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Shug Updates…My Nose, Tensa Solo Hammock Pole, Mandolin practice and more…..

Tensa Solo Hammock Support…

Welcome to my channel and i know it’s been a while so i’m just doing what a lot of wait till i have something i have nothing. i shug here i just want to give you a little update on things let me give you a little update on my skin cancer surgery i had basal cell carcinoma i’m out practicing my mandolin i’m working

On a control line plane and i’m solo pole that i bought and it’s a single hook it to a tree and just use the pole in lieu of another tree and if you really want you can use two of the poles and the trick to using a because you have to stake it out so you got to know your soil and i’m using what are called

Boom stakes so it’s a long stake that goes in the ground with a pole that comes out and well you’ll see i’ll show you it’s pretty much brand new to me i think i might use it on the jeep camping trip i’m going on and uh that’s just kind of it um just dealing with life and being retired i mean the thing is since i had this uh

Plastic surgery on my nose i’ve had to go to the surgeon every week so every week to get that sort of check so i’ve just been kind of a little bit of a prisoner to the house in that sense because you know it’s on my face and i didn’t want to i didn’t want that skin to do anything weird but it’s taken really well

Have to really look to see that i had a the end of march so it’s been a little over when they did the plastic surgery to fill this that’s kind of shocking had this big hole and now we’re kind of looking right here filling in i can actually rub my nose now i can blow my nose that skin is filled in and it’s

Going to take few more months for it to raise up and it’s filling him really good so quite happy with that yeah right you see this i’ve got this single pole two three four sections and then you have this little top section right here and your your guy lines go out this way and i could be using amp steel but i wanted to

Try these actual poly straps and these go out to a boom stake all right here’s what a boom stake is they have a long this is the large this is the top of the stake right here and that’s that’s fairly long that’s probably about i don’t know 12 to 14 inches long what you’re looking at here this orange section

That goes right around here looks like that and then you hook your guy line around it if i unhook this show you the boom stake that’s what this looks like right here long stake holding this bar and then what i’ll do is i’ll place this over the end well first i’ll do this i kind of do a slippery half hitch i’m going

Under so it pulls against itself you want to get as close to the end of the boom stake as you can so as this steak is pulling forward this is kind of going down on the ground for great support all right now we’ll try that again from another angle and i’m even bouncing around here a little bit so they recommend you have two

Of these guy lines you don’t want them any more than six feet across like you don’t want them way out here on each side closer the better and i have them long because of my sandy soil so the longer this line is the better support you get like if i were to stake stick out if i was just take it in this short

We have am still that goes around the pole you hook it right down at this joint and bring these top and then my continuous loop or continual goes right around that ball to hook it in and you want your pole to kind of go at an angle but pretty steep one here has a foot on the bottom now it’s sinking in which is fine

Let’s put a piece of wood there to keep it from sinking much more so i’ll get in the hammock now and this is really only my second day of fooling with this i’ve i’ve set it up in this soggy freshly thawed from snow ground with a lot of rain on it and i have very sandy soil back here being kind of forceful to

See how great those uh stakes hold and so far so good looked like they were pulling up but they’re holding so if i do fall i’m ready for it oh and by the way that is my warbonnet mini fly sil poly tarp that’s just another another option for hanging a hammock if you know let’s just say you wanted to hang close

To someone there weren’t the perfect trees you wanted to be kind of close to them or you loved the spot but the trees were like 30 feet apart or 10 feet apart or eight feet apart and now you you have a little another option so that’s uh a song called sapporo written by sam bush players and i try to learn a lot of

His tunes because they’re complex they’re different and it is tough it’s a tough song to play particularly that very first lick after this that’s a tough lick and i’m still learning it requires that little finger being used a lot but just a hack mandolin player i just play i just like coming out to the studio

And try to pull it off and yeah that’s all i had about a million mistakes in it but uh putting it out there anyway because part of the challenge is to try to play that tune which i can sit down at night and play through it but when you come out and turn a camera on and you know you become sort of self-aware you know

The camera’s running feels like the pressure is on just to get the tune right and i like the exercise because it’s kind of like flying control line or juggling if i start thinking man i’m really playing that good or that’s when i make a mistake and i have to uh oh i have to let out some colorful expletives

And turn the camera off and start again so that’s part of my fun and now i’m gonna pack for a jeep camping trip next week up north because it’s just i i need to go see what it’s like but i know some of the trails are muddy they don’t want you on the spear hiking trail that much because they’re saying it’s the muddy season

And april is like my least favorite month to camp in because it’s just here at home it’s just gray it’s still kind of just gray windy it’s been really windy it’s been raining playing with my new tens of solo pole working on my control line airplane the pathfinder coming up with some color schemes with my mclaren

Got third place in that race so mclaren f1 sprint race bean is so excited about formula one aren’t you buddy so i got my pathfinder kind of just pieced together here what you do when you build these planes is that engine line kind of goes through here and i’m just shimming and doing some fitting i’ve still got a lot

Of stuff to kind of fit up and i’ve just got little shims in there to hold things on getting this plane in true alignment probably do a little bit more orange in there and then i just did a lot of sketches based on the mclaren f1 car and it’s kind of a swoopy looking design and what i’m trying to capture is the

Car get that kind of front wing feel but that’s how that’s going for those of you that even care at all got an os 46 on the nose so right now i’m working on on the flaps and gluing some little pieces and some braces in there and that’s my elevator and i’ve got that some work over here which is normally my

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Shug Updates…My Nose, Tensa Solo Hammock Pole, Mandolin practice and more….. By shugemery