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Eu tenho um novo amigo virtual, mas tem um problema. Se eu fechar o aplicativo dele, ele morre! SARAIVA O LIKE E COMPARTILHA!

And when i was a child in the middle of 1512 bc this toy that you are seeing was a craze among children is the famous tamagochi it was basically a virtual pet that you had to take care of by feeding it having fun and of course if you didn’t take care of it well he could even die that stuff was a fever everyone took their tamagochi to school except me because my mom wouldn’t

Let me have a tamagotchi when i was a kid and today i’m extremely frustrated because of that my mom said i i couldn’t have a tamagotchi otherwise he would start crying in the middle of the night and wake everyone up crying in the middle of the night really really mom that was the problem no dona cláudia for the love of god dona cláudia for the love of god so in today’s

Video i i’m going to solve my childhood trauma by playing dori’s free fire, which is basically a tamagotchi, but on my computer jesus, i know that my virtual pet is based pay attention to his face on his drooping cheeks see if this virtual pet doesn’t look like an old, worn-out old man over 70 years old the pout that even droopy eyelids our son will press the exit button

Close the window i will die if you click on the x me hill that’s how it works i don’t have much time to live but i still don’t want to die so please don’t close the game that’s how i imagine the voice of my virtual pet guys but that’s how it works it’s made of the game we have our pet virtual but if we go out in the game he goes to the ditch his life is over zé fini dead

Da silva he dies a lot that found the game he dies i have three options that i can do to feed him the location and the promotional code or leave the game what does love mean the promo code i don’t know of any promo code i can put here it’s not mean for column or promo code on my what a

Sorry my cris will have to continue with this pain in the sciatica then

It’s not my fault so guys since we have a lot i’m going to go do it let’s feed him let’s give him some food and he fell i don’t know let’s go there with pity on his head let’s not feed him again because the food didn’t go into his mouth you bloody jagunço is you use your mouth to feed not the body of the head i’m not really hungry i just dropped you a delicious cookie with

Chocolate chips made by grandma not yours grandma right because you’re old so your grandma has already gone to heaven oh there’s a door my son but seriously guys there’s nothing else to do i have to keep throwing food for him look here man tom there’s food over his head he doesn’t do anything look at that idiot guys for the love of god stop i don’t want to eat i ‘m sorry

There’s nothing else to do this crappy game for you the food on your head i’m going to stuff the food bug guys one hour she ‘s with hungry, right, it’s not just that now i’m or the version that a young person worried is going to draw which means that i’m going to die here the that there i was putting so much food on the screen that it was threatening the game crashes your

Cachaça already knows right it’s a ditch for the poor elderly so i can clean it now thanks for you staying here i can entertain you even my name is leader i should have said that before now let me play a game with you leaders me their old name appears your name should be i don’t know sebastião alcindo if you are of the same sex female that you can call yourself vânia

Vânia beautiful name of an 80- year-old lady anyway, let’s go to nova option and make him entertain us with the game catch the balls play beauty then we’ll get the ball he has with ours what fun in a game of 12 is always like this you can leave it love and i already fell bro i’m a donkey it’s little on the street gol beauty i took it without a ball just what i dropped

Guys because i’m kind of silly, don’t let me fall the ones i ‘m talking to you again but stop being stupid donkey hour goods that was fun right it was wow it was very fun even on google as i’m happy ok we cleaned the objects and it’s not our question to assume a second we docked the game that i thought was going to kill me i was in the dark ok so it ‘s been a minute since

I almost had a heart attack don’t even tell me partner i thought the game had a badge black screen i thought the same yes do died that’s his name now guys nothing leader it’s not alcinha it’s name i say joão velho looks like now we have a new option here which are missions there there yes my partner i liked it with loves a quest in out of nowhere it turns into an rpg the

Thing is now he’s battling a monster there was a dftg battle with him yeah but he’s going to reach level 2 now i’m not doing anything i’m just watching him kill the animals now that he’s won another one led i have three options i can recover his life increase the chance of giving a critical hit or increase the maximum life let’s increase the chance of giving a critical hit

Guys he’s going to another rpg battle now it’s giving a lot more giving i think and it’s looking like a more powerful animal now that you’re going to withstand the yes of my arms. these animals that’s a little ghost santa claus that’s wearing a santa claus cap our lady is taking a beating from gosma verde this one is the coconut with the giant eye that literally has a

Little eye and zero activities to take pleasure in when it comes to create monsters now i think i’m going to recover his life he goes to level 4 my god in heaven he looked like a different little animal there but he seems to be weak it doesn’t present many challenges no lie and sse that’s a lot hi jeez lasqueira what’s the sign for god’s sake of the apps addition medicine

For son you say i’ll get it for you now we can really increase his attack to increase the chance of doing critical damage by 10 percent let’s increase it the crit chance guys didn’t give a crit now it gave the crit on the competitor it’s like hell on the enemy my son this is our alcindo the senhorzinho the versus fg your god the aid to die no the okay i was hoping you would

Get a level more high that five like this you’re going to die you lost your whole life no no no calm down guys no it wasn’t just a game he lost his life in the game but he didn’t die in real life also in real life right because he is he is a program of computer you understand he’s going to give me a promotional cut guys holiday holiday holiday he gave me my first promo

Code so let’s see here and write holiday a so now we have to guys a jane line for a holiday and he’s on a boat in the middle of the sea what does that mean this is great is n’t it i only came here once in my life but that time he was alone just now you are that alcindo tamo with my partner on this virtual boat made from pixels to food the ball game you made me until i

Reached level 5 i think if you were planning to kill me this then it would be a place of my death i would be happy to die here wow how heavy i said already kill him i if you did that in this sea he would die happily jeez do you think we should keep living together put we back here on the normal game screen or is that all then this was all just a free sample hahaha i hope

If you pay for another virtual pet they they’re going to like you just like i liked you, man, guys, they chipped a little pocket of our virtual pet that was just a free sample. in other words, we can only do a few things with it and we can you need to pay for a virtual pet to really unlock everything possible for you to have fun with the pet and there’s more to do with it

Over time in gina which is like a game demo the game demo is just really a demo is a small part of the beginning of the game to convince you that the master and then yes you have to buy it to have the full experience of the game and alcindo is basically that as you can see that it is written free sample complete content that is there’s nothing else we can do again i can

Even try to come here in the promo code and put holiday again to see if at least we have a chance to go on a boat trip with it it doesn’t work bro nothing appears i can’t play anymore with him i can give him food i can give him food but it’s probably a chance to crash the game since he’s going to die i can clean up the food i threw and unfortunately that’s all i think i

Can only now give him food and clean the food i swear to him my god in heaven there’s nothing left for us to do the only option left that we haven’t clicked yet is the option to close the game and the option to close the game do you know what this implies our little animal is going to die buzz class want guys look at alcindo’s sad little face and close this game now old

Is one can i kill this cute little animal this video shouldn’t have more than a few minutes until that moment and i’m already completely conquered by the help of hell i don’t want to kill him help to be guys i already know that i came here again in the promotional code and write pay to pay i don’t know how to pay to have the full experience with ours that gives us going

Tomorrow no, no, no, we won’t be able to pay for the full version so that our virtual pet can be used. echar the game window completely and i closed the game there was nothing i could do i closed the game i’m here with the game folder open here the application ready to be opened again but i’m genuinely scared to open the application once guys, i’m going to open the game

Again 321 there’s no surprise, right guys, we already expected this to happen but damn bro the dress could have just disappeared, right, she left his skull the skeleton mortal processes we kilos virtual pet in our face for us to be traumatized alcino why did you leave alcinha i didn’t want to close the game o fino they’re leaving so soon guys they’re going to die so soon

Do me a favor guys everyone is writing in the comments section hip alcindo pays his tribute to our dear tamagotchi our dear virtual pet who lived with us for a long 10 minutes look how strange guys that free sample message disappeared from here to that now if i put holiday go andthere and i think i’d rather not have written crazy holiday that teaches sadder the sunset in

The middle of the sea completely in the middle of nowhere a boat and a corpse inside the boat and look at this song that guys, the music is playing that makes you a little introspective, i don’t know woman, the music is a little heavy, it comes down. setting here in the middle of the sea on the boat he would die happy so i think it’s the best place for us to be able to let

Him finish the game completely bye my dear alcino it was a pleasure to have you in the last ten minutes of my life spoke my dear talk to you there will never be pain in the spine again there for those who had asked jessica what then you don’t buy the full version so you can have new tamagochi the egg virtual pet wants to know if being able to use all possible functions

In the game so guys this version that you pay to have all the experiences it doesn’t exist i’m here on the game’s website that i’ll even leave it in the description of this video and there isn’t a paid version for you to be able to have it full version of the game only this experimental version even though we played it even if i download the game again when i open the game

My pet will be dead anyway so the game was made to be that guys a very fast experience even though it is fast will make you create a very strong bond or your virtual pet here at the end it will inevitably die that at some point you will need to leave the game jesus beloved what a crazy experience that was in today’s video i’m staying here again i ask for you to leave it

In the comments hip alcindo and tribute to our dear tamagochi see now i ‘m going there because i felt like getting c years and through and leave the sunset guys there

Transcribed from video