcribed from video
Remove a Stuck Bathtub Drain Flange By Simple Home DIY