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Hey Everybody!

Hello you guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to my sunless tanning fake tan video so i honestly find it really hard to believe that i’ve never filmed a full-on dedicated video to how i sunless tan the products that i use tips and tricks and all that good stuff but i haven’t um i’ve let you guys know in like vlogs what products i use and things like that

But i’ve never filmed like an entire video dedicated to my sunless hitting routine and i’ve gotten actually a couple of comments recently asking to show it so i figured we’ll have it here in case anyone else wants to look back on it so let’s get started i’m gonna do a little bit of a demo but most of it’s going to be talk through obviously to like has no tips and

Tricks and the products that i use so first things first my first tip as well as like a trick i guess um is i like to actually first of all on premises i don’t do this every single this routine every single time i can this is if i want like a perfect tan and i’ve got time to do it all um and i’ll show you my easy hacks as well but i like to shower and shave and

Exfoliate and everything the day before i tan so what i will do is i will do a full exfoliation of my body in the shower now if you have sensitive skin shaving is actually a form of exfoliation so you could skip the exfoliation on your legs and just go to shaving if you get bumps on your legs or anything like that because that can really affect how the tan lays on

Your body so if you’re finding that that’s the issue try like skipping the exfoliator and going in with just shaving i find that i like both my skin’s pretty tough but if you have bumpy sensitive skin just do a razor that’s enough exfoliation for the tan to really cling on to the skin so that’s my first trick um or that’s another trick but making sure you do it

The day before is going to ensure that the hair follicle like closes back up a little bit technically like shaving and exfoliating can really like i don’t know just make my pores more open i feel like and i know pores don’t technically open and close but i just find that that’s the case so if i let my shaved skin and exfoliated skin rest a day i find that i just

Have better results so i will shave shower and exfoliate typically wash my hair as well on that day before so for exfoliators in the shower you can use multitudes of different things whatever works best for you but i thought i would share with you some of my favorites so the first one is going to be a completely physical exfoliator and this i’ve used up um this

Is the shea sugar scrub by tree hot i’ve used this since i was in college love this stuff any scent doesn’t really matter they’re all just good it’s a sugar scrub it’s pretty abrasive though um but i find that my body really likes it and i have good luck with it so this is one of my favorites super affordable you can get an amazon ulta target walmart whatever if

You’re looking for more of like a gentler or let’s say you just have overly um i don’t know what i want to say just like overly sensitive skin that doesn’t like like rough abrasion you can do a chemical exfoliator so what i mean by chemical is it has some sort of aha in it which kind of helps to slip off the skin but also has a physical exfoliator in it as well

And i have two um the first one is sold out this is the tula this one’s more gentle this is their take care and polish um this has i want to say sorry has ahas as well as um lemon peel hibiscus flower but it also is a scrub as well like physical and chemical and then this one is no joke this one’s harsh but if you have kp or anything like that suffer from ingrown

Hairs on your thighs or anything like that this is going to be great this has 10 aj but it also has like a physical exfoliator in it as well it says it’s good for sensitive skin but this stuff is no joke this will take off every layer of my skin and it does make me feel dry but i feel like it’s good for anybody who suffers from um like those ingrown hairs or

Anything like that that’s just amazing i’ve had this forever i bought multiple bottles of it it’s the first aid beauty bumper racer super good um so those are ideas for a chemical and physical exfoliator um if you’re looking for something a bit more gentle this can be a little bit more gentle another exfoliator if you just want to be more eco-friendly don’t want

To buy products you want to add more to your shower or routine get one of these exfoliating mitts these last forever honestly i mean you can replace them every once in a while but they really don’t wear off i love these this one is by derm they’re massively the merceri whatever i got this off amazon and i absolutely love it you just put whatever soap you want on

It and it is a scrubby little mitt this is awesome eco-friendly obviously amazing and yeah this is a good option as well so i just rotate between whichever works best for me whatever i’m feeling like my body needs if i have a lot of exfol or a lot of um like sunless hand around already and i’m trying to get rid of that or if i’m really dry i will just do whatever

My body needs at that moment i always exfoliate before i shave the razor that i just recently picked up and absolutely love is the harry’s razor in case you’re curious and wondering this is the one i use i picked it up at target and i love it so that’s the razor that i use and then over that next like night or day i put on a super hydrating cream um whichever one

Works best for you i absolutely love the trader joe’s body butter coconut body butter it’s not super coconutty it’s so hydrating but it also doesn’t sit on my skin like an oil um because i find oily cleanse or oily lotions just kind of don’t hydrate my skin as much and moisturize my skin so i like this it’s a good mix it does have oils in it but overall i just

Love this stuff so i will smother my body with that but whatever hydrating super hydrating moisturizing body cream you have place that on after you’ve shaved exfoliated your fresh skin um it’s super important to do this on hydrated skins that’s why i do it the night before and then i shower and make sure that i have a full clean canvas before the actual night

Of my tan i do tan at night i find that that’s just what works best for me and i enjoy it so i will shower right before then to rinse off any body oil or any of the remaining oils any body oil that you might have um and then just make sure that your skin’s super squeaky clean i don’t exfoliate again or i don’t shave again just rinsing off okay then i go ahead

And get into my tanning steps so again get out of the shower get all nice and dry and then i go in with my body butter on the areas that i find that i cling to so making sure my wrists my hands my elbows my knees my feet are a place that i just constantly struggle with so i make sure that i put lotion on all of that and then i actually let that sit for a while

And then i go back again and do it right before i can so i’ll put my initial layer again if you don’t have time for all this you don’t need to these are just like the perfect tan tips so keep that in mind so then i go in and do it one more time before i’m about to put on my thing i just or my tanner i go ahead and just hit the elbows the wrists the knees and the

Feet one last time because i feel like the first layer just sinks into the skin and the second layer creates a barrier so you’re still going to receive a tan on any place that you put um tanner the lotion just helps from like creating like a blockage of slower penetration and i feel like not as much maximum like color if that makes sense it doesn’t saturate the

Color just as like deep but it still lets color through so keep that in mind you still need to rinse off your hands and things like that even if you have lotion because color is still going to penetrate through this lotion but not as deep and dark and all that good stuff so that’s why i use a lotion over my feet and legs and i don’t actually stop at just bringing

The lotion my second round of lotion i also apply to my like lower shins and calves i tend to get those little like dots of darkness wherever i have a hair follicule um so i tend to put lotion up there as well because i just find that it also makes for a more gradual like tan from my leg to my foot since my foot is completely lotioned and has less color on it

Or else i look crazy um so i put it on those little areas so if you know what i’m talking about where those like where your hair follicles come out it can look like black or dark spotted um spots you know what i mean so i like to put lotion where i have those sort of pitting marks um and it helps reduce those also the other key is to take and rub your your self

Tanner down the leg instead of up the leg if you go up the leg you’re pushing it into that follicle you go with the grain of the hair you’re going against it or you’re going to push it on top instead of pushing it inside so i find that really helps let’s speak of tanner and let’s talk about mitts so this mitt i actually received with the josie moran um tanning oil

But nonetheless i use it with every other tanner i’ve ever used i love it because it’s velvet and you can get velvet um tanning mitts anywhere all over amazon i will link one similar you don’t have to buy this kit i love that it is rubberized in the inside so it makes me feel really protected and it’s just a velvet on the outside now this does tend to soak up a

Little bit of product but nothing where i’m like too much where i would use rubber gloves or anything like that because i do find that the velvet helps just make sure that everything is buffed in beautifully so if you do not have a velvet and you’re using one of those sponges or you’re using your hands or you’re using rubber gloves try one of these i swear you will

Notice a difference in how the smoothness of your tan is and then the tanner that i do use is the loving tan two hour express deluxe bronzing mousse in dark i know it says you can only leave you can choose to leave it on for two hours i leave it on overnight it gives me the darkest results i find if i only leave it on for two hours or half the day i end up with

Streaks because i’m just not cognizant of my sweat water that i touch anything like that so i just do it at night because it’s easy i wake up shower and you’re good to go but this is what i’ve used i’ve used this for years now you guys probably five six years and years i’ve started saying tropez i’ve tried drugstore i’ve tried i’ve tried it all and i just really

Enjoy this one you can get this on amazon it’s got a really good color base to it i almost find that it’s the green tanning bases to me like i believe seeing tropez does a green it doesn’t look good on my skin tone this almost has a red undertone which i find gives you that mimic of a sunburn almost in a not i don’t not in a bad way but it has that red undertone

Which i find is a much more natural tan for me it’s not orange it’s more red and it’s not green and i find that it looks best on my skin tone but again depending on your skin tone and your undertones and all that it’s going to depict which tanner looks the best on you i find this formula really nice it does transfer on clothes it doesn’t stain my bed sheets i can

Wash off but i do sleep in like a full-on body suit like long-sleeve pants all the things um but like i said you can wear it through the day but i personally just don’t like that feeling or the smell or anything like that so i just do it at night so we just did come out with a darker one but honestly this is perfect for me year round do i tan year round no do i

Love to tan sunless hand yes so i always have a case of it or like a container of it and i can apply it i don’t do a ton during winter just because i don’t like to look like ridiculously fake with it but you can if that’s what you want to do um but i use it a lot during like the summer spring fall months kind of transition out of it and whenever i just need a boost

I find that tanner just boosts my mood my like i don’t know i just find it now not everybody does some people love light white skin um and that’s cool too whatever works for you these are just my tips and tricks um but yeah so i sleep in this and i find that it works really well when i sleep in it so i take and apply this to my mitt and then i rub down the legs

Against or with the grain of the hair i find that that just works best for me and avoiding those little pitted spots and then i go ahead and just apply it to the rest of my body um this does have a color guard to it already so keep that in mind you’re going to appear dark when you first apply it which is nice you know where it’s going um and you can tend to get

Sort of streaks and things like that while you’re applying it but honestly it goes away it washes away it’s just that top layer that gives a little bit more color if you’ve gone over an area more than once you might end up with streaks but you do not see that as long as you apply it everywhere once you rinse it off so i find it very forgiving i do just put this on

My back like this i don’t have an issue apparently i have really long arms for reaching my back but they do have those little like things if you have an issue reaching your back nonetheless start from the bottom of your body and work your way up because if you’ve done this whole top layer and then you’re bending over with all that stomach rolls and all that good

Stuff like it’s just gonna smoosh and just not look good you’re gonna end up with lines and streaks so start from the bottom of your tanner and then work your way up so once i’ve applied the tanner to my lower body um and before i go in with the upper body i go in with my face so first key is if you have any sort of dark spots that are age spots or melasma or

Anything like that i don’t know why but i find that my tanner will stick to those spots and make them darker so i do my mustache i have a dark spot over here and i have some melasma in my like t-zone with my um eyebrow areas so i will go ahead and apply lotion to those first again it’s just going to help create a barrier it’s still going to tan you you’re not going

To look like crazy white in those patches by any means it just kind of helps not let it soak in too much and create dark spots darker so if you have any of those issues try that tip first second if you’re not using a kabuki brush for your face tanner you need to i pump a pump into my mint and then i go ahead and dab it in with this brush it off on the side and just

Buff it in where i would apply my bronzer i do that 3e motion right forehead cheekbones jawline down the neck ears all that good stuff and down the sides of my nose and then on top of my nose and then i just kind of blot everywhere else i find that it just gives a much more natural look to my skin then applying those drops into my moisturizer um i just prefer to

Do it that way this way is to just kind of put it where i want to put it it tanner on your face wears off so fast anyways because you’re constantly if you’re exfoliating um and you’re washing your face a lot then you’re it’s not going to last very long so i find that i like this it gives my face more definition which looks really nice it’s a great trick if you want

To wear less foundation um yeah i absolutely love this hack so i will go ahead and apply it on my face then i will go into my feet so i just go ahead again do the same trick and rub down my feet and all that kind of stuff in between the toes i like it stuff a brush just works better than a mitt i find gives it more of a natural airbrush glow to it then i go ahead

And apply it to the rest of my body and then i take the same brush i do it in this order not that it really matters because i clean it every time and my body is clean anyways but then i go ahead and i dab into my armpits um so that i don’t have super white armpits um i don’t have any deodorant on at this time i’ve had nothing on my body so it’s not like deodorant

Is getting on your face it’s not that big of a deal but just for hygienic purposes that’s what i do i dab it on my armpits i do my wrists and my hands and all that good stuff um and that’s it that’s how i do my tanner if you’re not using a kabuki brush like i said it’s the perfect way to kind of get those areas that you find can be a little difficult um and look

A little streaky try a brush obviously i don’t think that’s anything new but if you haven’t tried it try it um and then let’s go into maintenance so on average i would say ideally i would love to tan once a week that does not always happen it’s more like once every two weeks or whatnot but to maintain my tan i love a tanning butter this is a newer one to me i

Used to love the isle of paradise one but they no longer sell the one that i loved so i have not tried the other one um but it doesn’t have as great of reviews and this one is good i really like it so this is the tan luxe tan butter illuminating tan butter basically a gradual tanner nothing crazy you need to put lotion on every single day anyways because it’s

Just good for your body but also it helps long along elongate elongate makes your hand last longer essentially basically tan is just sitting on those top dead layers of skin so it sloughs off and if your skin is not hydrated it’s going to slough off in a very uneven way so putting on a tanner that also helps keep your tan and just hydrate your skin love that if

You don’t want something like this you don’t want to spend the money on a tanning butter i did get this on like hsn or qvc so it was on sale it wasn’t that big of a deal but um if you’re not looking for something like that and you already have a lotion that you absolutely love get something like this tanning drops these are the isle of paradise um tan lux also has

Some they’re much more expensive but this will do as well i do not like using this as like my all over tan i like using this as like a a maintenance product if that makes sense so i just take this oh my god i’m literally like out of this i didn’t even realize i have like a little bit left um i take this and it’s in a dropper form it’s like a gel like literally

Nothing left i can’t even get to it i don’t know why i kept this oh there we go um you take this and you just drop it into your lotion and you can create how dark you want to go so yes you can use it for an all-over body but i just find that it’s overpriced and i go through it really fast if i do it that way but i will like using it to mix in with a lotion that

I already use and love so you can go with this route which is affordable way more affordable than this route um but it just depends on ease and convenience and this has a glow to it so it’s really pretty and i like it and i find that it soaks into the skin really well um but yeah i think that’s it you guys and just maintenance i just make sure that i’m using a

Hydrating body wash and i’m putting on lotion every day after i get out of the shower whether it’s something that has color in it something plain or adding tanner to a lotion those are all my tips and tricks um to avoid tanning mistakes and whatnot uh a proper routine is a key obviously hydration exfoliation all the good stuff and then there’s having really good

Products so i hope you guys enjoyed if you did let me know by giving this video a thumbs up let me know in the comments down below what your favorite tanner is if it’s not this maybe i need to try some new ones but i hope you guys found this video helpful and useful as a resource and tool along your self tanning fake tanning sunless tanning i don’t even know what

It’s called anymore routine and journey i hope you guys enjoyed and i’ll see you all in my next video bye you guys

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