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this self tanner was a total fail😩😩😩 but it was a learning experience. make sure you guys are following me on ll social media

Cuz baby we looking a little crispy over here brown skin girl hey guys welcome to my channel so in today’s video we are going to be doing a self tanning application and you guys will be able to see how i got this total fail um just using one product but this is the product that we’re using today this is the saint tropez bronzing mousse um and it is dark

So i could have chosen a lighter color but i’ll let you guys kind of see we also used a self tanner mitt and this is the aftermath so um you guys should definitely stick around because this is a hot ass mess and i want you guys to see how it got that way so yeah if you haven’t already please comment like and subscribe to the family and we’re just gonna jump

Straight into it okay guys so the biggest thing that i wanted to do is test out this self-tanner and i wanted to do it in my most natural state so i don’t have any makeup on um i did just blow out my hair um blow dry but if anything i didn’t want smoke and mirrors because sometimes you see people and they have makeup on and you think oh my gosh i really see a

Difference but you don’t um so first things first we’ve got the saint tropez mint this is supposed to help kind of protect your hand from staining but it has like a little bit of a velour material on it that’s supposed to make the self tanner glide on to the skin much easier and then the self tanner that i chose is of course the saint tropez this one is the

Bronzing mousse so with this one you’re supposed to see instant results it doesn’t say to wash it off so it doesn’t say to wash it off before you begin but the most important things is one you want to exfoliate 24 hours before you apply this you also want to make sure that you get any dry areas or patches on the skin so if you have dry elbows knees any of that

Make sure that you keep those areas moisturized because you don’t want it to look patchy of course once you put this product on you want to allow four to eight hours before you get it wet then you want to make sure that after you do the application that you do a touch test so you want to touch the skin and make sure there are no wet areas so that when you go

To put it on you’re not left with streaks or it doesn’t get onto your clothes and then lastly you want to exfoliate regularly and then apply it as often as you need to maintain your tan so there’s two ways that i wanted to try this out because me i like trying different things so i did get a spray bottle because i wanted to see if the liquid in this application

Could be easily poured in here and basically you’re able to spray it on because once you get to the back the back it’s often the hardest to it’s often the hardest areas to reach so i’m just gonna pull my hair up so i just pulled my hair up because i wanted to get it out of the way and we’re gonna get started so i’m just gonna break the seal on this product first

Things first i want to see if this yes it does it easily screws off so i’m going to put a little bit in this bottle and see if i’m able to get it to where it can spray like evenly on this all right so i’m just gonna attempt to pour a little bit of the saint tropez in here we’ll start off with about this much as you can see it’s a super brown liquid just

Cap this back up then it goes in here and sprays with no problem but again like i said i’m starting off with a little bit because i just want to see if that works i’m going to go ahead and get my mint so you’re able to slide your hand in on this side and as you can see it’s like very velvety and velour so it’s going to be easy for application so because i am

Right-handed we’re going to start off and see by spraying you just pump the product in here and then because this is instant you want to go ahead and start working that product into the skin so i’m just going to spray a little bit more what i like about it is because so far it’s not super runny and then you want to make sure that you are getting the back

Of your arm and then i’m just going to take this down into my fingers want to go in between but you don’t want to get the palm of your hand because then it’s going to look crazy all right so now what i’m gonna do is because i don’t want any lines i’m gonna go ahead and get the rest of my body i’m gonna do that off camera and i will be back and we will do the

Legs all right guys so both arms aren’t done now i do want to point out this is what i’m left with on the palms of my hands from the gloves so um if we’re being honest the gloves really do not protect you from getting self-tanner on your hand it just doesn’t um i’m not upset about it it is what it is i didn’t put any type of lotion on typically when you go to

The tanning salon it will have you put um lotion on your hands and your feet before you go in um just checking to make sure i don’t have it looking crazy around my nails so now what i want to move on to is the legs i am going to do the face um if i back away you guys can visibly tell a difference from here to here but we’re going to move on to the legs so the

Biggest thing and reason why i wanted to wait is because i want to see if using the product in the spray bottle versus using it in this bottle actually makes a difference and also i wanted to see if i’m using more product one or the other we want to see if the mousse is going to make that much of a difference so you can either start by pumping the product onto

The mitt and you just go in circular motions and pretty much work your way down making sure that the product is evenly sprayed all right so if we’re comparing one leg to the other you guys can visibly see this leg is darker than this one this is the aftermath of things it’s the aftermath um i’ll probably just wash my hands a little bit one thing that i do

Know is if you do use self tanner and you just so happen to get it in places that you don’t want a little bit of lemon juice um and some sea salt or you can mix lemon juice with a sugar scrub and exfoliate and it will come off so next we’re going to move on to the face now this is the biggest part that i’m concerned about because as you can see i’m here and here

Just ain’t matching up so um i want to go in and they tell you don’t put this on your face but i’m gonna do what i want to do so we’re just gonna try a little bit so all right i’ll be out here looking crazy and so oh my gosh we’ll see i’ll only do one layer of this because truth be told what oh my god it already looks streaky on the face um thankfully i’m

A makeup artist not an active makeup artist anymore i did it for about 17 years and called it quits but i mean you never lose your craft because baby we’re looking a little crispy over here brown skin girl that’s it that’s all i hear i’m not trying to up i think that’s more than enough for me um how you doing so anyway i feel like putting my hair down is not

Gonna make it no better so i mean i’m pretty sure i think it’s just because of the iodine in this specific self-tanner um that is just kind of i feel like it needs to develop a little bit more who knows i could have just really it up and have to walk around with this like a couple days and i’m okay with that because it’s a learning it’s a learning experience

So it is what it is so this is the saint tropez um i’d probably say just go get it professionally done instead of doing it at yourself i can’t really give a 10 out of 10 recommend because i feel like it’s not bad on the legs but i mean come on look at how i asked this so that is it for this video because i’m probably going to take a shower because i don’t like

This and so anyway guys thank you so much for watching this tanning fail um self tanning fail if you haven’t already please comment comment like and subscribe and by the time you see me in my next tutorial i will be back to my normal color bye

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