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Today is friday uh i just want to say thank you all so much for letting me hit three 300 subscribers i did 400 subscribers appreciate y’all boys so much man like i said i’ll come back if y’all show me love and y’all show me love bro we almost close to 1 000 so if we hit 1 000 for real for real i’m gonna take it to the next level like imma actually rack up and

Start making videos again feel me y’all show me love y’all i saw the comments and stuff like that y’all were interacting with me in the comments telling me y’all miss me and y’all want to see more vids kind of motivated me to do videos and then got to me like sitting in a room it’s just like what i’m gonna do sit in the room and be sad or mad that my account

Got deleted no i can’t do that that’s not making me no money like i gotta get up off my ass and do this again the right way you feel me and that’s what i came to my head and i was like all right bro let me just do it this way or whatnot so i’m kind of coming back as long as we you know what i’m saying we y’all good i appreciate y’all so much for the love for

The messages y’all been sending me man i appreciate y’all so much because i actually read them i’ll be having so much people text me i swear to god like i’m not trying to say like i’m famous or nothing but it’d be like a lot of people texting me about different type of stuff so i’m sorry but i appreciate you at the same time i love y’all man y’all been showing me

Nothing but love we about to hit 400 bruh 400 that fast you feel me and i just started discount so you know what i’m saying people are finding me again and it’s cool today’s video is basically me talking about like where to get replica text from or whatnot this is from dhgate you know what i’m saying sponsored by dhgate or whatnot oh yeah shout out to dx gate or

Whatnot these texts are from dsgate like i said link down below in the description if you want a cop for the low type stuff you feel me i’m not promoting i’m not promoting no sales none of that you know what i’m saying this is sponsors but basically what i’m saying y’all me summing it up this video is me showing my little collection of text nike text you for me i

Know it’s getting cold it’s getting really cold so i know a lot of y’all been wanting some stuff like this y’all been asking me for it so i’m gonna show y’all where to get it from or whatnot and i’ll show you how i look you feel me and yeah so i had to get you all right i had to come through for y’all you feel me i was just chilling in the house i’m like why not

Make a vid i’m saying so gotta put y’all on get y’all right i ain’t gonna speak too much this video ain’t gonna be too long i might switch over to my phone i’m not sure yet y’all would just see but i mean hope you like this video like comment subscribe to the notifications follow my social media so y’all stay updated with everything you know what i’m saying yeah

We’re gonna go ahead in this video so basically y’all what i’m gonna do what i’m gonna be doing is i’m gonna be putting on the clothes or whatnot if y’all know in my old youtube old youtube channel then uh dhgate nike chat video that went crazy got it kind of k i’m hoping this can do better maybe you feel me but uh yeah if y’all don’t know that’s what happened

You got over 100k i put the clothes on i showed the clothes how i was and i showed the tags now i don’t have tags on these clothes anymore because i took them off when i made that video on my old channel so yeah it’s about the same thing they had the same tags as regular nike i’m gonna show y’all y’all gonna get the little preview i’ma showing with me having them

On and i’m gonna show y’all like previewing them and all that i want to let y’all know this right now chill on you bro and i’ll put these texts on i’m just giving a heads up who runs more you want to go size up you know me with me i’m a big guy i’m a big fella you know me do not try to clown me in the comics or not thank you foreign these do run

Small i only have one tag on the black i think it was the i had a tag on the black the black nike tech with the whole fit those have a tag on it the rest of them didn’t have attack i took them off my last rep review the black one’s a new rep tech in my uh collection and whatnot so yeah that’s that and yeah we’re gonna show them on my body i’m gonna do it let’s do it

But as you can see right here this tech i have on right here this is a real one for me so y’all let me know in the comments if y’all think this is any difference yeah i put on now let me know if these are different between them and also i got the real pants you’re coming these are the real pants real hoodie this one is real so i’ll let me know and try to compare

Them there’s really no difference in my opinion the same thing as retail in my opinion like i said y’all y’all let me know if y’all see any difference like that but i mean these pretty much all the same thing they got zippers all that the materials the same thing all that bro so y’all let me know in the comments if there’s any difference in your opinion my opinion

I think they all look good you feel me i’m gonna keep going with the too much thank you foreign if y’all like this video man like comment subscribe turn on my notifications subscribe if you’re new and yeah we’re going up and only up bro like i said if we hit 1k taking it serious i’m about to drop every day if we hit 1k i’m gonna do everything as i say

And i’m gonna do it you feel me if you’re gonna run this back up to 11k or whatever i had almost 12k we’re gonna run it back up so i appreciate y’all for showing me love i love y’all so much man i’m still getting love and i appreciate that y’all i’ll be sending me messages randomly throughout the day and there’s been nothing but love so i appreciate y’all for

Giving me advice and telling me what to do appreciate y’all you feel me y’all the reason why want to do this again so i appreciate y’all like comment subscribe turn notifications and i’m putting y’all on once again follow my tick tock because that’s where you’re gonna see most stuff at and stuff like that follow my instagram add me on snapchat all that go crazy

For me but like comment on this video do everything man go crazy bro we try to hit this 1k we’re gonna hit this 1k for show running this video up and yeah we’re gonna go crazy i’m out this thing no kidney no

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