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Scrunch Booty Leggings Haul and Try On | Back Workout

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Hey guys today i’m doing another legging haul and review this one is going to be abs – fitness apparel they are the ones that do this punch booty and so i have four pairs i have used three of them before we’re going to show you guys those again try them on for you and then i have a one i just got in the mail today and this is the slap nutrition one so as you guys

Know i’m an affiliate for slap nutrition so going into that i’m jason let us preorder these leggings so they custom ordered them from abs – fitness apparel they have the low scrunch boot 80 wears but the best okay so this is their a scratch boot booty that makes them like popular that’s what their brand is known for all the ones that i order have a scrunch booty

So this is the slap um like comic strip type of logo we just kind of made it over-the-top fun just like we always do so the thing though is this mesh it was kind of a big deal so when these were up on the website for pre-order the picture to show like this material and that’s what he wanted it to be he didn’t ask for the mesh and when he got them the other day

They had this mesh panel added which he did not request and they did not communicate to him so that was kind of a bummer um i haven’t tried them on yet so you guys we’ll see you the first time i try them on hopefully the mesh still looks good but that just kind of sucks so he was really upset about it and he didn’t want to have us who pay for the leggings to have

To you know pay for something that they didn’t necessarily ask for because we saw a different picture and stuff i would still paid for them but his super sweet and generous bet jason refunded all of us who ordered the leggings he gave us our money back but he still sent them to us so thank you you did not have to do that but i appreciate it so step further adieu

I’m going to try these on and show you guys what they look like welcome to another legging review today’s is apps to be fitness apparel i just wanted to give you guys a heads up that at the end of the video there will be a workout where i test each pair of the leggings in a workout so you guys can see that so here they are is this much booty so at li the scrunch

There so it kind of makes your best little tighter up here is the fresh panel on the side um if you can see up close it actually like still has this slap step underneath it so it’s actually kind of cool with the mesh um i thought when i saw the mesh that like it was going to be sheer like so underneath there was just gonna be like skin not like the spread of me it

Does look kind of cool but i can still see that he wanted it totally like just a slap print so it’s not a full look that he was going for i know you guys appreciated the squat test last time also these are white leggings so i wanted to do it again for you here and they do pass like as i squat like this part comes down a little bit which i feel like i would just be

Like adjusting the whole time so maybe i would not wear these for the light workout but i can wear it for like upper body so yeah as far as the custom orders go um i have an order custom from them all the other stuff i ordered that i’m about to show you is um just like their standard styles you get to pick like whether you want full length or the full or partial

Scrunch bootie but i didn’t do like any custom prints or anything so um i don’t have any experience with that so hopefully the whole mesh thing was just a hiccup but just beware that that happened with that other thing with these leggings is they do take a while um so i got like i say i just did like a normal order but they still even if you do like a normal like

There are standard leggings as still like they make them custom-made so once you order them they make the leggings so because like you get to pick those options like i was saying so it took me like a month to get them i was kind of aware just for reading comments and stuff before that is fine with it but like if you were expecting them sooner obviously that is kind

Of a long time to wait 20 order leggings but they are made here in the us so it’s kind of like sporting a american business huh yeah just be aware that and then with the custom ones like these flap ones here i think they took even longer i’m not exactly sure when he ordered them but obviously it’s beginning of april now i’m pretty sure he ordered them in february

So it took over a month and yeah just be aware of the timeframe on these leggings so these are like the army green colored ones there is good up so these are like a high-rise one keeps tummy feeling nice and tight off to worry about it cutting into your like love handle area or anything like that the material is really comfortable um so i got like the three-quarter

Length one and these are really comfortable i did wear them for an upper body workout um and they fit they’re really comfortable they don’t fly they you know don’t get super sweaty or anything like that so they worked out great these green ones are a little bit thinner material than the other ones you’re gonna see but i just want tell you know that with it thinner

Material they’re a little less forgiving so when you’re not doing it poses like this and just be aware i have the red ones i think this is my favorite color so again it’s the high-waisted the red ones are a little bit thicker than the green ones like i said they’re just a little more forgiving as far as like smoothing everything out and keeping everything nice and

Tucked in and lift it up and as you can see as this high waistband it is good with like keeping the tummy tucked in without feeling like you’re getting like squeezed or anything like that so i really like this material ok so these are the rebel leggings you get to choose whether you want a lot or a little as far as the cutouts go i chose a lot they definitely are

More flattering when i have a tan i usually have balm base tan self-tanner on but not for this video i also want to show you both like the booty poses and natural standing because you know we can all do booty poses all day on instagram but i know you guys want to know what these really look like when you’re in the gym when you’re just standing up not posing so i

Just want to show you all the angles here but i do like these leggings more than for multiple workouts now and they rock i thought you guys would benefit from seeing the leggings in action so i did a posterior chain workout working mostly the lats but also doing deadlifts to working in the ham using glutes all part of the posterior chain i warmed up on the rower

Here and then so with all the main lifts i did an exercise in each pair of leggings just so you guys could see them all and just changed in between each one i did it at my home gym instead of going to the gym so i didn’t look like a weirdo going and changing in between each one and so i did bent over barbell rows here i’m not going to do commentary on the whole

Workout just because it’s more for the leggings i wanted to make sure you could see they were all dead lifts our squat proof especially the white ones here and i will put all the reps and everything just so you guys can see the workout if that interests you i definitely was sore in the lats after this one i will also write the workout in the description below but

I’m going to let this workout roll and i’ll catch you guys at the end of the video i know i said i wasn’t going to do commentary but i realized on the deadlifts that i did want to make a few comments here so this was my first set of doing deadlifts and because i was doing mostly upper-body this day i didn’t do any glute activation exercises beforehand so i was

Having trouble activating my glutes on that first clip there so i threw in a band as you can see the black band is the heaviest one so between this clip of the next one i actually moved back down to the medium band but that actually helps a lot with glute activation so you ever have trouble with that throw band in and that will help but also do like kickbacks and

Stuff like that beforehand and that will help a lot as well and then i switch to sumo after a couple sets and i’m just trying to kind of work on my form on these so you’ll see that my hips kind of pop up a little early here so just stuff to work on but i just want to be honest with you guys on these clips and explain what i’m doing exactly and they do pass the

Squat test obviously they’re a little bit shiny when you squat down the leggings aren’t see-through you can’t see my underwear or anything like that so they definitely pass the test and yeah i’ll let you guys watch the rest of the workout now alright guys that’s going to wrap it up for today’s legging hall slash review plus posterior chain workout if you liked

The video then hit the like button and if you want to see more workout videos and reviews i do a lot of those so hit the subscribe button and i will see you in the next video you can also catch me on my social media at core by liz

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Scrunch Booty Leggings Haul and Try On | Back Workout By Liz McElaney