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Right. Is *THAT* VIRAL REVLON HAIR STYLER worth the hype???


Plug into thing blah blah blah blah i really don’t like the noise it makes hi guys welcome back to my channel i’m starting today with my hair in a towel and that is because i’m going to be doing my hair on camera with this this revlon all-in-one hair dryer styler thing has been around for a while actually but last year it went absolutely crazy on tick tock and

Everyone was doing their hair with this i’ve seen it all over the place i don’t know how i’ve managed to resist buying it until now because i do love testing a good hair tool and as you guys i’m sure know if you’ve watched some of my previous videos i’m a big fan of the dyson air app i use that a lot but if i can find something that’s a more affordable option

That can still make my hair really nice i kind of want to test it for you obviously this is nothing like the dyson air wrap but it is just basically a big brush hair dryer that is supposed to give you the look of like a salon blow dry this was actually on offer for black friday and it still actually is on offer for black friday somebody did message me and say that

It was in asda for 20 quid but on amazon it was reduced from 60 pounds to 30 pounds so i thought you know what there’s no better time i’m gonna test it this is the original one i believe i think they did come out with a new one where they’ve got like a detachable head i was a little bit confused because in the listing for this it said that had like four different

Speed settings so i kind of thought that this was the new one but it’s not it’s the original this is what it looks like it’s pretty big it’s actually a lot bigger than i was expecting the handle is huge towel dry hair to remove excess water that is what i’ve done my hair’s been in the towel for at least an hour comb it through with a brush to untangle styling hair

Will be faster if it is slightly damp not wet right so what they’re saying is i should probably roughly dry my hair with a hair dryer even though it’s supposed to do a one step kind of thing plug into thing blah blah blah blah use high setting on thick or coarse hair and low setting on fine or thin hair for smooth blow dries place the hairdryer close to the roots

And brush down towards the ends for voluminous blow dryers place the dryer under the hair close to the roots and roll outwards towards the end for extra lift at the roots hold the hair dry for two to three seconds under the roots also apparently if the heat gets too hot it will automatically shut off which is always a good sign so let’s see is the cable a decent

Length yeah you know what that’s a decent length cable two and a half meters let’s plug it in i do find with my hair though like even when i’m using my air wrap to get the smoothest results i do actually sort of style my hair with the round brush from it being like this wet my hair is naturally wavy and it does get really really frizzy as well i’m just going to

Spray it with some of this bumble and bubble hairdresser’s invisible oil which is also the heat and uv protective primer but it’s sort of like the texture of a leave-in conditioner so i always spray this before i brush through my hair also i’m pretty sure that since washing my hair a couple times since i got it dyed the other day i think most of the darker color

That i had in my hair has actually washed out now which is such a shame but i guess that was guaranteed to happen if anyone wants a bit of hair brushing asmr you’re welcome normally when i’m doing my hair from start to finish it probably takes me about half an hour to uh like dry it and curl it with my air up and everything so let’s see how long this takes me so the

One thing that i did see a few people sort of complaining about with this particular model which is the original the cheaper one is that i don’t think the head comes off so it’s harder to sort of clean this section if you get a whole load of like hair and product build up on it whereas i believe with the newer model you can actually remove the head okay so we have

Got a cold setting i really don’t like the noise it makes i really hate it it is really noisy okay and then the uh the first heat setting all right it’s getting quite warm and then okay as soon as i did that hotter one it already smells a bit like burning plastic i’m also gonna put in a little bit of this uh color wow dream cocktail can infused breakage reduces

Hair breakage by fifty percent that sounds good to me so i’m just very roughly gonna section it is this section too big i don’t know let’s try it on the low heat first so i’ll hold it at the root i have a feeling this could take a while you know what it’s definitely getting there bonus points i really actually like how big the brush head is i was joking about

How big the whole thing is in general but it actually can grip like this whole underneath section of hair it grips a lot better than my dyson does and also because the bristles are a lot longer it really sort of like holds your hair in place which is great and it feels sturdy enough like it’s not gonna bend let’s keep going i’m gonna turn up the heat and the noise

Apparently that has definitely worked my hair feels dry i probably spent about three minutes just on this one piece because i was like really testing out all the modes and stuff right let me just start a timer stopwatch it’s going i’m just going to keep going um on the hottest settings i switched it to the cold to like hold it in place it doesn’t feel very

Cold right so a couple things something that’s actually really strange is that at my very roots here yeah you can actually see my hair feels dry but it just feels greasy for some reason on this side it feels greasy at my roots which i do get some sometimes with my air wrap with the regular sort of like drying brush and i don’t actually know why that is one thing

That i could think of is that maybe it’s sort of like pulling the hair products that i had through the ends of my hair through the rest of my hair however i didn’t spray that much and usually with like the round brush attachment on my air wrap i don’t have that issue but with like the regular brush attachment i do which is really odd i’m gonna put those pieces to

The back that i have already done and then we’ll start working on the rest of my hair it seems to be doing a pretty good job at like smoothing it out which is great also it’s not too heavy like it definitely feels weighty and sturdy but it’s not too heavy and also i like how it’s got this bit on the top which is like a cooling bit so you can sort of hold on to it

But the con so far and it is quite noisy the cool setting doesn’t get very cold i’m actually just gonna split this side into two you do have to make sure that you’ve like brushed through your hair and everything because otherwise you don’t want to get all stuck i kind of thought that it would get more stuck than it has i thought it probably would have ripped out

Some of my hair by now but so far so good yeah that that this part doesn’t feel as greasy as the other side how weird is that i’m just gonna say now this is definitely quicker than when i usually do my hair uh how long have we been going for the stopwatch has only been going for 12 minutes since i did those first bits of my hair and i was talking a bit in between

So that has done a pretty good job the only thing i’m noticing is that because the brush is so big it’s quite hard to get right up to these little bits of my hair that sort of kink and i want to like fully flatten them out it’s quite hard to actually get to those but i’m going to try in a minute because normally what i do with my fringe anyway is i take like both

Sides and then pull it up like this so we’ll try that in a sec but so far working pretty alright timer is on 19 minutes and 17 seconds i’m gonna stop it there so that was pretty quick however i have a couple concerns um parts of my hair just feel like they’re not wet but they just feel greasy and i’m really confused as to why why does it do that yeah the back

Of my head just feels really greasy but it’s not damp i’m just really confused i would say the rest of my hair looks nice it’s not looking particularly shiny like it looks a little a little bit dead in parts but that is just my hair anyway i’m just gonna go over my sort of fringe parts because what is this and then separate them like this oh that actually

Worked fine it’s definitely a little bit more difficult yeah it’s definitely a little bit more difficult just to get to like the really sort of kinky bits underneath that did work pretty well okay no i’ve definitely still got some darker tones in my hair phew i thought it all washed out it definitely feels very sort of detangled which is great i think it does

Look quite good i’m just gonna go over like the ends and stuff again to try and give it a bit more of like a shape because these bits have definitely stayed but i’m just going to try and do that with sort of the front pieces maybe do these ones inwards these ones outwards so i’m holding it here for a few seconds and then i’m going to switch to the cool mode the

Only thing is i find that when i do this kind of thing to my hair it doesn’t tend to stay like this for very long i guess maybe it would stay more easily if i had if i put some hairspray in it or something or maybe if i put mousse in at the start but i don’t really like how mousse makes my hair feel it’s definitely worked um some of the pros are that it was quick

Because the brush head is so big it’s nearly the size of my face it was a lot quicker to actually dry my hair compared to the air wrap where the attachment is like this big it grips a lot of your hair so it can take quite a lot of your hair at the same time if you get what i mean i believe the more new model has got four different settings instead of just the

Three the only thing is with the cool setting when you do switch it to that from the high heat it doesn’t really cool down so i guess it’s better than not having that setting at all please let me know what you think what do you think my hair looks like i think it looks nice it looks shiny on camera but i do have my big lights in front of me but you know what it’s

Actually done a very good job at taming the frizz but my only thing that is putting me off this is that my hair just feels greasy like especially underneath and i’m not entirely sure why considering i only paid 30 quid for it i think the results are pretty good for the price my hair doesn’t feel completely frazzled it still feels quite smooth um i didn’t sort of

Feel like it was getting way too hot which is good i’m gonna try flipping my hair upside down and then flipping it back up again yep i definitely have some more volume can you sort of see how these flicky bits are starting to sort of go back to how my hair was before i didn’t get the most crazy volume with it but then i didn’t brush all of my hair sort of up how it

Suggested if you want the crazy volume forgive the fact that the lighting isn’t very good but this is what my hair looks like it’s now midnight and i did my hair at about four o’clock this afternoon so it still actually looks pretty good like the curl has stayed a little bit in the ends and with my sort of fringy bits um there’s still a little bit of a flick going

On but it is a little bit more straight um and i’ve got a little bit more frizz just here but overall i did just give it a quick brush overall i think it is pretty decent if you guys have tried that please let me know i will leave a link down below i will leave the original and the latest version the latest one is more expensive yeah maybe go down to azure and see

If they’ve got it for 20 quid because somebody told me that they found it enough that i’m just going to answer a question of the day and if you guys got any questions for me leave them down below with the hashtag question of the day it can literally be about anything at all also i would just like to give a shout out to elizabeth robinson who actually commented on

My previous video saying just letting you know that the revlon one step hair dryer brush is on offer in august from 60 pound down to 30. really good deal considering how popular has been on tiktok this year so thank you elizabeth you were the one that prompted me to have a little look around and then i found it on amazon for the same deal today’s question of the

Day comes from britney swaggerty great name and she said not going to stop commenting this until i get a response hashtag question of the day has anyone ever told you you look like sabrina carpenter yes quite a few people have actually which i’m very very flattered by i’ve actually done a whole video where i recreated sabrina carpenter’s instagram pictures because

I used to get that so often not so much anymore but um yeah i used to get that quite a lot on my videos and they’ve also said do you have any tattoos and where are they if you don’t have any what would you get and where would you get it you must be new here so welcome and thank you for your comment um yes i do have three tattoos i’ve got one on my ribs which is

Some elephants is a good few years old now and there’s four elephants and they represent my family members i’ve got one on is it the back of oh no wait this one i’ve got this one on my arm which is a little arrow and in the middle it says continue a which means to keep going in french and that one is in my mum’s handwriting and then i’ve also got let me just get

My arm out um probably not get naked can you see this little one here it’s just a little a i’ve got an a on the back of my arm which is in my brother’s handwriting my brother’s called andrew and it’s his initial but it’s also an a to represent pretty little liars which was my favorite tv show of all time and i watched it for seven years and then when it finished

I was like it i’m gonna go get an a tattoo but i’m gonna get it in my brother’s handwriting so that it has more meaning next on my list is to get one in my dad’s writing somewhere um i’m gonna do it i’m gonna do it in 2022. i need to make my mind up the only reason i haven’t done that yet is because i just can’t decide what i want to get written in his writing

But yes that will be my next tattoo and honestly i would love more tattoos i’m just very indecisive but then at the same time as soon as i have the idea i’m like okay i want it today let’s go let’s go get it and then i get really impatient because i usually have to wait like a couple weeks for the tattoo booking i would love more so yeah we’ll see watch this space

I just think life is too short not to get a tattoo i am gonna go now i hope you guys enjoyed this if you did please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you aren’t already subscribed let me know if there’s any other hair tools that you want to see me test because i love testing them i will leave this one linked down below and i am now going to go and enjoy the rest of

My day with my pretty decent hair that looks a lot better than it did at the start i hope you guys are doing really well and i will see you in my next video bye

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Right. Is *THAT* VIRAL REVLON HAIR STYLER worth the hype??? By sophdoeslife