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Uh i’m so tired today y’all yeah let’s just get this started okay hey i’m nemesis welcome and welcome back to my channel no all right so before we get started about this yeah yeah yeah today give me a minute the song of the week goes out to a real one mr daddy yankee diy the big boy um why you may ask i mean because he’s a legend but also he recently announced

His retirement and we’re all in our feelings but i personally want to highlight one of my favorite songs and i’m saying one off because you can’t just go up to any latinx person and be like tell me your favorite daddy especially if they’re boricua impossible hello but my favorite song from daryanki is featuring randy the song is from his album that album just hit

Different because i was experimenting also the intro to that song is one of the illest intros of any reiton song fight me if i hear that anywhere anywhere that’s it it’s over it’s over shout out to a real one daddy okay let’s let’s move on all right so before we get started started the second thing i wanted to tell you guys um so your girl nemesis marie has

Applied to be part of the sephora squad 2022 so if you’ve never heard of the sephora squad it’s like a long year partnership with sephora between sephora and creators um and i would get the opportunity to work closer with brands that they sell etc etc and in order to be considered i need some testimonials from you guys the people that i create content for so if you

Do feel inclined if you feel like i’ve helped you in any way shape or form in your natural hair journey in your wavy hair journey your curly hair journey whatever it is it would be amazing if you could write a little testimonial i will leave the link in the description down below please please check it out and that’s it that’s it all right now let’s get started so

As you saw by the time of today’s video today we’re going to talk about some of my favorite sephora picks for wavy curly hair why am i doing this because the sephora spring sale 2022 is approaching it’s coming it’s coming for all of us and our wallets the sale starts on april 1st for rouge members then april 5th for vib members and april 7th for beauty insiders

And it will all end on the 11th of april so i mean you got you got time beach you got time all right so i have 10 products for you and they cover almost all the bases on a curly slash wavy hair wash day routine so let’s start with in shower products first off we have a shampoo and conditioner yes we do of course the hello here we have the living proof curl shampoo

And conditioner this is not the first time i mentioned these in my channel i mentioned them on my rice water rinse video and i showed you guys how incredibly moisturizing both of these products are including the shampoo i showed in that video how i was able to detangle my hair with just the shampoo never experienced that in my life that’s how moisturizing these

Are but if you have fine wavy hair don’t be alarmed like i think this still would work for you it’s moisturizing without being oily or heavy also it smells really good the scent of the shampoo doesn’t link it that much but the scent of the conditioner for some reason lingers more but then again if you don’t like scented shampoo and conditioners then stay away

From this one but they are really good they are so so good suitable for all curl types from waves curls and coils it’s also sulfate free i think living proof has a whole promise of like their all their products are sulfate free silicone free paraben free oh you know all the bad they don’t have any of that all right moving on to the second in shower product here

We have a lovely addition to the briogeo don’t dispel repair line this is the bergio don’t despair repair mega strength rice water protein plus moisture strengthening treatment what a name jesus so this is a hair mask or a treatment however you decide to use it that has equal parts protein and equal part moisture as you know curlys and wavies love talking about

The moisture protein balance that’s me i’m curlies and wavys i love talking about the moisture protein what can i say it’s very important all jokes aside this product is great honestly if you are looking to splurge on a hair mask that will actually do something for your hair and will cover all the bases definitely go for this one i also really like the way that

They like package this product it has a pump but it has two little holes there because one dispenses the protein side and the other dispenses the moisture side so you get literally equal parts of each product every time you use it it’s great for people that struggle with that protein moisture balance i think this is also kind of safe to use every time you wash your

Hair because it’s not like since it’s both things in one it’s balanced enough that i don’t think you’re gonna get moisture overload or protein overload from this one product i mean hey gem we love brielle join this household too we love her all right now speaking of treatments i’m sorry i know y’all are tired of me mentioning this little stupid bottle this is the

Olaplex hair perfector number three an icon if i’ve ever seen one anesthetic necessity what i call this necessity well i call this an okay maybe not a necessity but if you’re the type of person that likes playing around with their hair likes coloring it or straining it every once in a while or like doing very tight hairstyles you know if you like to to switch it

Up like that very often and doing things that your hair might not appreciate that much this might be a necessity let me let me explain what the it is for those of you who don’t so this is a bond repairing treatment it’s absolutely freaking wonderful this is formulated to strengthen and reinforce hair that has been either chemically treated that has been breaking

A lot i absolutely love using this for special occasions first of all when i really want my hair to just look its best also great for when i’ve been doing very tight hairstyles like sleek buns or like little braids whatever the whatever hairstyle i know that my hair doesn’t particularly love i go for this it’s so versatile and so easy to use this is a pre-wash

Treatment so you basically get your hair all wet detangle apply the product from root to tip leave it on for at least a minimum of 20 minutes and then you wash it off and continue the rest of your routine as you usually do all right now moving on to styling products yeah where the fun begins yeah let’s start with a leave-in conditioner there are so many the one i

Have personally been loving since the first time i tried it and still keep her repurchasing every time i run out is this one this is the verb curl leave-in conditioner why do i love it so much it mostly has to do with texture and consistency it has a very milky type of look and consistency that just works perfectly for my personal hair texture and for my personal

Hair density a little bit of it also goes a very long way and i think that since it’s such a like a thin liquidy experience my hair just absorbs it better and easier you know so it doesn’t stay like just lingering on top of my hair i feel like my hair actually drinks this up like a big old glass of oatmeal i don’t know alright next product we have a defining cream

Yes we do and it’s also from briojio yay i told you we love brielle during this household this is the briojo curl charisma rice amino avocado leave-in defining cream yeah it’s like a thing for briojo to like name their products like whole paragraph this is a fantastic fantastic defining cream that also has a good amount of protein in it she has rice amino acids

We love rice we love eating rice we love creating rice water here we love using products with rice we love rice rice the texture and consistency of this specific defining cream is very similar of a rich leave-in conditioner it’s kind of like a defining cream and a leave-in conditioner putting one actually showed this cream in action on my three styling methods

Video if you guys want to see it in action go check out that video because for all three wash days i use this defining cream and all the results were spectacular but also i should warn you that if you have fine wavy hair a little bit of this goes a long way don’t od don’t be creating little mountains in your hand with this product because it will be a little bit

Too heavy okay nothing all right next product we have another defining cream yeah yeah we do why because i love giving you options yes that’s why we have the whey curl creme isn’t she fancy like she looks fancy she’s like aesthetic she’s a minimal coral and she’s not a curl cream she’s a curl crayon and she’s also very heavily fragranced so beware but i think

They have a fragrance free version of this so there’s that see i love giving you options this is a great great defining cream i think this one is protein free i don’t really see any proteins in this ingredient list if you know that this has protein please let me know please correct me but the consistency of this one is very very different from the rioja one this

Is almost like uh like a cream and a pomade and one is very thick she’s thick and i’ve said before on my channel that i i enjoy thick creams that have that pasty feeling because they do provide definition and hold in all of the things but i would say that i specifically recommend this one for those of you who fall more into the curly category rather than the wavy

Or if you’re right in the middle like me yes but if you’re just wavy like you know that you have probably like from two a to maybe two c waves i wouldn’t specifically recommend this one for you because it might weigh your hair down honestly because it’s very she’s thick bro and if you like scented product oh baby you’re in for a ride with this one this smells like

A luxury perfume i can kid you not yeah she’s great she does the job she’s very thick provides hold provides definition and it’s beautifully fragranced that let me shut up all right now moving on to gel okay i have a fun one look at this beautiful bottle if this isn’t the most beautiful bottle packaging thing bro are you kidding me i’m not gonna say that i bought

It for the bottle alone but i was heavily influenced by the bottle it’s gorgeous this is the amica curl core corpse or how the do you pronounce that word people that speak english how do you pronounce that procore procore or oh my god let’s ignore the name enhancing gel oh she’s a beauty she’s so lovely not just because the bottle is gorgeous but the actual product

Is wonderful this is the perfect type of gel for those of you who don’t like dealing with very strong casts or stickiness who just used your gels for just for definition and that’s it i actually used it today look in like and my results are good i have tons of definition and bounce and shine and we’re good if you like flexible hold this is the one for you but also

You can build this up to get a very strong cast if that’s what you want if that’s what you like but i feel like this is the perfect type of gel from when i don’t want to deal with that i’m like slowly falling in love with the mica products and this is the first one that got me like okay amigos i’ll see you girl actually lol um we have another amica product we

Have a mousse okay this is a big deal why because this is the first high-end mousse that i purchased all of my other mousses are from the drugstore and they’re all wonderful do not come for them especially for miss that’s my girl that’s my wife don’t say anything about her but this is fun this is a fun very good volumizing alternative this is the amica plus size

Perfect body mousse and she does exactly that i used it today in conjunction with the gel and i mean hello we got body yeah we got body yeah yeah we got body we got volume there’s no denying that it also adds a very good amount of whole and also good news for those of you who follow the curly girl method to a tea both of these amica products are curly girl method

Approved so from that video that i posted the drugstore video i saw some comments of people being like oh i would love to try those products but they have silicones or whatever options baby alternatives they’re good shapes i’m telling you i’m slowly falling in love with the mica products and it’s not just because of their beautiful packaging are you kidding me

It’s like they do it on purpose they want me to buy their and it’s working all right we’re down to the last two products we have a product from living proof again yay all right more specifically this is the living proof full dry volume and texture spray listen let me explain i used to be team definition girl but then my hair got so long i was like i could use

Some volume i could use some root lifting you know so i started experimenting with volumizing products including mousses and also dry shampoos and volumizing sprays so i was curious i was like okay so let me see let me try i love it it’s wonderful for those of you who deal with limp hair or roots that just refuse to stay up this is gonna be there slicked to your

Head i’m gonna use a little bit of it right now just so that you see it in action so i divided my hair in a section and i’m gonna spray it directly onto my root but from far away girl like six to ten inches away and then i’ll do a little bit of root massaging and that’s and that’s it wow do i need to keep going do i need to keep saying words yeah i don’t think

So all right and the very last product for today y’all have seen it on my channel many times but i’ma show it to you again this is the jisu honey infused hair oil she’s a doll she’s wonderful now i will say she runs on the thicker side just like me she does in fact look like honey like very golden honey i usually don’t go for very thick oils when i end up with a

Very strong gel cast i rather go for like thinner oils but for wash days like today for example i didn’t end up with a very strong cast actually i’m applying a little bit more it’s a wonderful nourishing hair oil that can be used to break gel cast or it can be used as like treatment i also have used that oil for whenever i want to detangle my hair before hopping in

The shower it’s just so multifaceted like you can use it for such a variety of things and it will work it adds nourishment and adds shine it adds some frizz control because it locks in moisture after you’re done um on your wash days it’s fantastic to use for your ends specifically that get very dry at least mine do and as i said you can even use it for treatments

So you can use it on dry hair you can also use it on wet hair and also this is the mini they have one that’s bigger but girl have you seen so much and look a dent barely has been made so this is gonna last me a long ass time okay and that’s it um those are all my sephora sale recommendations for wavy and curly hair i really hope this was helpful if you are planning

On participating in the sale or if you were not maybe one or two of these products cut your attention i don’t know i mean truly they are all good i hope if you get them that they work for you as well thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please please consider liking and subscribing to my channel also follow me on instagram and never says

Mario 6 or on tech talk at nemesis marie whatever the it is i i never remember when my tech talk handle is but anyways there for more hair content and most importantly girls boys gender non-binaries have a great rest of your day bye

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