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Um yeah this hair dryer is magical. I mean do you see what it did to my kinky hair?!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is tanya archer and on this channel i do mostly natural your videos and sometimes some other around the ones today i am not excited you know why let me tell you a girl like me hopped on amazon prime and got herself the blow dryer the revlon blow dryer but the attached bristles whatever i’ll let you know the name of it

In a second when i open the box because my memory i can’t remember right now it’s not new anymore but it’s new to me because i’ve never tried it before the reason i’m so excited to try it out is because one i don’t have to be killing myself trying to hold like a comb and hold like a blow dryer and do the whole thing as the blow dryer is a comb what if that’s not

The most ingenious thing okay well there’s sliced bread but if that isn’t the most second genius thing ever i don’t know what is my hair is actually already really clean and whatnot so i’m cynical soak it and add some moisturizer and some even not leaving but what’s this a go keep the fence protective oil and then i’m just going to twist it in sections and then

Hop back on the camera i’m not doing all that on camera because as i walk so the whole challenge of this blow-dryer brush thing is going to be how it works on short hair because obviously my hair is a very short especially since the brush is so big like it’s not like a small brush it’s pretty big i paid 59 59 96 for this canadian and i bought it off of amazon prime

I’ll leave a link in the description you guys wow i’m strong you guys would like to purchase it it’s tangled free drying in half the time that sounds so partial it gives fast silky smooth shiny results it has a large paddle design which is scary because my hair short let’s see how that works i’ve seen i’ve seen a few different reviews on this so few months ago but

I never bought it because my hair was really really short a few months ago like super short so now that it’s a little longer i’m excited to try it that’s really all it comes with it just comes as one thing which is nice don’t have to do too much assembling this is really a product for lazy people also has a little instruction thing on it and that’s about it let me

Read the instructions actually just so that i can say i read them tala giant ears for deafness water from running into the club through down here for best results true lovely appliance into an electrical outlet whatever her best results up right here into medical fiction done it is recommended that you use a slow steady motion when styling thick and curly hair okay

I’ll do that repeat on the remaining sections until here has been dried into luxurious soft silky styling turn deep lines up and drying as having a complete it seems pretty simple i always have to smell things when i get it i don’t i don’t know why it’s just this just a thing that i like to do okay so it looks like we’re working with three different settings which

Is cool low and high and that’s it that’s all we’re working with so i’m gonna put it on the low section first because i’ve never tried this before and i hope you don’t want it to burn my hair i hike you don’t want it to do my hair oh this smells really really really dangerous guys it smells really dangerous i’m just gonna let all that dangerous air kind of blow out

Of there tip number why let the dangerous air blow out before you put this on your hair fence that was weird i’m gonna start with this section because it’s one of the shortest parts of my hair i already added my each protective but i’m gonna add some more because i didn’t have that much to begin with this is a heat protectant i use by the way i love it i’ve been

Using it for ever it is the cream of nature argan oil keep defense okay it’s working it’s working for sure oh okay yeah it really worked wow look at how blown out that is that is so blown out and i’m just shocked that it worked on a little heating i like a little heat setting i usually have to put my blow dryer and i’m gonna high heat and i’m also shocked that

The bristles are as wide as the length of my hair and that still worked i did have to kind of assist it by pushing my hair into the bristles but overall that’s pretty good so far so there’s a few things that i’ve noticed after doing this second section one is these bristles these bristles are not going to survive i can i can already tell and it’s really a shame

Because that’s what makes this product so different is the bristles attached to the blow-dryer but i really don’t think it’s gonna last i can already see some bending back a little too far i was like bending back and it’s only been not even one full use yet about an hour and 15 minutes later and i’m finally on the last section after doing my entire head with this

Thing and spending an hour and a half with it almost i have a lot of opinions say i’m done i’m just gonna undo all of the braids and clips that i have going on right now and give it one final blow out with my hair all together so here is the final look from this brush y’all it did a really good job blowing out my hair let me just say that first and foremost look

At how straight it got my hair it did it did amazing it did great it feels really light and fluffy and just you know so here is my final review all my thoughts and points about this blow dryer i’m gonna start with all the positive things so number one it’s a really good price for what it does 60 dollars canadian forty dollars american i think something like that

Super innovative putting the brush on top of a blow dryer combining the two elements is really genius and it really saves my arm when it comes to trying to use this and that you know also blow-drying my hair for me is a very frustrating thing it’s just it’s just a frustrating process because i have to hold on to two things so this makes it easier this makes it

Much easier i really love the placement of the settings and how to how you can adjust it because right after blow-drying can just easily switch it on and off by just twisting it’s really lightweight which is awesome and i really appreciate the design like they could have easily messed up the design by putting like just they could have messed it up but they they

Did it really compact it’s really travel-friendly it just looks like an oversized brush to be honest so that’s really it for all the positive things about this device this blow-dryer i do have some negative reviews though my number one main negative comment is the fact that the brush is attached to the blow-dryer i know i said that that’s really like a positive

Thing it’s super innovative putting the brush on top of the blow-dryer but it would be nice if it can somehow detach from each other so that the brush can be washed and i know what you’re thinking i’m not supposed to get it dirty because i’m gonna be doing this on clean here anyways but do y’all wash your towels the towel is that you bathe your clean body with do

You wash that yeah okay then this brush deserves to be washed too even though i’m like doing it on clean here i think that still should be washed number two it doesn’t really cut my drying time in half or anything like that it’s actually kind of the same amount of time and my last comment is on the size and the fact that it doesn’t really benefit short hair i mean

It does like i just did it and it was successful but i wish they had more options like if they had one that was i know i’m getting like picky here but if they had one that was half size it would be really neat and convenient for shorter here but overall it worked out pretty well for my hair was just a little bit of a struggle a little bit nothing serious for it to

Do this to my hair is actually pretty impressive so i give it a thumbs up if i were to rate it out of 10 i’d probably give it a 7 point 5 out of 10 i think i’m gonna end this review right there i have nothing else to say about this overall a seven and a half out of ten i’ll be using this instead of my other blow dryers from now on until it gets super dirty and i

Can’t clean it thank you guys for watching once again toodles i loki feel like a boy you know those like girls that look like boys i feel like i feel like i’m right now

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REVLON ONE-STEP HAIR DRYER – On Short 4c Hair! By Tonya Archer