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Shiba Inu Coin News! Going To Robinhood Soon With These Record Breaking Petition Signatures

Shiba Inu On Robinhood May Be The Next Big Thing For SHIB After Petition Garners Over 254,000 Signatures

Hey everyone welcome thank you very much for watching this video so we’re going to talk about shibainu and if there is a better time if you think that you know if you think that crypto market is going to be on a bull run for the rest of year then there’s no better time to be involved in a cryptocurrency that’s cheap that will definitely if there is a good significant

Bull run for the rest of the year if you believe that there will be i personally believe that there will be but i’m not a professional financial advisor so don’t take that as financial advice um but i personally believe that there will be so she buying who’s definitely one of those coins that i feel that you know if you don’t get in if i don’t get in personally um

Then i’m gonna miss out on some gains and there’s gonna be some significant gain another thing that’s going to besides the the star the crypto market being on a bull run the other thing that’s going to make shibayano very um bullish and increase once it’s confirmed will be it being listed on robin on this webpage here on zy crypto it talks about it again although

We’ve been we’ve mentioned this before about shibuya um uh potentially being listed robinhood i think it’s not it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when because i personally believe that it is a hundred percent going to be listed in robin hood i feel that robin hood would make a mistake by not listening they will miss out on significant revenue so shiba inu

On robin hood may be the next big thing for shibuya of course not maybe it will be the next big thing and once it will be announced there’s going to be good gains to be made so shiba shiban shibainu on robinhood may be the next big thing for sheba after petition garners over 254 000 signatures the last time we mentioned about the signatures it was at about 150 000

I believe i remember around there that’s at 254 000 signatures um you know so this is definitely going to be i mean i just you let me know in the comment section below all right let everybody comment do you believe that shibuya will be listed for sure on robin hood yes or no let’s uh see what everybody has to say so a petition from the sheba in a cryptocurrency

Group which is calling for three hundred thousand signatures from supporters to convince robin hood to listen to token is on its way to becoming one of the top signed petitions on after getting 254 for 253 763 signatures as of today the petition which was posted uh by tristan luc on may 10th this year is one is uh one of the many outlets being used uh

By the group to lobby for grand exchange listings and addition as a payment method across online stores right so if shibanu can be accepted online stores we talked about that in the previous video uh that would be a good thing although don’t expect immediate results right i highly doubt that many many many people pay online with cryptocurrency yet but within the

Next five years yes expect uh better results out of that so given the massive support of the current petition the shiba community appears to be on its way up to successfully turn robin hood to list it if the successful if it’s successful the listing would mark yet another massive progress for the token also on udot today they have the same thing they talk about

Petition to listen uh to list the dogecoin killer sheet by you know and robert which surpasses 250 000 signatures and another thing that was yesterday that you guys i’m sure probably have heard of already about just mention it 260 billion sheba you know moved by anon wells uh while coin is trying to recover so that’s interesting so according to data provided by

Ether scam just recently several several massive lumps of shiba inu over 80 billion coins each have been transferred by anonymous wells this year cryptocurrency wells have been increasingly attracted to the sheep by an ethereum based token often referred to as dogecoin killer by its members experts believe that the recent shiba rally was triggered when the meme

Coins charged over 300 in a week by a well buying the first six trillion coins and then adding 276 billion shiba to it so there you have that uh but yeah robin hood i think that it will be listed by the end of this year for sure that’s just my opinion it’s not a fact thank you very much for watching this video i wish you guys all the best take care

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Shiba Inu Coin News! Going To Robinhood Soon With These Record Breaking Petition Signatures By IPO Market Watch