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Showing you some of my favorite things, just because!

Why did we stop showing people our favorite things just because they’re things that make us happy?? I remember doing this as a kid all the time, and now as an adult, I want to bring that back! Here are some of my favorite things right now. This is not sponsored at all, just things I genuinely enjoy using/consuming/doing in my day-to-day! I will definitely be doing this more often because I had a lot of fun sharing. 🙂

Am i recording it smells like a lot of pressure am i so nervous literally just in my office why am i so nervous it’s all good hi friends do you remember when you were a kid and you used to share your favorite things with your friends and you’d like have them in your room and then you would be like here are all my favorite things why don’t we do that anymore what

Hap what happened to show and tell just for the sake of being like here here are things i love i want to bring that back so this is me bringing that back i’m going to share some things with you both tangible and not tangible just because they’re fun and they make me happy that’s it i realize this list is going to be so incredibly random it’s awesome but it’s going

To be random first we’re going to start with the food category because who doesn’t love snacks cocoa roasted almonds sometimes also referred to as cocoa dusted almonds isn’t this like what influencers do they like usually it’s to make up not chocolate almonds have you ever had these they’re incredible you should try them caramel pecan coffee it’s like three three

And a half bucks lasts me weeks do it yep that’s hot enough gum you can’t go wrong with cinnamon flavored gum tortillas you can’t go wrong without me no one’s gonna wash this oh also i’m 80 years old and i always have werther’s in my purse i’m not joking i have like seven or eight of them at all times my favorite caramel coffee i’m a natural it’s like i’ve been

Influencing my whole life my god i don’t have one with me here costco vitamin waters have you ever gotten vitamin waters from costco right here chef’s kiss dark chocolate if i don’t feel like i’m gonna choke when i take a this feels like a really stupid ad for dark chocolate dark chocolate if i don’t feel like i’m gonna choke a little bit when i take a bite of

The dark chocolate it’s not dark enough 90 minimum is what i’m going for it’s one of my favorite things also chocolate chips a whole food group for me like i just want all the chocolate chips one more random thing taco seasoning this is my favorite i put this stuff on everything hashtag influencer it’s no big deal something i don’t also have a picture of i put

Milk on my ice cream i don’t mix it up i’m not trying to make a milkshake just a whole piece of ice cream just dip it in with the milk it’s not a milkshake it’s very important it’s not a milkshake we’re moving on to hair and beauty fancy fancy stuff has anyone seen wicked dust i have only been buying walmart shampoo and conditioner my entire life if i was

Feeling really fancy i’d like up it to suave or something and then i got gifted a bottle of hers shampoo and conditioner and they sent it to me to try it out i had it lying around i ran out of shampoo and conditioner so i tried it out changed my life okay next mascara l’oreal paris voluminous voluminous voluminous lash paradise waterproof do you see that hand

Action there i wear waterproof because i sweat a lot i just like a like an abnormal amount of sweat if i’m not wearing waterproof it’ll like get underneath my eyes and so this is very very helpful to have this i’ve been using it for many years now it never fails me and i found out today there are different shades of black mascara didn’t know that i stood there

For a while trying to figure out which one was darker i could not tell so i just picked one it took longer than i would like to admit this is my go-to waterproof makeup remover it’s neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover there we go i left my moisturizer in the bathroom what did you do while i was gone okay so i follow skin care by hyrum i think that’s how you

Say his name hyrum um and i’ve learned so much from him i get very overwhelmed when i start thinking about um either like hair care or skin care or nail care all of it i think that i have to learn everything there is to know about it and become a scientist in that field of skin and so because i am not that person and do not have time to become that person i just

Follow somebody that is kind of an expert so genuinely the most encouraging thing he ever said on one of his pages was that this was one of the best moisturizers you just do a little pump just boom boom boom and it’s great um the only other product i use on my face is this eye repair cream from cerave i just do a couple little dabs right under my eyes um it helps

With like the dark circles under your eyes after i had my sun it feels like there is no amount of sleep or coffee that makes those go away i’ve noticed that using this has helped a lot i’m in a unique situation where i am watching my face evolve over time because i create content and edit myself all day every day it’s a really bizarre thing by the way if you don’t

Make content or if you’re not like actively taking videos of your face every day that’s good stay keep keep doing that it’s a very bizarre thing to be able to see how you are actively aging and changing from like here to here all day every day all that to say moisturize all right we’re going to talk about things i love that are not things they’re like things you

Do or ideas number one waking up earlier than everybody else so that you get alone time that’s actually how i got started making content i i was up at four in the morning while my son and my husband were sleeping because i just needed some quiet time and that’s when i started making my coffee talks so my love for alone time is literally while you’re watching me on

Your phone right now okay taking a hot bath every single night i do it every night i’ve done it every single night since i was a kid i just never stopped you know when people transition to the shower phase as a kid i never did that i just stuck to the bath phase forever it’s soul food for me it’s my favorite number three i’m okay that i’m not a plant person i’ve

Wanted to be a plant person my whole life every time i buy a plant i kill it it’s why i buy fake plants now so i’m not a plant person i’ve accepted that about myself that is a favorite thing of mine right now is that i’ve accepted that i am not a plant person and probably never will be number four eating the same thing on rotation over and over and over and over

Again for months also wearing the same outfit on rotation over and over and over and over again for months if i like something i will go and buy 20 of it and then i will only wear that for months and i am not joking would you like to see the outfit that i have been wearing on rotation for the last couple weeks the hat is my hat from my own merch i know i’m biased

But there is no situation in which absolutely not is not appropriate shirt is airy it’s like the boyfriend shirt pants are also airy and shoes are walmart that was fun and last but not least making content just because you love it i think that a lot of us are very afraid to put ourselves out there because we think that maybe a video that we make is not going to

Go viral and i hate to break it to you it probably will not go viral every single time but i love making content because i love it because it’s an overflow of my creativity in my own heart and my own personal life if you can make content from that place i think that’s a really powerful thing and i think that more people need to be doing that so of all the things

I shared that is the number one favorite thing of mine is making content that i think is funny that i enjoy making that i love and that helps me enjoy being a creative person and that is it i hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite things i understand that that was incredibly random and if you’ve made it to this point in the video i’m very impressed you can find links to

A lot of the things that i talked about below just because i know that people are gonna have questions about them and want to find them themselves thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time bye

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Showing you some of my favorite things, just because! By Elyse Myers