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Right & WRONG Bathtub Drain Removal Tools

In this video, we warn you about using the wrong bathtub drain removal tools and show you the correct tools to use to remove bathtub drains. 99% of DIY remodelers don’t know that for decades they have been using the wrong tool to remove stuck bathtub drains, and have destroyed the drain spokes or the tool with excessive force, and the wrong drain removal tools.

There’s the correct tools to use in the incorrect tool so i’m going to show you the correct tool to use first so that you’ll have a good understanding for what needs to be done so this is what we call a tub drain wrench and i’m going to put links to all of this these parts and tools that we’re talking about here in the video description below for you but the way

This works is this goes down into the drain and it fits around all the spokes and you just turn the drain like that it’s a ten dollar tool everybody should have one of these but you can see that as the drain wrench enters your drain do you see how those four sections are all perfectly shaped at the proper angles here to line up directly so that it goes face to

Face with each edge of those spokes see that there’s no sharp edges pointing into the spoke that’s the perfection of the design of this drain wrench and this is why this is what you should be using so this is what 95 of the people have been getting wrong all these years okay now what’s really ironic is when you look on the packaging from danco and you look at the

Instructions on the back they actually show a picture of pliers and what’s even more stupid is they’re actually showing it like this end i’m like well first of all this end would never ever work on any drain even this is the big ones forget about the little ones now probably you might be able to get this end to work on the bigger drains like this if you have the

Smaller size it’s not going to fit but if you take a close look here you can see once you see how it’s gripping the drain why this is an inappropriate tool to use because unlike the drain wrench that you saw had the four different parts that come in there and made up perfectly against the spokes this one here just mates up at the spoke with a sharp corner and if

You exert a lot of force on one of these drains that’s old and rusty you’re going to shear through all of those center hub spokes here and now what are you going to do how are you going to get your drain out then now a couple of years ago we did a video on how to remove a stuck bathtub drain and we got a lot of arrogant mean comments from people saying you idiot

You don’t know what you’re talking about you’re not supposed to use the pliers because i was just showing them what the danko instructions said and they’re all saying you’re stupid you don’t use pliers you’re supposed to use needle nose pliers okay so here’s the needle nose and here’s why you’re not supposed to use these either so all of those arrogant people

Were wrong too if you take these needles and you stick them in here but again you’re you’re up against the same problem here you have this sharp edge up against the spokes of the drain here you see this and so you’re you run the risk of shearing through i’ve received a number of comments from people who’ve told me that they’ve either destroyed their needle nose

Pliers or they’ve sheared through the hub and now they’re desperate now what do i do so if you shear through the hub of your drain folks the old drain trying to get it out because you were trying to save ten dollars on buying the correct tool for the job now you gotta go spend 25 on this tool which is a tub drain extractor so this tub drain extractor is what you

Use to remove difficult drains that you’ve ruined them or there’s no spokes left in the middle and the way this works essentially is it goes in the middle like that now this one’s too small you have to get the next size up for this drain but it would go in here like this you pound it in place with a hammer you stick your ratchet in there the ratchet should help

Loosen the drain like this so in this case here if you use the needle nose pliers instead instead of four perfectly shaped pushing surfaces you only have two and they’re not perfectly shaped they’re edged look at this you’re doing a sharp edge going right into those walls there see that you’re gonna push a sharp edge on the corner of that needle nose there and

It’s going to shear right through if you have an older rusty drain spoke it will just shear right through or in some cases you’ll just break your own needle nose pliers and on top of that you can see how awkward it is to get a good grip with your hands spread wide like this to try to hold it so you know you might get lucky you might not get lucky some people don’t

Get lucky and then they either break the tool or they break this or some people will get a huge wrench like a channel lock wrench and really exert too much pressure on the tool so my advice to you is let’s say you use your needle nose pliers if you can’t get that thing to move easily with your hand then don’t continue to use the tool stop what you’re doing and

Go and get the right proper correct tool to use which is the tub drain wrench here otherwise you’re going to cause some damage oh and you’re thinking of using the pliers now let’s try that and see what we get so the pliers do almost the exact same thing to you that the needle nose pliers do in that there’s no perfectly shaped feature here on the pliers on the tip

See you just have a sharp edge and a sharp edge there that are going to force their way through the spokes it’s going to shear right through because it’s meeting it at an improper angle at the worst possible way the sharp edge there so all of these people out there that for years have been using needle nose you know they run the risk and this is why so all of these

People over the years that have been trying this method and failing and either breaking their tool or shearing through the hub of the drain now you can physically see why that happens nobody’s ever explained this to you before but that’s what we do here on our channel well before you leave here make sure you check out these other two playlists we’ve got here this

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Today folks and we will see you on the next one you

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