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REVLON Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, One Step Volumizer

REVLON Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, One-Step Volumizer

Amy is going to show it off um amy why don’t you just go ahead and use it and we will follow along no tango bristles no pulling it’s nice now also i noticed that as you spin this the cord stays in one place it’s not tangling because this cord rotates that’s pretty uh pretty neat aspect of it i’ve got a really wide barrel so i’m able to do a large section

Of my hair all at once right they said oval shape helps with the curls a little bit yeah can i get some volume in there this is nice too because i can spin it and this does not get hot at all nice is it um it looks big but is it heavy no not at lightweight really easy to use and i’m gonna be able to um when you see the finished result you’ll notice that i’m able

To do everything in one step both dry my hair and style it and it’s like giving yourself a blowout at home wonderful okay and this is from revlon it’s available with amazon prime which means free shipping free returns on that a to z guarantee um we’ve actually and i think the term i’ve seen for that type of brush is a wet brush correct yes okay well that’s

A fantastic brush i wish i had longer hair or else i would demonstrate it as well all right folks now stick around because we are going to show you the unboxing here in a moment as well but overall looks like a great product we’ve been very happy with it i know several women that have used these and they’ve all been very very excited about it can we show the

Product up close real quick all right folks i’ll show you the unboxing stick around thanks for watching all right folks now it’s time for the unboxing portion this is revlon new and improved one step volumizer power of a dryer volume of a styler mix power max drying power wasn’t that homer simpson’s name back in the day max power was his superhero name all

Right so here we go we’re pulling it out it’s larger than i expected actually now my wife has had one of these before she absolutely loved it so we decided to get a new one so we could do a little unboxing for you guys really fantastic this thing is huge um seems sturdy and yeah this is going to be pretty fantastic all right so it has uh off cool and high i

Guess you just adjust right there some vent for the air to go in and out and comes out there it is does have the fuse aspect or whatever we’re going to call this to where we don’t have to worry about electricity proven to deliver 22 more shine fan favorite over 40 000 ratings and it says um oval design creates volume and curled ends tangle free unique airflow

Vents for faster drying multiple heat settings and of course professional swivel cord for tangles oh that’s fun so um okay so this spins around so you’re not getting tangles that’s pretty nice you can spin it all you want and not cause tangles that’s a nice aspect i did not catch that early on professional cord multiple heat settings light ergonomic design it

Is very light um airflow vents cool tip that’s nice you don’t have to worry about touching this part oval design and tangle free bristles all right folks thanks again for watching this is elite demonstrations where we only show you the most elite products that we can find if we have to have at least owned it used it and like it for us to put it on this channel

If it doesn’t meet those three criteria then it’s not gonna be on here no um videos with stuff we don’t like wasting your time alright folks thanks again for watching i think you’re gonna love it we love it so go ahead and put it in your cart revlon

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REVLON Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush, One Step Volumizer By Self Marketing World