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So what i’m thinking about doing is half of my hair so let’s just do this half with the dry bar and then this half with um revlon and let’s just see which one looks better um if i’m having more difficulty time using one versus another all that kind of stuff okay so revlon one dry bar so i can already tell revlon is a bit heavier not by much to be honest i’ve

Been hearing that it’s a lot heavier it’s really not it’s slightly heavier and slightly lighter um the handles are pretty much the exact same let me see if one’s longer not hey mom okay guys so i was interrupted by my mom because she needed to take a shower so i’m gonna have to re-wet this hair again and then we’ll kind of hello i’m doing a video oh look at

This light it actually looks pretty cool okay you didn’t need to wash mine okay guys so i’ve went ahead and re-wet my hair i need something to detangle it so what i usually use is the it’s a 10 it’s honestly amazing it’s also going to help with heat protection i’m going to go ahead and put it all over my hair some might say this is too much but i have a lot

Of hair guys okay so with one of these is just what i use this is what i have right now because i’m not at home so i’m just going to carefully okay so let’s start off with the right side it is nice and parted so that we have this this piece right what i like to do is section it and i like to do the back first section like that fold it up sometimes i use the

Um ponytail sometimes i don’t now we have this side and let’s just get started so with the revlon it has the um off cool low and high you guys can see that i’m actually going to do high because i have really thick curly frizzy hair okay so this is really loud so what i’m going to do is i’m going to show you guys how to do um one strand and then talk you guys

Through it after i turn it off and go slow this is what the first pass looks like so it really gives you volume right here which i love i personally like to do two passes just because again my hair is curly it’s thick i like to make sure but you most definitely don’t need to do two passes and that’s the second pass and you can see it looks so so nice and

Smooth trying to do this as cutely as possible usually i’m like i really don’t care what it looks like but i’m trying to look slightly cute for you guys on high heat i like to leave it there for just a little bit to give it a bit more volume this is the first pass it is still curly not as smooth so we’re going to go in with the second pass so let’s do this

And that’s the second pass so this is what the two pieces look like together i’m gonna go ahead and do the rest of this side of my hair and then um get back to you guys with my thoughts be careful guys that was really hot this is how it is currently looking guys let’s see how revlon’s blow dryer actually did honestly so beautiful like really really nice makes

My hair look really shiny it has that little bit of bounce to it so it’s not like flat on my head it has a little bit of bounce i like it a lot what do you guys think okay guys so now i’m gonna plug in the dry bar i am so excited to test this out okay let’s get this party started and again we’re just gonna do the same technique as before how do i turn this on

Guys this is different so revlon had this little off cool low high thing that i was talking to you about dry bar was a little bit harder to figure out maybe it was just me i don’t know so again i’m going to use high heat to make it even this first pass i think it still definitely needs another pass okay okay i like this one does feel softer they both

Needed two passes that’s for sure this one just feels a bit softer for some weird reason and let me actually tell you guys the first thing that i noticed is that i really like to hold this little thing when i’m like twisting what i noticed is that dry bars is actually a bit taller than revlon’s do you guys see that and this actually doesn’t get as hot as this

One as revlon so that was nice because i like to hold this and this one i’m like ow this one was like okay i can still hold it i’m good i’m good now let me fast forward and do the rest of my hair i’m sweating guys so this did give a little bit less volume than the revlon one definitely so dry bar i feel like gave a little bit less volume but let’s finish up

And see the end result and then we can kind of discuss final piece guys this honestly took forever so i’m so excited i think this took longer than oh is the hair in my face where is it this honestly took a lot longer than it would have for me because i’m like talking to you guys and like explaining as i’m going but this honestly only takes like 30 minutes max

Okay guys so this side is revlon and this side is dry bar what do you guys think which one is the winner so i honestly can’t really tell this one looks shiny it looks really pretty this one also looks really shiny first of all i think both of the blow dryers took the same amount of time to blow dry my hair as for shininess um they both look the exact same i

Mean unless you can tell i really can’t tell this versus this it literally i can’t tell can you guys tell if you can let me know in the comments down below i really can’t tell as for price i’m sure you guys already know the price of the two blow dryers but i’m still gonna tell you guys because there is a huge difference in price the revlon one is i believe

Sixty dollars if not i’ll put the correct information um down below but i believe it’s sixty dollars and then the dry bar one was 150. i did get the 20 off because of the sephora rouge sale but that’s still a lot of money especially because it pretty much does the same thing the one thing that i will say the dry bar is better in the sense that it is lighter

As we saw before it was easier to twist so that’s kind of a plus and then um the bristles went smoother so the bristles in the dry bar um blow dryer was a bit more easier on the hair compared to the revlon one the revlon one i felt i needed to like tug my hair a little bit more um but that’s pretty much it unless you’re blow drying your hair every single day

I don’t really think that’s a huge issue so in the end i would say save your coins and just purchase the revlon one unless you want to test the dry bar one just for fun sake like i did i’m honestly probably gonna return it and get the revlon one if not i’ll just keep using it because why not but if i’m going to recommend anything to you i would just go with the

Revlon one it’s just better for your money and come on 150 for the dry bar it’s really not even that different so actually guys what i’m gonna do is my husband and sister are upstairs and i’m gonna ask them which side of my hair looks better let’s go let’s go see my husband he’s sleeping i just filmed the video that i was comparing the revlon in drybar blow

Dryer so which side of my hair do you think looks better can you lower your phone or move it so i can see yeah once again which one looks what which side of my hair looks better like the left side like this side or the right side your left side so this side yeah that that has more volume okay but your right side looks more like doesn’t look as frizzy or like

It just looks smoother and maybe more shiny really yeah look compared to this than this yeah i mean that was my first reaction i don’t know how accurate it is but interesting okay so this eye is actually revlon and this side is dry bar no kidding so the revlon was more shiny and the dry bar was a little bit more voluptuous yet frizzy yes interesting yeah thanks

Babe no problem let’s go visit my little sister so i just filmed the revlon versus um dry bar blow dryer which one do you think which side of my hair looks better the left side or the right side and why because the biggest thing is like which one looks better on camera right mm-hmm i like this side more why it just looks smoother and smoother and what like it

Doesn’t look as i don’t know interesting i like the side a little bit more okay this side is a little more shinier this side has more a little bit more volume if you judge this up and just tease it i guess then it’ll have the same volume okay so this is definitely right here that’s the revlon one wow i i stand by revlon yeah not we’re not sponsored and muzzy

Said the same thing that this was more shinier this had more volume it was like more better more yeah and you know that the dry bar one is 150 and this one is 60. so you go my turn the other one i am going to return the other one because like why yeah because first of all they look exactly the same like if you like the normal eye they look exactly the same

But if you’re gonna look at shininess and less frizziness definitely the revlon one thanks adam no problem but yes that is all thank you guys so much for watching as always i really appreciate it if you guys like this video please give it a huge thumbs up subscribe to my channel it really helps support my channel until next time you

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