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SCORPIO WEEKLY You might want to invest in a yoga mat #scorpiotarot

Uh scope here this is your reading for the week of the 12th of november angel spirit guide school here please what would you like scorpio to know about this week of the 12th of november scorpio scorpio scorpion would you like scorpio to know about this week’s 12th of november angels spirit going to universe scorpio all the energies for scorpio for this week of the

12th of november for scorpio please angels spirit guide to community energies from scorpio to this week of the 12th give me the energies for this week for scorpio scorpio foreign you could be rushing around this week burdened by things it’s like slowed down angels spirit guides universe okay all right first of all a bottom of the deck we have the hermit wisdom

Slow it down follow the light at the end of the tunnel that you always wanted to do focus upon your inner world meditation um inner knowledge spiritualness walking outside wisdom might be dealing with a virgo patience is your first card it’s a temperance it could be done with sagittarius with the six of of pentacles so you’ve been very patient with people you’re

Being very um giving charitable you’re sharing things are coming reciprocally someone’s making you a cup of tea you’re making another cup of tea people are helping you at work you’re being very patient you’re testing the water to see people maybe how they’re going to give and take um but it’s like you could have been charitable to people maybe for something

Money for christmas or something like that because temperance is a sagittarius come on we’ve got the three of one so you’re in and out your indecisive your ships have come in but you don’t really want to go they just like don’t really want to go somewhere um and you don’t want to plant a new seed for something um you’re not seeing eye to eye with someone in love

But you’re not you’re not it’s like you’re being charitable you’ll you’ll want to go your ships have come in but it’s not it’s like the money’s falling out the love is falling out it’s like you no longer see eye to eye you don’t want to plant a new seed you don’t can’t see my tire with a new love um and you’ve swerved the towel moment you want to start from a

Blank canvas you want to build from a blank canvas it’s like you’ve chosen what you want it’s not something from the past or any reconciliation it’s not it’s it’s not a divine union with the nine of cups someone could be drinking a lot it’s like i know what i want i don’t want any lies i don’t want any i can’t be bothered to think about the past anymore my

Wish didn’t count is not coming true i feel like this is upside down it could be drinking as well don’t over drink and and what this does this is like a sabotage it’s like it makes you feel that you’re stuck in a turbulent place by not by not focusing on your worries and going away it’s getting peace well you’re stuck in a turbulent space now this could have

Something to do with the commitment a house a work situation that someone is running in and out they’ve got advised drink drugs on rock and roll and you’re deciding to back down in a stalemate situation someone’s going to say sorry you’re no longer out in the cold at the end of this week and you are not taking on anyone that else’s burden so the best thing is

Here to do and we’re four minutes in is hermit in and follow this light at the end of the son of what what this is your sunshine this is your inner light this is what you’re worth this is your worth became my inner my my being my whole soul and my whole wisdom is worth a hell of a lot more than not getting my wish i mean um you’ve been very patient you’ve been

Very fair you may have even stopped going you’ve stopped going somewhere because someone asked you to stay back and this this new beginning didn’t happen because you couldn’t see you couldn’t meet this person eye to eye and it was like you’re preventing this tower moment you’re preventing it um by choosing not to go back to the past by choosing not to have your

Divine union by choosing to stay in something that’s upsetting you there is this this four of ones here it does those three of ones four of ones i think you might make the decision to go somewhere um at the end of this week because you just need to get out and have some fun um it could be a new contract which is like i might as well go and take it because

It’ll bring me in some kind of money i don’t feel left out in the cold anymore i don’t feel like i’m in a stairway and i’m not taking on anyone’s dramas i’ve swerved the drama it’s really odd reading you’ve been patient someone’s giving back to you is reciprocation please stay don’t go don’t go i can’t make any money if i stay so that person’s like okay i don’t

Want i’m not saying eye to eye if you’re not going to stay i don’t want you i don’t want this this whatever it was but the home’s not broken up yet it’s a blank foundation to rebuild something i’m gonna not be indecisive you haven’t got many options to choose from something from the past you thought was your divine wish didn’t come out so having to stay you

Can’t move anywhere so maybe this new offer of this contract this this thing is like it were offered to to go somewhere the ships came in but someone offered you to stay somewhere that this could be a job but by the end of this week you’re gonna think now i’m gonna take it i’m gonna go to the team i’m going to have the contract i need to get out i need to go and

Have some fun i can’t be in a stalemate anymore or indecision i’ve got to make a decision because i don’t want to be left out in the cold with no money in debt and maybe i’ve got to pay off some credit cards and i’m swerving all the drama by maybe letting down a boundary it’s like you’ve already been the wounded healer you’ve already taken the dramas on you’re not

Doing it anymore i need to get back in from out of the cold i need to it’s a weird one i’m oh sorry scorpio but it does the hermit on that on the bottom of the deck says oh i think you should just where do you want to go where’s that light at the end of the tunnel that you should have done 10 years ago it’s like you’ve been patient and even if someone’s offering

You money now or someone could be off you’d be really patient waiting for someone someone’s offered you this new job it’s like i’ve got to take it and it’s upset somebody i don’t know angel spirit rides universe give us some clarity on this it’s saying it’s safe for you to love open your heart to give the highest to give and receive the highest energy of all stay

Optimistic about your love life positive thinking of faith will bring you romance so it’s like you’ve lost lost faith in the dream angels spirit guys what would you like scorpio to know finances and career financial issues are a factor in your love life right now yes yes unrequited love there’s not enough attraction chemistry to keep this relationship going it’s

Like you have to take you have to make a decision about going to get some money someone doesn’t want to they want you to stay or one more car please angels spirit guidance what would that school get to know about this week the 12th this is my difficult reading for me uh scorpio we have healing family issues we love life benefits as you forgive your parents it’s

Like you don’t want the nostalgia you don’t want the divine union you just want to stay in some stuck place um because maybe the money issues or family issues but who are offered this contract this foundation this team you are going on it it’s like let’s just say i’m offered a job and my lover has been so noisy to me three weeks before i’ve got to go abroad and

Do this job there’s a really hard decision to make with should i stay or should i go but i have to go because of the money i have to go because i’ve got to feed the family type thing um and maybe someone will come in to offer you a way out a passionate fun just fun just a way out of someone’s going to offer you a message to get out of this stalemate out of

This um situation of feeling out in the cold you avoid a drama at the end of this week someone might come to try and get you into a drama but you avoid a drama i’m not making sense in my scorpio angels spirit guys what would you like scorpio to know about the week i’ve got say it as they fall yoga and exercise are essential to your well-being peace of mind and

Spiritual growth right now the hermit angels spirit guides universities so i was going to like have faith in things and heal family issues and angels spirit cards universe what would you like scorpio what do you like scorpio tonight it’s a lot of cards i take this one clairvoyance i’m helping you with your spiritual sight to awaken fully so that you can clearly

See heavenly love it’s like losing faith moon cycles notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations capitalize upon these cycles so new moons start new things you might be very emotional under the four main notice how your energy is and what you know what to do trust your inner knowledge and act upon it without delay and divine order everything is how it

Needs to be right now look past the illusion and see underlying order it could be that you’ve paid a lot of money out for something and someone doesn’t want to go somewhere and it’s like well i’ve lost all that money so now i’m gonna have to go and get that money back somewhere and it’s that wishes that the divine union or the wish didn’t come true and it’s left

You staying where you are when you wanted to go away but there is a firm foundation of a contract at a home here a marriage that you can still feel that you can go have some fun because you’re talking you’re not left out in the cold anymore and you swerved maybe the cancellation of a holiday or something like that herb of helps you scorpio i’ve no idea what’s

Going to happen to you this week um please like share and subscribe and i’ll see you soon bye

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SCORPIO WEEKLY ❤️You might want to invest in a yoga mat❤️ #scorpiotarot By The Gift 202 Suzy