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Self Tanner by Famous Daves Guide to Self Tanning: Feet – How To Tutorial

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Hi i’m tara welcome to the tutorial for feet i know 10 your feet can be difficult sometimes so i wanted to share some tips and tricks i’ve learned along the way when using my famous dame self-tanner in tanning my feet and today i’m going to be using the famous staves tanner and light/medium from the small-batch reserve line i really like this tanner and it’s great

For hands and feet and it just goes on so beautifully and gives your feet and hands such a natural glow and it’s easy to apply so let’s get to the tutorial okay let’s go ahead and get started with our feet i’ve already exfoliated and cleansed them and when i get out of the shower i typically put on a lotion and when i go to self-tan them though i always apply a body

Butter over top of them just as a really thick barrier between the skin and the self-tanner so i’m going to go ahead and apply that all over the foot even in between the web’s of your toes as well i know this kind of looks disgusting i apologize so you want to just get that everywhere and get your heels and especially your achilles tendon and your ankles because

Those are super dry areas and the self-tanner will just you know soak right into those areas and become a darker pigment that you would probably like so i’m going to go ahead and just rub that in there and then i’m going to grab my self-tanner and i’m going to grab one pump of the famous dave small-batch in light medium and i’ll show you how i work that around so

I have about this much and i’m going to apply it right to the top of my foot and go in a circular motion now you don’t have to do this with just one hand but i just want to kind of be able to show you on the camera and you can bring that up into your leg as well because you know you’re going to tan your calf and then you know you can start to bring that up and then

You’re going to gently sweep over your ankles and onto your achilles and just use a little bit of the product so you’re not applying it right onto those parts but you’re using the excess from the top of your foot and just work that around and make sure just like the rest of your body you keep your fingers nice and tightly closed so you’re going to go over that and

You want to kind of avoid putting too much self-tanner on these areas as these areas are dry as well and they will soak in the self-tanner and be a darker pigmentation than the rest of your skin and it’s like knuckles on your hands and here too you kind of want to avoid those areas but you can still lightly self-tan them so you’re just kind of going to i had some

On the back of my hand you’re kind of lightly go over them in your toes and one important thing that you may not have realized about tanning your feet and even your hands is you really need to get into the web’s of them so they’re not really white so you’re going to go ahead and just slide your fingers through and disperse some product in between there and then

You can go ahead and just rub it in and make it nice and even and just go lightly over those ankles and go up into your calf and just use just a little bit of product and this is going to be especially easy if you’re not using a mitt because you can feel the the lotion going in and how much is soaked in and just you’re able to move it around until it’s dry and i

Don’t recommend a mitt when you’re doing your hands or your feet just because you can feel it and you can evenly disperse the product versus just wiping it with the mitt and also you know you don’t have to be wearing gloves and you just need to wash your hands for 30 seconds after you apply it and that will come right off okay i hope you enjoyed this tutorial for

Feet and you learn some new tips and tricks to get your even natural glow and i’ll see you in the next one

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Self Tanner by Famous Dave's Guide to Self Tanning: Feet – How To Tutorial By davestanner