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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here hi my name is uwe and in today’s video i’m gonna be trying the new revlon pro collection salon one-step hair dryer and a volumizer that’s a tongue full so if you would like to see me try on this a new blow-dryer again volumizer all-in-one for the first time on camera then please keep watching i also don’t

Forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and let’s get started in today’s video i’m gonna be trying on the revlon one-step volumizer hairdryer so this is supposed to combine both a brush and a hair dryer which usually or typically if you were to blow dryer here especially after you shower you would use a brush and a blow dryer which forces you to

Use two hands at once which can get very awkward and it’s just so multitasking and tiring so this revlon one step here volumizer and dryer is supposed to eliminate that and just basically combine two tools into one so i did purchase this off the amazon website but you can also purchase this from ulta as well i know right now online it is in stock but i believe it’s

Cheaper like a little bit cheaper on amazon and you can get prime so you can get it in two days if you aren’t amazon prime member i did actually come out of the shower i let my hair dry it’s been about a little bit over almost an hour so it’s still kind of damp i don’t typically always blow-dry my hair because i actually am like a night shower person so let me

Know in the comment section do you like to shower at night or in the morning i typically like to shower at night because in the morning you can just get very chaotic and too busy for me and i love my hair to just kind of air dry because i just don’t want to add any more heat if i don’t have to but i do understand why this tool would be really helpful especially

Like i know sometimes like when i travel and i’m just really dirty but i need to get clean maybe to go out or do something and obviously i want to blow-dry my hair but i don’t want to take it very long i don’t have to blow dry and then i would have to strain or curl my hair so hopefully this tool will help eliminate at least one step in that process especially

When i’m traveling i think that’s when it would become like the most yeah like in handy so i’m just gonna go ahead and try that let me know if you guys have ever tried the revlon one-step volumizer hairdryer if not let’s see how it works today here is the gigantic one-step volumizer hairdryer it’s pretty huge but it’s not actually really heavy i feel like it’s a

Pretty good way i would say probably no more than like two to three pounds it’s pretty big it has an oval-shaped hairbrush with like the little you know the typical hair little fibers it looks like fibers and then it has like the little beads on them so it’s intertwined together and it’s like an oval shape so i think it will give a really good shape when you’re

Combing your hair you know it’s supposed to be in place of a comb and obviously the heat is supposed to blow dryers so the heat comes in between there’s like little holes in between as well so i’m hoping that this will not be too tiresome for me especially when i have such like long hair but i’m gonna go ahead and try this this does also have it looks like three

Different settings there’s cool low and high settings so i think i’m gonna start off with day maybe low and then i’m gonna see if i should adjust and go high also i love that this death half like a top part right here so you can actually hold it where your hands probably won’t get fried if you you know want to hold the top and brush your hair like that and that

Motion so before i start actually want to put in some hair conditioner so i’m living here conditioner i’m gonna put in the bros u reparative believe in conditioning spray just because i just want my hair to be on a little bit softer especially because i’m gonna be brushing through it so just gonna spray some in this is what’s so far after using the revlon

Of one-step why am i sir hairdryer on the left side of my hair so it’ll be on your right on the screen and honestly i like it a lot i feel like i did a really good job and i love that has such like a good big brush size that i didn’t this is really good for those who have longer hair but i feel like it looks really good and it was like so fast i really did half

Of my hair in like five minutes so that’s incredible i really like the way it feels going through my hair it’s not tugging or cooling but here’s just a comparison so this side and use the volumizer and it’s all dried now it feels really light and bouncy and then on my right it’s still kind of damp so i’m gonna go ahead and finish the right side on my hair and

I’ll be back i just finished the right side of my hair with the revlon and wants to apply my tsar hair dryer and i really like it i feel like i did a really good job my hair is dry i thought that was very quick and easy and honestly i did not strain my hand because it’s very lightweight so to finish off the rest of my hair i wanted to use this living proof full

Dry volume blast this suit gave instant lasting volume and texture so obviously for me i don’t really have that much volume because like i’ve been saying i have really long hair i don’t have short layers and i really have very fine streak naturally hair anyways so this is shake before each spray and section spray roots to end and then tousled to boost volume

So i’m gonna definitely give this but trying today so i’m gonna just section off and see how that works so spray whoa 10 inches away that was too close and kind of play with it whoa instant volume and that’s it for my video today livin in the comments section if you have tried the revlon one step volumizer a hair dryer or if you are going to try it would love

To know and if you have tired let me know what your thoughts are what you’ve done and if you would recommend it as well obviously you guys know in this video i do recommend it i feel like it’s a great product i feel like it really eliminates the two tools and really just makes it such a great lightweight tool that really cooked your hair done in like a matter

Of minutes so other than that have a wonderful day don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy this video and i’ll see you next time bye guys

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