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Hey guys,

This is in baby guys i’m excited i can’t even lie like oh oh my gosh hi guys welcome back to my channel destiny here back again with another big day yup it’s a bit of a special one i’m not even gonna lie i look cray cray for a reason i’m gonna be trying out a new hair blow dryer um hello dryer is that what you call it i don’t know that sounds like a bit of a

Weird word to me this is in baby so it’s the revlon one step hair dryer and styler it’s been around for about two years however i just wasn’t ready to make an investment even if it was just for how much was it it was 30 pounds however i did buy some like insurance with it so i made it like 36 pounds so i’m gonna time how long it takes me to blow dry one side

Of my hair with the revlon blow dryer i’m gonna time the other side with my odd blow dryer this is my old engine machine this is it the problem with this one is number one it gets really extremely extremely extremely hot number two i have to use it with a pick and the pick is just so dang annoying always use high heat on whatever i use like just because it just

Speeds everything up and i’m not the kind of person to be sitting there very like oh that’s really long straight out of the box it’s just wonderful do you know how light this is wow yeah this is really nice and i also like that in comparison to this i feel like i would experience less broken i’m so excited i can’t even lie like oh my gosh i just like you know

I’m really i don’t want to be disappointed guys the sound oh my like every time i’m blow drying my hair with that blow dryer i get scared i actually get scared no one will understand but it’s just so loud and it’s just in my ear and i’m just like these lord let this work to be honest i’m really feeling it right now for one if i was to be using my old dusty

Blue dryer i would have been done with this bit by now this is one of my easiest sections the back is always easy it’s just like a breeze it’s when you get to this area it’s like whoa now i’m going to test out the higher heat and see how it goes okay i don’t know i’m not completely loving it and it’s kind of making me sad that’s strong that’s really strong

This site took me 17 minutes 47 seconds and 43 milliseconds you know and i can’t lie and say that i’m not impressed look this is blow dried this is blood this is blow dried it’s the tan gourd guys see a little gray hair whoa look at that are you seeing this please tell me if you’re seeing this whoa yourself baby proof your worth this is good it’s not as um

Not free i would say right side which was done with my old blow dryer 20 minutes 16 seconds and 66 milliseconds battery died and i didn’t realize but this is the final product i guess i actually went over both sides with the revlon blow dryer just because it was just better but again let me know if you think i’m being a bit biased everything that’s new always

Seems like it’s better but you never actually know it’s just detangled like that’s all i’ve asked for i can’t get this with my other blow dryer so honestly i feel like the revlon blow dryer works for sure however i would say that like i need to use it a couple more times but i wouldn’t blow dry my hair with it like often it’s just because just to prevent any heat

Damage it just feels very like moisturized it feels like it’s just been touched like no man was left behind do you know what i mean it feels good i can’t lie mouth of this is easier to clean than this sorry for the gunk it’s just all the moisturizer i put my hair like it just turns nasty i’m a fan this wins oh did i just use it for a minute yeah i’m a fan and

This this definitely wins but thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to comment like and subscribe thanks so much for watching peace out

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