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What’s up you guys welcome back to another roblox video today we have a brand new update for find the mommy long legs morphs the first morph that we’re gonna get we’re gonna go down musical memory because they opened up the actual game look at how cool this is all we got to do is just jump down here and behind these boxes we have bunzo bunny the chef he lost his

Plate of food he’s got french fries and meatballs or something like that let’s check him out but we’re gonna go back to the game station because we do have to find some eggs that are inside of the game station it’s really easy to find but where’s that one that we just unlocked it was bunzo the chef he’s looking cool whoa dude look out he’s huge he has plates of

Like spaghetti noodles and that’s about it and he’s got a little mustache that’s kind of terrifying dude the next one that we’re gonna get is bunzo the easter bunny all we have to do is collect the eggs all around the game station it’s very simple we just need four of them there’s one right there all right we got one out of four and then there’s gonna be another

One i think that it’s gonna be over here in this corner there it is it’s trying to hide from me it’s the blue egg all right we got two out of four and then the other two are going to be located right up here so we got to do is jump up this ladder i think this is where the other two are there’s number three oh wait i’m missing one i think i know where it’s at

It’s not over here i think it’s gonna be over that way into this corner there it is it’s right on the slide very simple to get i don’t know why um there’s an easter skin where easter is so old at this point but hey at least we have it i guess we could just call him the easter bunny all right bunzo easter bunny let’s check you out bro whoa yep that’s bunzo all

Right and he’s ready for easter of 2023 because bunzo i’m sorry to tell you dude but easter is it’s over with for this year okay you’re gonna have to wait till next year the next one that we’re gonna get is at the entrance area we have to go to the gift shop because there’s a mini like a little baby huggy woogie toy in there for us there he is he’s just sitting

Right up there on the shelf mini huggy in green and now what we’re gonna do to get the other mini huggie this next one’s gonna be red we’re gonna teleport to the brand new location which is the train station how cool dude they have like a little mini train station here that just opened up and the mini huggy red is going to be right there so let’s check both of

Those out where is the mini huggy green and red here’s green all right just like a little baby huggy oh that’s creepy dude he’s chasing after you and then we have mini huggy red which was the one that we just unlocked these are kind of terrifying i’m not gonna lie it’s like the way that he’s running like he’s trying to chase after you and grab you yeah the

Next morph that we’re gonna get is a two-step process so we need to teleport to the game station we have to grab a disc and it’s inside of elliot’s room so i think if we go from the game station all the way down this hall we will enter elliot’s room and grab the disc but it’s not a tape like we’ve had in the past for like all the other two-step process badges or

Morphs we’re gonna go inside here and this time it’s like a record it’s a roblox record disc look at this thing dude that is old school now what we’re gonna have to do is we have to find the record player so let’s go back to game station and let’s head down the statue’s hallway and find this record player is it down here yeah it’s in this room let me turn the

Sound on just in case it plays like some kind of custom music all right very nice got some nice little music that it’s playing let’s check out the dj mommy long legs okay she’s got like the big boom box on her back that’s what i’m talking about dude she’s ready for a party now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go down the wacka wuggy and i’m gonna reset because

We need to open this door right here i’m pretty sure that you can now teleport down into the hallway but this is just like how i figured it out so we’re gonna cut through these rooms right there so yeah to get to this hallway right here i’m pretty sure that it’s in the teleporting now so you could just do that but for right now we need to open up this room that

Had nothing in it before if it opens up for me bro there we go and inside the grinder we have mommy longlegs arm this is mommy long legs but she is now destroyed because in the game we had to put her in the grinder i don’t even know what she looks like is this her right here is this hers destroyed oh yeah look at her arm bro look at the bone sticking out she’s

Still happy though she wasn’t very happy when i put her in the grinder and she’s also missing her leg uh this is kind of gross let’s head back to the game station because i forgot about a very easy morph to get right behind the statue sign right here we have a pug pillar but he’s pug a pillar’s brother i don’t know what his name is it’s just brother they didn’t

Even give him a name but he’s green he’s got his big slimy tongue out he’s ready to play some statues would you like to play with pj’s brother now we’re gonna get two more pj pug related skins i think that maybe like they’re all the brothers i don’t know we need to go to the atrium and there’s one inside the changing room so let’s head over there come on pj get

Your brother i think this is him that’s a robot pug oh it’s pug-a-pillar robot so i don’t even think that that’s his brother dude he’s just the robo version of pj pug a pillar it looks like so what’s he look like he’s probably gonna just look like a robot he’s got little robo wheels oh my gosh now there is one more pj pucker pillar we’re gonna go back to the game

Station we need to go down into musical memory which is right down here and we need to go inside this new vent that they opened up we’re gonna jump down here we’re gonna crawl through the vent and behind these boxes right here we are going to get the secret chest which has pug a pillar the writer there’s a noob writing on top of pug pillar what the heck yo this

Is so cool this is my favorite one for sure out of all the pug pillars very nice okay now we’re gonna grab this key since we are in here this key is going to unlock a mummy coffin and the mummy coffin is going to be located inside of the toy factory right by where we unlocked the snowman in one of the most recent episodes so we’re gonna go in here we’re gonna

Cut left and boom we have mommy long legs the mummy she’s all wrapped up like a mummy bro oh this one’s cool yeah now we need to go back to wakawagi i completely forgot that there was another one in there it’s gonna be up in the office like mommy longlegs office where she creeps on you when you when you’re trying to play the game so let’s head on inside there

Whoa dude i almost got oofed by the door we need to get up up here i’m just gonna i know you can jump in you can jump up top i just want to use jet pack we need to go inside this new office room and then down here on this in the second room down the hall we have a potion for mommy longlegs the mad scientist she looks like she’s got like a really big head or

Some kind of hat on i don’t know what that is i think it’s her head oh it’s probably her hair dude oh look at her different colored red eyes very nice okay now these are gonna be the two hardest morphs to get in the game at least for me it took me a very long time to figure this out so we do have to come back to wakawagi but first we are going to teleport into

The entrance because this one is a two-step process but we are gonna unlock two by doing this so we’re gonna go into this room so we’re gonna grab this vhs tape this red one that’s sitting right there right next to boogie bot we are going to teleport back to the game station that way we can go inside wakawagi here it is and we’re going to jump inside one of the

Green pipes and then that’s going to teleport us so i think it’s this one yes dude let’s go yeah this took me forever to get now the hint for for this one it says that security mommy longlegs lost her flashlight in the maze but i don’t really know what that means that’s why it took me a long time so if you’re going off of the descriptions in the game just be aware

That sometimes they make no sense okay so we got security mommy long legs now we’re going to take this red tape and we are going to insert inside here and we need to start the process i’m going to turn the sound down or up just in case there’s like crazy music we’re starting the destruction that’s what it says we’re doing look at that dude there’s somebody inside

That vent it’s like a creepy skeleton uh oh we’re burning the whole place down we got beast huggy woogie let’s go dude yeah this is definitely the hardest one to get because not only do you have to find this secret room you also have to know how to get that tape you got to know where to put the tape in but lucky for you guys i knew exactly how to do it all right

Here we go we have the extreme oh my gosh beast huggy wuggy yo this one is so cool and then we also have the security mommy longlegs who’s probably supposed to be like vanessa from security breach very nice now we have two more badges to get we’re gonna go into site zero five this is another two-step process now all we have to do right when we spawn in here we’re

Gonna grab this red hand all right and then we’re gonna teleport into site zero nine to fix the right hand that’s all you gotta do it’s pretty simple there we go we gotta fix the grab pack because this will unlock the poppy player nice poppy player mommy long legs i fixed your right or your yeah your your right red hand for your grab pack you’re welcome and now

For the very last morph that we are going to get for this new update we need to go into the cafeteria which now is in the teleporter i never really realized that which is very convenient that way you don’t have to cut through the atrium we’re gonna grab this banana right here because we need to feed it to the minion and the minion is going to be inside a site zero

Five where we were just at to grab the hand we’re gonna open this door right here and it should be by the pikachu which is somewhere bro i think i’m going the right way i don’t know how else to get to it where is pikachu am i lost bro i’m so lost let me go through this room i think that this is maybe how we do it this is where shadow sonic was so i think we’re

In the right location yes we are look at the little minion he wants the banana he says banana now all right the minion so is this a mommy long legs yeah it is what the heck dude i never thought we would get a minion in here this one’s cool okay so now that we have all the badges let’s go back to the game station and do a quick top three should i put the minion in

The top three i think i want to i’m gonna put him at number three though cause i i think we got some cooler ones i know exactly what i’m gonna do so this one will be number three very cool minion the huggy woogie beast is gonna be number one because not only do i really like this and like the animation but i love the way that we have that that we had to do that

To put the tape in and pretty much self-destruct the whole toy factory i guess i don’t really know what we were doing and then for number two i gotta give it to the writer pj pugga pillar with the noob on his back this one is so funny dude there’s a little noob riding on pj but that would mean that that the noob is evil because pj is evil he tries to eat you in

The statues game you guys i hope you really enjoyed this find the mommy longlegs morphs for another update this is like update number five pretty cool if you guys want to see more smack the like button and i will see you in the next one peace foreign

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