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Skincare Routine for Glowy Glass SkinMorning & Night Korean Skincare Routine for dry/normal skin

(WITH SUBS) In this updated morning and night skincare routine, I show you my favorite Korean skincare and my daily routine to maintain glowy glass skin. This is a unsponsored skincare routine video, so I am using products that I have really taken a liking towards! I also use some American skincare brands and Japanese skincare brands šŸ’¦

Good morning everyone today i will show you my skincare routine i wash my face with water in the morning and like no cleanser just warm while my space is still wet when applying this on ice cream skin i am like a few drops away from this being dead or gone anyways so i really recommend this one i use this under my eyes just so my under eyes are dry but during

The summer my skin is where i combo so like it only gets oily oily on my nose and the rest is like normal here and like here is like drier and after that is this cerave daily moisturizing lotion i can’t believe it’s still warm but i love using this in the morning and in like summers it’s a really like light moisturizer like you don’t really after it dries you

Don’t feel it at all i like a lot it’s also really good for my normal skin i just feel like this is good for normal and like oily skin so if you have that this will be good and then i just do this all when my face is still wet i don’t know what this does but it feels so much nicer when i apply it when my face is still wet and then just have any extra i always

Put on my neck and i just let that dry for i don’t know how long but i just let that dry for a while i’ll get back to you when it’s all dry and then i’ll put on my sunscreen okay i let the moisturizer just like dry um just think it to my skin for a little while the sunscreen i have been using is this one from it’s from n b y s natural by skin it’s their re your

Skin sun essence i’ve been using this for like a couple weeks and i really like it so far it like makes your skin look really not really dewy but like enough doing this but it looks really nice anyways so like for one of my morning routine like my morning skincare routine videos i applied sunscreen first because it’s like a chemical sunscreen i was reading a

Couple of articles where these dermatologists were talking about how and they’re talking about how they were applying chemical sunscreen first i did that for like a week and like i upset so many people i’m sorry about that but i was just you know curious i wanted to try and see what you know what dermatologists were doing i’m not a dermatologist but i was just

Curious as to what they were talking about anyways it looks like white it looks like there’s a cast right now but it goes away it sinks to the skin so it doesn’t leave like a white cast so i don’t have to worry about that anyways i apologize for that i need a mirror where’s my mirror since my my morning skincare is it’s really simple i’ll also show you like my

Night skincare just so this video is not like too short guys it’s starting to feel like summer in the world i just it’s so quick i’m gonna let this dry down that was skincare the morning skincare i don’t do a lot so i will see you guys later when i’m doing my nice skincare right now i’ll be doing my nighttime routine or my nighttime skincare routine just take

A head a headband and then i keep my bangs away so this is the oil i use this is from cose this is their deep cleansing oil i still have a lot i’m using this for a while but anyways i really like this one cause it takes off like really heavy-duty mascara like the really waterproof mascara this takes it off sometimes it takes me like one to two pumps it depends

On how much makeup i’m wearing the day first i apply it on my eyelashes so i can sit on the mascara and kind of melt it away while i do the rest of my face remove my eye makeup i notice that i do a lot of my skincare with my ring finger i don’t know i’m just used to it like it takes more time but i feel like it’s more gentler on the face then on the forehead

I don’t wear any makeup on my forehead it’s best to clean off the sunscreen because if you leave it on your skin that’s not good i’m sorry for like closing my eyes i’ll take a shower i wash my face guys there’s a spider in here i’m gonna try to save it they always try to go in here i’ve used this soap bottle to blur it out it’s running away dude i’m trying to

Save you i got it i took a shower i feel pretty sleepy i’m using ice cream skin again it’s really good pop it in this has been one of my favorite products for like three or four years i don’t even know for like three years really good this is paula’s choice skin perfecting two percent pg liquid exfoliant you only need like one or two drops on my nose right here

And for my cheeks and then to dry a little bit then i use this essence from is entry i just put that on my forehead because my forehead’s like the driest part of my face like that and just like kind of hand dry it another product from isn’t you that i really liked hyaluronic acid moist cream this is a lot better than i expected like it really like when i wake

Up in the morning my face is still like tacky which is like what i want because other moisturizers i use my face like feels almost like dry so i know that this is really moisturizing my face like that oh i forgot i actually put like a cream on my neck this one is from cerave it’s their skin renewing ice cream take a bite like putting a moisturizing eye cream so

This one is from syrupy it’s their eye repair cream i used a lot of therapy products like i just realized that but it’s because they’re on sale your under eyes have to benefit your skin like on your face so you have to make sure to moisturize it well since i have acne right here i’m using this different gel i use a lot of it compared to the paula’s choice one

This one’s a lot more gentle i use this lip mask from lineage it’s not like it’s not like the best but it does keep my lips from being overly dry i don’t know i’m still looking for a better one that was it hope you guys have a good day foreign

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Skincare Routine for Glowy Glass SkinšŸ’§Morning & Night Korean Skincare Routine for dry/normal skin By Alex Bondoc