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Sephora VIB Rouge & Costco Beauty Haul

Sephora VIB Rouge & Costco Beauty Haul

Hi everybody and i’m back i hold i have two different orders from my vib rouge sorry i’ve been gone for a while i’ve been i started getting acupuncture to try to help with my dizziness and i started about a month and a half ago and ever since i started i’ve been really rundown and tired and i take a lot of naps and i’ve just been so out of it and i recently found out

I’m allergic to cats and a bunch of other thing so i started taking an allergy pill every day and i feel million times better but let’s get into it and one of the first things that i got i was pretty much out of the shochet doe benefits nutria perfect mike cream i use this day and night i have a shadow skincare whole kind of video i have many things from shadow and

If you’re interested in that it’s in one of the videos down below and it’s just this pink cream it has an oilier texture without breaking you out if you are acne prone or have sensitive skin and i really love this my skin eats it up and this is my second one and this is ninety-four dollars so the twenty percent off was great for this one and i needed a new day create

Our day-night eye cream and i wanted to try the it cosmetics bye bye under eye it says it smoothes brightens d puffs and this is the packaging right here and it has this little flap right there that you can lift off it’s kind of hard for me to get it off there since i don’t have fingernails but it has this bluish tint to it if you can see and i’ve only been using

This for i started using it this week and i can’t review it right now since i’ve just started using it but i will definitely do a full review um i was on the fence about returning it but i just found that i have i have dry under eye so i need something really good so i just use a little bit more than i was at the beginning so i’ll definitely report back on this and

I got a backup this is the cover effects i prep for your under concealer this one’s still in the box i still have a little bit left in this one it’s called the cover fx anti-aging smoothing i primer and it has this little pump on the bottom a bunch of product comes out so if you have one of those little sample jars and you put one pump so you don’t lose product and

I got this open i think this is like 40 bucks but this does last a long time and if you have older dry under eyes this is amazing at moisturizing at your under eyes as well but i use this as the eye cream as well and they discontinued my favorite foundation ever the forever flawless this is the diorskin forever i bought it again in the shade 020 and i like this but

I’m not sure it’s supposedly it’s supposed to be the same exact foundation but a higher spf to 35 but i haven’t found that this is glowy so i don’t know if it’s the exact same but i’m going to keep it it is expensive at sixty dollars so that’s why i bought it i’ve been wondering about this for a while and i just decided to take the plunge and order this and i did

Order the too faced born this way foundation i hated this um i didn’t think it had a good coverage for me and by midday i already had a zit i’m severely acne-prone so if you have sensitive skin i would be wary of this one i will be returning this and what does this say it says a hundred percent said this foundation blurred their imperfections ninety-eight percent

Said their foundation made their skin look absolutely perfect yeah it looks good when it first went on but i as the time i went on i didn’t like the look of it personally and i bought it in the shapes no i’m nc 15 nc 20 this was probably a step too light but it didn’t look crazy or anything on my skin and it says it’s a luminous oil-free foundation but this just

Wasn’t for me i will be returning this and right before vib before it sold out i did buy the master mario palette my anastasia and i have used it quite a few times and i really love this palette the shades are very creamy i’m sure everyone’s seen swatches of these and everything but um i always get compliments when i wear this palette so i highly recommend this if

You can get your hands on it it was a little bit smaller than i anticipated i don’t live near a sephora store i have to drive over an hour to get one so i just ordered it online and it does come with a brush which i haven’t even used yet but there’s that and i got this is one of the lancome drama liqui pencils and i got this shade blue magic and i did wear this

Over the weekend i’m not sure if i’m in love with it it’s it’s this kind of blue it’s kind of a duochrome e eyeliner i did like it but i have hooded eye so it kind of looked like this was overtaking my eye so i’m probably going to return this and i’ve always wanted to try some of the things from the giorgio armani cosmetics line and the first thing is on my lips

Today i’m actually wearing this this is the giorgio armani what is this called oh that’s really small print i’m not going to be able to read that but it’s five the color is 500 but i have noticed i think this is a dupe for or rather not first niagara are the same colors that’s what i was just thinking so let me do a quick swatch this one is the giorgio armani it’s

Kind of like a lipid liquid lipstick i did wear it the other day and but i didn’t think that it lasted that much i guess it’s a touch darker than niagara but if you have nars niagara i would say you could probably skip this i do like this liquid lipstick better than the kat von d i had one of the kat von d ones and i thought it was really drying personally and i

Returned that one but this does say pretty moist for a couple hours but it kind of rubbed off and it was expensive so i’m probably going to be returning this and the last thing from sephora is i got the brioche eight i don’t know how to say this brio geo and this is the rose arco milk it’s reparative leave in conditioning spray it has no sulfates no silicones no

Parabens and it says the milk is ultra weight leaving conditioner spray contains a nourishing blend of rosehip argan and coconut oils and vitamin e to combat dryness and it’s also supposed to combat trying to restore shine he protect and strengthen from root to tip and i have only used this as second day hair i didn’t haven’t gotten to try this since i straighten

My hair this week but i use this when i leave my hair curly and for 2nd to 3rd 4th day hair i only wash my hair probably twice a week when i leave it curly i just spray it every morning with a water bottle i spray the hell out of my hair and then i will spray this focusing on my ends and this does a really good job at keeping the curl in moisturizing my ends i have

A problem with finding a product that will keep my hair like i i don’t know how to explain it stuffs it’ll keep it moist moisturised for a couple hours but all day i just have to reapply this in the morning i concentrated on the ends and this does a really great job um this is five i got it comes in two different sizes and i got the bigger size to try and i will

Definitely be reproaching this i’m repurchasing this i think it was like 25 bucks or something like that but i’ll definitely buy this again and then one other thing i wanted to share that i found at costco if you love the macadamia nut nash natural oil this is the healing oil and this is an 8 fluid ounces actually found this at my costco for twenty four dollars and

This big bottle right here is normally i think 45 bucks and i got this for 24 as soon as i saw it i like whoa that’s only twenty-four dollars because i had a sample size of this in a little glass jar like that big and i’m almost done with it and i really love this stuff that is what i put in all i put in my hair after i got out of the shower was i i have really

Thick coarse like frizzy hair and its really frustrating as i’m getting older my hair is getting drier and i think i put one pump in the top of my hair in one pump in the bottom of my hair and then after always done flattering and stuff i put a tiny tiny tiny bit extra in my ends and i think it’s really it’s if you have fine hair i would not suggest the oil for you

Because your hair isn’t porous so my hair like sucks it in and it makes it really shiny and soft and it smells good and i thought i was going to have a problem with it poofing the next day and for me personally it makes my hair frizzy all my flyaways pretty much are gone and go away and sometimes depending on the product that i use when i sleep overnight with my

Straightened hair it will curl back up and i had viral very minimal re curling over the weekend i straighten my hair on saturday and today it’s monday so um i i went over it real quickly this morning before i left for work but i think it did a really good job and i really love this stuff it’s just a shame this is so expensive i have read that there is a dupe at

Sally’s maybe after i finished this i might try their oil instead i forget the name brand that it is you probably google it but i would highly recommend this at your costco and i got this at the chantilly virginia costco in virginia and that is it for my va feet i be rouge sephora sale and please may i know what stuff you got from the sale let me know stuff that

You love and stuff that you were a little disappointed by that you got in the sale and you’re returning and i think that’s it thanks and remember subscribe i

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Sephora VIB Rouge & Costco Beauty Haul By starlitmakeupchick