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Roe v. Wade Overturned? My Response…

Thanks for listening to the better word podcast where i hope to encourage you in the daily discipline of knowing god’s word please consider supporting the podcast by leaving a review or sharing with a friend in the meantime enjoy the episode all right so i’m going to go ahead and apologize right out the gate because i said last episode hey i don’t cover politics

Too much and here we are covering politics back-to-back uh episodes but i think this one’s too big just not to talk about and i think give my two cents on it uh roe v wade for those who don’t know there’s been some leaked documents so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of fishy politics going on here and so but some leaked documents some from the supreme court suggesting

That very likely that roe v weighed the landmark decision in 1973 that granted women the liberty to have an abortion without excessive government restriction is going to be overturned now you know christians are rejoicing which i think it’s it’s a cool thing to see you know i always i’m not a fan when christians are shy about the fact that god’s law in god’s heart is

Being fulfilled in civil legislation i you know i rejoice in that if our civil laws look more like god’s heart and what he wants for us then i know for a fact that is going to be a better society and this is a tough one because i think of any topic this is where you see celebrities screaming at the top of their lungs you know even christians on our side screaming at

The top of their lungs you know one side showing pictures of aborted fetuses the other side saying my body my choice effing bigots you know and so there is a lot of screaming going on especially with this topic i think more so than any and so i felt like it would be a good time to not necessarily go into the nitty-gritty of abortion and just off the cuff i think i

Don’t see how any bible-believing christian can ever believe and ever make a case for abortion and when i say that we’re addressing um and i i’ll link some of these statistics in the show notes and in the description below almost all abortions are convenience all these one-off point zero four percent stories of you know the mother might die if the baby is birthed

And you know the the one post that really got me was it was on linkedin which i was so shocked and it was a long post about how they decided you know they got notified that the baby was going to have like an extra 18th chromosome or something and the doctor said it was not viable for life it was not conducive to life that was the doctor’s words and so they made

The decision as a family from medical professionals and the insights they provided to end the life of the baby because of the small chance because it was a high likelihood that it was going to be a stillborn or the baby was going to be born and die soon after birth which i don’t wish that story and circumstance on any person ever and it’s emotional it is a tough

Story but in the post they named the daughter and they said goodbye to their daughter and i’m just like i don’t know i i just i can’t condone that i cannot say that that was okay with regardless how hard it is regardless of a rape victim an incest or all these you know very small percentage cases i still look at that and i’m like my stance is the environment

Surrounding a conceived baby does not add or subtract to its value that’s my quick stance on it i think all abortion is wrong but again look at the studies below a vast majority of them are convenience if i think the top reason is financial so socioeconomic reasons is the number one reason uh people get abortions and so what i want to talk about more so is our

Response because you know you see christians on twitter and just saying this is the best thing which again how our government operates is this is if this gets overturned it’s going to be overturned at the federal level and now it’s just going to go to the state level and so you’re going to have states like california washington new york still allow abortions i

Guess what happens is they just wouldn’t get federal funding you know i guess now our taxes don’t go to planned parenthood which is all good stuff but abortions are still they’re not just going away and that’s kind of my thought process down this i always like these things you know there’s a lot of you know fluff there’s a lot of tweets there’s a lot of emotional

Stories going around but then i just look at myself i look at my wife i look at the community we’re in and like okay how does this change our day to day does this change anything for us followers of christ and so i’ve been asking this question how does this change the responsibility we have as followers of christ the various responsibilities we have to take care

Of the poor to take care of the needy to to execute justice on the lord’s behalf for these marginalized groups of widows orphans and sojourners and aliens people foreign you know how how does this you know now let’s say abortion is federally illegal pardon the helicopter going over how does this change how we operate what does it change are we able to sit back

And kick up our feet because the quote unquote battle was won our men and women gonna all of a sudden stop having pre-marital sex and getting pregnant and or even you know couples who are married and have get accidentally pregnant and want to get in the boy is this just all going to magically stop because abortion is illegal now federally when you know you can

Just go to these destination states which is probably what’s going to happen there’s just going to be mega destination states cities of refuge you can go get an abortion and so but even if abortion was illegal across the board i just i don’t see it really changing our response as believers and what i mean by response like response to what grant and i just always

Think of my mother-in-law who man like really inserts herself in the most loving way there you know she gets reached out to all the time about 16 year olds who are pregnant who are considering adoption and she just swoops in and she just coordinates i mean that’s literally her job ordinary hero i’ll link them too they do a lot of great work out of ethiopia one

Being adoption part of it and just partner with ngos in ethiopia and just do great work but she just like coordinates and like finds someone who’s willing to just take the baby and and i look at that i’m like well that’s what we’re supposed to be doing i’m not saying every christian needs to adopt but we need to this this is still no excuse for us to get lazy

And be like ah cool yeah you know so and so that i know is pregnant and i know they’re you know they’re struggling socio from a socioeconomic standpoint you know they’ll figure it out and but really this this doesn’t change for us you know if anything i’m seeing people on twitter get lazy of like yeah it’s done cool we won we won yeah can’t legislate away sin

Laws against murder across the books and murder still happens thieving still happens you know abuse still happens domestic violence still happens all this stuff still happens even with all this legislation that says it’s wrong and so my heart goes out to anyone just in this situation whether you’ve been through it considered it or knew someone who has done it uh

My heart just goes out because it’s really when no one has a community around them of course it would be easy i’m not gonna sit here and say i would never consider that if i’m struggling financially and i can literally make an appointment and yeah it’s gonna be a tough decision but and maybe i’m even like yeah i’m murdering a human being but i don’t see them and

It’s just gonna go away and i can just get back to normal trust me i’m not like we as christians also need to like not remove ourselves from that you know line of thinking and be like oh that’s so foreign it’s wicked yes but i’m telling you you put me in the right situation i’m there i’m there and i wouldn’t put it past me to consider to preserve my own life

With all of this again i just wanted to kind of talk from an abstract i just really you know if you’re listening to this and you’re seeing all the tweets and stuff maybe i might take a hiatus from social media for a month but this is no excuse for us to really slow down and to just stop living the lives that christ is calling us to live to go and invest in the

Marginalized invest in these young girls who are scared and are pregnant and invest in these women who you know couples who are struggling from socioeconomic standpoint and just be there laying our lives down counting you know it’s interesting to think of you know in the same sense of you know why i believe abortion is wrong is because men or women there is no

My body anymore romans 12 1 says my body is a living sacrifice and so with that you know in philippians 2 3 through 4 do nothing out of rivalry or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourself look let each of you look not only to their own interests and also to the interests of others and so there’s tons of scriptures that really like from

An abortion standpoint yeah it’s pretty clear that it is wrong but it’s also convicting from us who are standing on the other side who are kind of maybe wagging our fingers at these people struggling with these decisions when i’m pressed with verses like philippians 2 3-4 i’m not supposed to do anything from rivalry or conceit selfish ambition or anything like

That but i’m supposed to in humility count others more significant than myself looking to their own interests and not to mine what an encouragement to even with this you know roe v wade situation possibly being overturned what an encouragement for us to really live out the scriptures to now just really be forward thinking and investing our lives in people who are

Close to this you know subject and close to this action and considering it or just you know doctors whoever nurses in these clinics you know being close to these people who in a dark place and wrestling was something that’s really dark but all of us would wrestle with and all of us would consider and to really just be the love of christ in their life point them to

The truth of scriptures point them to know that how valuable they are how valuable the baby inside of them is and that god has a plan you know there’s just so many verses you know hosea 14 3 for in you the fatherless find compassion i’m just thinking of all these situations where you know whether it be the husband the boyfriend the one night stand dude or whatever

Find out that they knocked the chick up and just bounce and flood the thoughts from the girl like how am i going to take care of this maybe i’m only 17 years old or i’m in the middle of college or i have my career and i really want to focus on this i cannot take care of this baby to consider an abortion but then there are these verses where we’re robbing this

Child the joy and the potential to have a relationship with the loving father god the father hosea 14 3 4 and you the fatherless find compassion psalm 82 3 defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless maintain the rights of the poor and the oppressed deuteronomy 10 18 he defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow and loves the alien giving him food and

Clothing i’m telling you there is a slew of verses that should be leading the charge from a place of compassion love grace and mercy but to really offer our bodies as a living sacrifice and interceding on behalf of these vulnerable people but i’d love to hear y’all’s thoughts like this video subscribe share with a friend or whoever i promise the maverick city

Music part 2 video is coming but i just felt like there’s other things to cover y’all take care and god bless you

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