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Selbstbruner Routine fleckenlos, gnstig & schnell

In diesem Video zeige ich dir, wie ich meinen Körper mit einem Selbstbräuner schnell und einfach bräune.

Hello dears, welcome back to my channel today i’m going to show you how i tan in just five minutes that it’s relatively quick compared to other methods here on the internet and this method is even the cheapest method and you even get the fewest spots with it and the product that i use is even available in drugstores, so everything speaks in favor of this technique that

I will show you today and so the secret has now been revealed why i am always so brown in my videos first of all i am actually relatively light because of the skin because i myself try to avoid the sun as much as possible because it is involved in skin aging it also increases the risk of skin cancer will the development of pigment spots and also promotes keratinization

Of the skin i.e. it gets one from the sun gray skin kills them like bacteria, but in the end you have a thickened cornea and then it can promote the development of pimples so it’s just good to avoid the sun as much as possible who wants to take care of their skin and i’m such a candidate but let’s finally get started with the five minute self-planning method i lead the

I always tan in the evening when i go through it myself for the first time, then i always prepare my skin beforehand so that the result lasts a little longer and if you don’t have much time then you can omit the preparations so that you can spend all of your time tanning methods minutes takes the preparation of the skin consists of two steps first used for this the three

Branches rating stroke a special largest over the dry skin in facilities hearts this will make the regulations so the dead skin cells and the skin loosened by then the girlfriend will last a little longer can also helps three branches against cellulite promotes blood circulation ng which detoxifies the skin for the second preparatory game i take a salt bath and relax 20 to

30 this also loosens the cornea a bit and at the same time the salt has an antibacterial effect and also prevents inflammation afterwards, so to keep my skin from drying out i take a short shower with normal ones water off and dry myself off and now finally my five-minute self-bands method the first thing i would do is take care of the rough areas with a nurturing logical

No so the elbows and also feet and the rest of the ocean involved some recordings then i finally wear the separation slogan for this too i use the magics sammer clearance slow motion from barea it gives a very natural tan it is super cheap and also doesn’t cause any stains the very special advantage of it is that it doesn’t equal too much friend ie your friend with each

Discharge only a little bit and that’s why you can get a natural even tan building up the strength you can determine yourself so you don’t have to be afraid that the result will be too dark or too blotchy after i have completely applied lotion to my body which i then use my hands and then wear the backs of my hands also a little tanning slogan also and then i wait until

The box is a little bit dressed and then put on looser clothes on 18 the homeless people they can poach them so don’t use light-colored clothes and then i go to bed the educational result is usually visible after six to eight hours, i.e. exactly then so when you wake up i expect then in the morning with a light room but if i want to get a little darker then again i would

Do the five minute method the next 1 to 2 coming evenings so i get my desired strength of the trees as you can see because the whole not at all like effort and you get a super friends with a super and i yard fe you got a lot of help and we’ll see each other then

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