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Saying Goodbye to my Crashed GT3 + New Member on the LZ Team!

Stoked to take the builds to a whole new level with one of the best teams in the game!

A very exciting start to the video and something that i’ve been waiting to tell you guys for a while we are welcoming a brand new member to the lz team but it’s someone that you guys have known you’ve seen the videos for a while it is none other than rey well mastermind painter ray actually uh was the very first person we figured out to ever paint at the compound back

When we were keeping the s15 together and i kept crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing he kept the fade alive and kept it looking great so thank you ray yeah so uh he’s been here and he’s his first task has been dialing in the crx and you guys are going to see it in this video it’s coming out phenomenally and i’m also really excited ray’s done a bunch of

Work and kind of dial in our whole system here of where cars are prepped and there’s a lot of exciting stuff to come but first thing we have to do that we’ve been waiting because of the hurricane for your customary joining the team burnout so what uh what which what are we working with here uh it’s uh e39 540 six-speed it’s pretty much stock besides you know like

Lightweight flywheel exhaust is straight pipe and a few little things but nothing nothing crazy i’m excited ray’s about to do a burnout knocked out of the park on the green s15 on the c4 corvette on the s15 you guys are about to see the crx and many more projects to come so ray we’re stuck to have a board and now burnout time let’s do it he has to drive home on

The tire so he we were trying to find some spares but i guess five series but bigger a bigger hub bore so we were limited by the different spares that he could use but um 5×114 conversion come into a ray near you exactly foreign um we’ve got less than a week left on the nsx giveaway it is actually going to be ending this wednesday what i believe to be

The next video you guys will see the process of us supercharging it and getting to enjoy driving it for the first time now tomorrow which is saturday at 6 pm eastern standard time i’m gonna need you guys to set a reminder because we have a pretty cool drop coming up that includes these beautiful new jackets they’ve got a nice insulated liner i don’t even know how

To describe this material i’m gonna put a spec sheet on the screen because it’s one of those things you got to feel it to understand the quality but they sick i love how they fit i know you guys are gonna love them too and then a couple other simple pieces including this shirt this hat which is actually a sample the logo is gonna be a little bit smaller i just

Wanted to do some low-key stuff no back prints just simple some nice embroidery on the tee on the jacket on the hat and then we’ve got a new windbreaker that you’ll see on the screen right here all this is dropping at 6 pm eastern standard time tomorrow on saturday and every five dollars that you spend will get you entered for a chance to win this supercharged nsx

And 20 000 cash make sure you set a reminder because this stuff is going to go quick ray i’m sorry i know for the for the first project this thing was a real looker so compared to the s15 and some other stuff you’ve done walk us through uh the process of this and it was definitely a little bit of bodywork over the other cars yeah so this one really was like full

Interior and we did you know like the gray on there and then the end of it was pretty rough it had a little bit areas that were scraping it the wheel wells we also did which uh were really rough and now we redid them in a raptor liner so those are fresh now the interior is really nice now like as far as the body work on the exterior yeah it was quite a bit it was

Quite a bit to start with but uh it came out pretty good our baseline for what this car needs to look like this is like so beyond expectations of like this card i don’t say it’s gonna get thrashed because it’s not like a drift car it’s going to intentionally get crashed into stuff but like this is going to be the most beautiful car ripping around the compound i’m

Stoked dude you killed it anything happens yeah but the green s15 like it it’s not like i pussied out like i do with some projects you’re like oh it’s too nice i’m not gonna drift it i’m like knock on wood like if this thing gets beat up hopefully it’s someone else not me doesn’t matter what yeah metal for now maybe it’ll be carbon fiber eventually that’s still

Not wood you’re right about that so this paint this is ford sunlit gold was that the color it’s like an old mustang color right ironic what uh what brand clear and paint and everything so we went with ppd for the clear coat and then this is our capsule base coat it’s just something that you know for what this is the budget of this car we didn’t want any too crazy

With it so it just worked out really well now uh what’s left just uh basically body panels and we gotta make a decision on glass lexan and yep yeah we’re just uh still about a couple things to finish how to kind of take care of the wheel wells a little bit more and then um yeah just the doors the the hoods ready to paint the hatch is ready to be bodywork so yeah

It should all start coming together in the next couple of weeks and this one i feel like we finally did it in the right order instead of like doing everything backwards is it typically what you’d want to do like interior exterior engine bay then just then reassemble we’re like a lot of times you do it backwards and just makes a lot of work and you’re putting stuff

Back together scratching paint so you killed it dude i haven’t seen a lot of comments about this but it’s something that people keep asking me in person i’ve been probably eagerly waiting as much as you guys for an update on the craft gt3 situation finally got word back and i have to give a massive shout out to both advanced collision in chattanooga tennessee and

Progressive because they’ve been extremely easy to work with it has taken a little while to get through all the insurance hoops and ladders and phone calls and it’s definitely a time consuming process it’s the first time i’ve ever been through it but i was basically given two offers one to keep the car get paid out and then get to fix the car one to just total the

Car and sell it to insurance the offer for cash and keeping the card wasn’t really appealing to me for two reasons one it probably would have taken all the cash to fix the car and then i’m left with a car that is worth less and like mentally i’m kind of scarred from that car so driving would never really be the same so i did decide to take the cash offer and total

Out the car am i going to miss the car terribly yes am i going to replace the car probably not i do feel like the offer it was very fair and it was basically the same amount of money that i had into the car but i think in order to replace it and get it to the same caliber especially not having an allocation for these cars and having to get taxed i wouldn’t be able

To get back into one at the same price but i do have an allocation for the next generation gg3 rs through the course of naples so i’ll probably just hang tight until that comes in i think sometime in q1 or q2 of next year and if there’s a smokies event before that i’ll just have to be the one guy driving a turbo instead of a gt3 but um all in all the situation

Could have gone terribly we could have not been standing here talking to you guys the other driver could not still be alive and i could have gotten really by the insurance company so overall i’m thankful that everything worked out and i wanted to give you guys an update and like some sort of closure on the whole crash situation oh and they let me keep my dundon

Exhaust so i’ll be saving that for the new rs i feel like we’ve introduced cody from bc racing plenty of times in my videos but this is cody hello now we’ve been talking about doing like a bc racing activation at the compound for a really long time and i came up with a bright idea of doing like a compound race car but when i send a photo to the crx initially he

Was like really not very stoked i’m curious oh this is the first time you’ve seen the color what do you think bc racing gold yeah pretty close his first reaction is like damn this piece is going to be associated with bc racing i feel like me unintentionally built i don’t want to say the nicest heroics because they’re definitely nice ones but i feel like this is

Gonna be like the nicest thrash race car crx the contrast of like the the matte gray with the gold with a glass of gold yeah turned out great he was he was so bummed on this thing at first talking about it and seeing it from what it looked like before to announce i feel like one of those one of those kids that’s trying to get like a sponsorship when i was first

Section like but but just wait i promise it’s gonna look good like here’s this picture of a gold car just imagine like all the dents and scratches and bondo but like no more just gold we even got the the fender on the ray killed it i love it it’s not gonna be any faster and it’s not gonna drive any better than it did before but it’s going to look so good it’ll

Make you drive better it’ll make you think the car drives better i’m just i’m just stoked that there’ll be like no like shrapnel just flying around and bondo flaking off as you go around corners that’s a good plus i realized that i mentioned in passing that i sold the a86 i never really made a big dramatic video or kind of talked about it so i wanted to share with

You guys kind of thought process behind that after i made the video revealing the car a video surfaced and was brought to my attention of the car getting a rather diy restoration in japan some stuff was done well and some stuff i wish had been done a little bit differently but the biggest thing that i couldn’t get over with the car is just knowing that it was

Always going to be that car i was always going to connect it in my brain to that video series and what i originally thought was a pretty solid car that maybe i could just throw some paint on it would be a good example to drive and enjoy kind of turned into my head of needing like a full restoration which wasn’t it for me someone reached out that had seen my video

And the other video was fully aware of the condition of the car and was happy to take it off my hand so pretty much the same price i paid for it so i moved on from it i will miss it i did really really really want a red slick top but there are more out there and the plan is to now i’m actually gonna be going over to japan later in this year i just want to go find

One in person i want to put my eyes on it get something i’m really stoked about because owning an a86 has been in like a long time dream of mine and i didn’t want to just settle to a car that in my eyes was like tainted from the start so no disrespect to the dude that did the restoration he did an amazing job with the tools that he had and the car looked amazing

Compared to how we got it but just not something that i want on my collection uh waking up to the sounds of the generator running again thankfully it kicks on automatically so we lose power in the middle of the night we’re chilling but uh yeah as some of you guys have known and have been asking about we were almost directly hit by yet another hurricane this time

Coming from the east specifically hurricane nicole as you can see at first glance what we’re dealing with more than water this time around was just a lot of wind a lot of sustained wind and because everything was very loose from all of the water soaked ground i’d imagine there’s going to be quite a bit of downed trees and debris probably why we don’t have power

Right now oh glad we scrubbed the whole place that’s for sure stoked about that even the generator runs on ignite just kidding that’s a joke the building was getting a little black so marco built a new generator exhaust four inch titanium nice little flapper on the top it was actually killing filters because the exhaust leak was so bad that it was sucking in its

Own soap for a while so the exhaust was actually pretty needed i swear i heard a big tree fall in the middle of night i’m trying to find it this time we knew exactly what we were getting into so pretty much the whole building is prepared if the water levels do rise from the flooding which i’ll explain a little bit further this time with plastic tarps to hopefully

Help it from seeping got it all lined pretty much every door on the main building but the pond height isn’t nearly as bad as it was before so that’s good yo it’s a hurricane dude come on up up we’re gonna go check out lake colette back here see how we’re looking not bad i would love to try to be ignorant and try to go drop my wheels in this pond but the problem is

It would actually give you too much side bite from catching all the water and it probably uh make you just go straight into the water which wouldn’t be very fun pretty sure that tree was down before i don’t think that’s new but uh nothing too crazy yet let’s go look at the gate let’s get a little pete this area has always been prone to flooding all the branches

Down in the yard so the main concern is that like before because we’re so close to the st john’s river that as the storm moves and as all the water runs into the river the flood table is going to rise and we’re going to be in a similar situation to where we were before nowhere near as bad amount of rainfall the problem is the river was already a few feet over where

It should normally be so we’re starting from a much higher point than last time but the effect of that will be pretty delayed looking at the gate this is something that i do want to invest in redoing if i was just to raise the concrete probably like a foot or two here even in situations like this we wouldn’t have a water issue but right now you’d be fine to get

Through with pretty much any car but no one wants to have to drive through this stuff if you don’t have to and if we can avoid it by kind of raising the level of concrete like that that would prevent quite a bit of it because this right here is basically tied to the river system way down there so if the river keeps going up this keeps going up and then it starts

To fuse itself to the rest of the ponds and stuff on our property looks like the new grates and drain area on the drift hq building is working for now we just gotta hope that the water level doesn’t get any higher of course i tell them the craziest thing about the storm the bath at the store the storm just hit my shop and only my shot this video with a little

Hurricane-ish update it appears as if the river that we were worried about is not rising anymore that already has and this appears to be the worst that we’re dealing with the water level’s already going down by the gate we’re able to take all the bags off the buildings so fingers crossed we’re in the clear looks like beautiful weather this weekend and we made out

Lucky for this one as always there are people that didn’t fare as well as us and some of the people on the shores are dealing with crazy flooding in their homes right now and a lot of damage so thoughts and prayers to those families out there i know some of you guys watching inevitably probably are impacted way worse than we are it’s never a fun situation and we’re

Wishing for the best for you know this video along with many of the compounder all over the place because there’s a lot we had to cover but we’ll have some more topic based videos soon to come appreciate you guys understand it i hope you enjoy this video let me see you down

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Saying Goodbye to my Crashed GT3 + New Member on the LZ Team! By Adam LZ