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Rust around bathtub overflow drain

my bathtub had a lot of rust around the over flow drain so I decided to paint it.

Well i got a little problem starting to see some major west’s around the bathtub overflow drain so we’re gonna kind of do a quick down and dirty fix of this problem first i want to do is take this off hopefully it’s not too corroded on yeah it’s not now i don’t know what caused these i never know your stomach when i first bought the tub but slowly over the years

Tubs about eight years old yeah studies they show a little bit of rust so i think it was a defect when we got it i’m gonna tape up around it you know a couple inches back i don’t really care a whole lot as long as it looks a little bit better and it looks now this is not a cast-iron tub this is one of those cheap steel tubs so you can’t expect them to last forever

And i’m gonna give it a light sand with some 150 grit i’m gonna change the paper a few times because i’m sure there’s a little bit so i will admit a better job would be to take this off but i really don’t want to get any replacing that and this is a quick fix and i could always do it again if i needed and i stand all the way out to the edge of the pit just don’t

Want to step it up for the paint have a better chance of sticking i already looks a lot better and now when i wash it with a little bit of alcohol alcohol helped to get rid of some of the soap and maybe oil soms shampoos and perfumes or whatever else that might be in here all right wipe it a couple of times first go probably just loosens a lot of it up and i’m

Gonna also wipe out any of us stuff it – well i don’t want it to start west on the bottom and i can see this a little bit of west right here in a different piece of sandpaper and i’m a lady saying that again dry a little bit make sure then just wipe it off there’s the dust that might be on here from the sanding and i got some maple jelly and hopefully it’s going

To turn any loose residue into something that won’t west says here that dissolves rough for metal surfaces now you’re not supposed to dip the brush in and out so i’m just gonna get a fairly healthy serving of this joe and do the whole thing with that those little fine scratches in here and i’m hoping this will help and that’s pretty much all i can do for now

Until this maybe jolie does its thing it’s to rinse off after five or ten minutes nobody’s gonna hang and i’m just gonna wipe it down i wiped it down i winced it good and now i’m giving it the the afternoon to dry and i’ll pick up some paint and not paint it tonight now we’re just going to tape it up so we try not to get too much overspray on the bathtub i’ve

Been shaking up some west oleum primer it’s actually not a motive primer i think it might be little bit better than just a regular primer because this is rusty metal even though i actually got most of it cleaned up let’s shut up about five minutes now and i go and give it a not a heavy coat but a couple of light coats come on let this dry i want to know how heed

The can whatever it says then i’ll tell you what it says i don’t read it yet but i’m guessing probably about an hour we can kind of smell so let me get out of here right now the primer recommended that you put a second coat on but since i put such a heavy first coat i decided not to they say it’s better to put two thin coats then rather than one thick coat but i

Got one thick coat on it i was didn’t want to sand it and didn’t want any dry spots you know they feel real rough so that’s kind of the reason i went for one heavy coat not a super heavy coat but but it’s heavier than i would have liked but anyway so i’m getting ready to paint the bathtub but hopefully i got a match this is the color of the up and hopefully it’s

Pretty close i had about five caps to pick from so this is the closest i could find at home depot to match the tub the lady there who said don’t use the paint i mean the spray can and she said recommended by this epoxy kit they would probably last a lot better but it was $36 for the kit and realistically that’s just buying me a little more time all i’m doing with

This is buying a little more time you know if i maintain that suit i might get another in five years out of this bathtub it’s a metal tub they don’t use he lasts much more than ten just like the primer you have to either paint it within an hour or wait 48 hours before your topcoat the primer the same thing like before second coat or whatever you have to either do

It within an hour or wait 48 hours so now getting ready to put the second and probably the last coat it’s been about 45 minutes so this one might be a little heavier than the last one i decided i’m gonna go and put a third coat on because why not go and watch some tv come back in here in about 45 minutes with last coat on i think this coats gonna be a little too

Dark but yeah i have a little too dark then a little too light and also i’d rather have it a little too dark and have rusty stains all over the tub fifty-five minutes later time to school and we’re good well i know you’re not supposed to do this but i can never wait it’s been about two hours since i painted it and you’re really supposed to wait you know a couple

Days or whatever before on tape it or at least not to the next day but i can’t have a wait little darker just like that there i have actually trying to match one of the bathtubs at home depot and who knows how close it was so i probably should have brought the cap back here and checked but i’m just more concerned with the west spot and i also i’m doing a test to

See how long this paint last i’m gonna give it probably today’s friday night or actually thursday night three o’clock in the morning so i’m gonna probably give it to like maybe tuesday before we use the bathtub so then get good and hard and see how it feels it’s still fairly sticky and it really doesn’t look so bad way better than the stain although it could have

Been a closer match maybe next time

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Rust around bathtub overflow drain By robert Brown