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What’s up everybody welcome back wow that’s so disrespectful right when i press play these dolls won a star bar again what’s up a right with a on my channel what’s up everybody we’ll compare to my channel – cottage cheese am back with another video do you hear these manis anyways um today’s video is all about this this is my satin pillowcase i got it from

Sally’s it was on sale actually i got it for $7 but it retails for about ten to eleven dollars so um yeah have you ever lost your bonnets have you ever has ever fallen off your head while you sleep what’s another one because i’m for me i’m a wild sleeper i’ve been told i was a wild sleeper since i was little i used to kick in my sleep when i was a child so yeah

I just you know yeah so i’m a while sleeping um so when i go to sleep my bar needs ain’t really protected nothing because it’d be somewhere in the beard because and then rolled over so now no anyway so this video is strictly for the same pillowcase um it has weight now i have two pillows in here because i like i like thick pillow does anybody else today like put

Their pillows together to make one cuz i i do that i don’t know um it’s only very nice okay they had a zipper right here and this one right here and then put a flap over that way you don’t see the zipper so it looks like these but this is my sitting pillow case this case has just comes in handy like you know for just when i take a nap and i don’t feel like putting

Anything on my head i can just use this or if i um misplace my pillow misplaced my pillow case jesus if i misplace my satin bonnet or don’t have time can’t really find it or you know you just have a lazy day where you just don’t feel like putting about it on you know i mean you come home late from wherever you’re doing doing whatever you’re doing and you don’t

Feel like putting on about it you just want to plop down in the bed you know after your shower and that’s cool and favorite thing about it like this you will never lose your pillow why cuz it should always be on your leg yeah you ain’t never gonna lose your pillow girl so go and get you a pillow case you don’t even eat gonna burn it away you don’t even need it you

Know oh yeah this fellow is let me just okay hold on so this is i got this once at least first of all it was seven dollars cause it was on sale um any retails for about ten ten dollars ten to eleven dollars that’s still a good price um this is a standard sized pillow case and as you can see the girl on you she looks though she looked so peaceful nice she just she

Ready for bed you know she just ready for being so you see their sinister eyes that implicates salt concealed zipper closure helps protect hair and extensions from damage so it not only protects your hair your regular hair your hair that comes out of your hair it protects your extensions as well or your breathes you know i mean cotton i’m not with it ever since

I got this that in pillowcase it’s like okay i’m i’m buying it for you know i’m getting for it any i think the colors come in black just standard colors back white and gray i want a black cuz you know like just you won’t see nothing if it if we do get dirty enemy like you won’t like see you know how like some stains don’t come out you know like hair always things

To like you know okay cool um but yeah so yeah this pillowcase is old it’s really legit right this is what it looks like and the pouch now i don’t know if these are sold in the store but it’s there online so if you get the sally’s app you can type in um satin pillowcase and this should come up you should come up it’s by betty betty dane diana i love it is yeah

But this is really really nice lily are you doing boom here’s your pillow right and it works ok it’s effective here’s your pillow right you wanna sleep you laying down boom to do oh i can’t find my body oh my god i don’t feel like looking for it because i’m so tired i’ve had a long day oh you can lay right on down oh kim you know i mean and your hair boom sadly

Just need to go ahead and sponsor me like i bought so much stuff from sally’s and i’m much true like diehard sally’s fan you know not fan jesus i go to studies a lot okay i go to studies a lot so sadly it’s just need to go ahead and kiss hit you girl oh like hey you know i’m gonna say he’s a big pilot oh my god thank you you know frew um if y’all want to know what

I use on my hair it is the jetties collection products i’ll do the video a go check it out i don’t know which one no i’m shooting these both of these videos on the same day so i don’t know which one is going up first but yeah but no seriously yarn this is a great great investment especially if you have a child and your child just does not you want to put anything

On their head when they go to bed okay give them a satin pillowcase you know cuz children they often don’t like putting it on my head and i mean then you know that’s prone to bald spots and you know they be rubbing their head against stuff and then you know they get you know spots and stuff like that so um i highly encourage sample okay even if you don’t get this

Pillowcase get silk sheets get um you know satin sheets silk sheets both are grades for the hair i recommend soap scrunchies silk bonnie i recommend all that stuff for your hair cuz you know it’s not it is about what you how you take care it’s a it’s all about how you take care of your hair at the end of the day and they doing something as little as that is a big

Step taking care of your hair you know i mean because cotton is so bad to grow up against your hair yeah i mean that’s why i try to use microfiber towels you know sometimes i just be you know lazy and i like to wash my hair and you know use the towel on my head regular one but it’s not like that for a night real freaking like when you laying down on a pillow you

Laying down for like how many i was eight to nine hours so just imagine like when you roll over you sleep your hair is just suffering you know i mean getting dry prone to breakage expedience on it so i just highly recommend for y’all to you know it’s something that sentence was silk on you babe you understand i didn’t even i knew satin pillowcases was a thing but i

Was just like you know where i don’t need one i got my body and i’m cool i’m straight but then i started losing my body you know i mean i just take it off put it somewhere and then be like oh where where’s my body and then i’ll be too tired to look for it and i just like you know what i’m just gonna be it i’ve had those days but now are you gonna worry about it cuz

I have a pillowcase remind you there are two pillows in here okay so this is b okay this is for b oh we won’t do with thumbnail okay but yeah yeah i didn’t want this video get too long i just wanted to show y’all some hex that i used for my hair this pillowcase has really been a life saver i absolutely love it i really just don’t even use my body anymore because i

Got the pillowcase that don’t make sense to sew and i’d be losing up my body like i’ll be like dang bro up on my money you know like that’s that’s nothing with me but this is good for kids adults in turning this later on and and go they just be you know alright son that’s enough talking for me i just want to show you out what i use in my hair because i am a true

Real youtuber and i don’t like to keep anything from y’all that i do set my hair or use for my hair you know i mean everything i use on my hair everything i do to my hair i promote it and it has been flirtin the proof is in the pudding my hair is flourishing this is not a wig the same they saying you know this is all mine so uh yeah my tips and tricks have been

Working you know i mean so i just wanted to show y’all what are you alright okay we are almost at 700 subscribers thank you guys so much but i don’t know how much that means to me like seriously it means a lot to me um i’m grateful oh it’s alright for like yeah we here we we we family like we was a week okay um anyways now i’m getting off track thank you guys so

Much for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe hey i come up with a name for y’all i don’t know what i’m call y’all yet but i had to come up with a name for y’all y’all let me know drop some suggestions that y’all want to be you know which i want to be called whatever whatever and yeah i will see you in my next video

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