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Hi everyone!

Happy new year everyone my name is ephediah and i’m a nigerian beauty and lifestyle blogger based in lagos here on my youtube channel i share makeup reviews skincare reviews and some lifestyle content so if you’d like to see more of that please don’t forget to subscribe i hope you had a lovely holidays with your loved ones and with your family members friends um i

Did in today’s video i’m talking about a skincare concept that has become up very popular especially in the last four to five months and that is slogging if you do not know slugging is the is the application or the application of a layer of a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your skin it has become much more popular as a k beauty and today i’ll be talking about

Slogging why it is beneficial for your skin i’m talking about vaseline and i’m talking about cerave healing ointments how they compare against each other and another bomb that i think is also beneficial if you want to um slug or practice logging so yeah so if you’d like to hear more about that slogging vaseline cerave healing ointments petroleum jelly and all of

That good stuff please keep on watching as i said earlier slogging is the application of a thin layer of petroleum delicious skin and petroleum jelly is a skincare ingredient that is derived from the purification of crude oil because it is an occlusive ingredient it helps in barrier repair and recovery and helps in preventing trans epidemic water loss from your

Skin and in so doing helps increase your skin’s moisture level and this particular property in which it helps to prevent water loss from your skin and retain and sodium retain moisture makes it beneficial for all skin types especially for dry skin types it’s also really good for areas of your face where your skin is particularly dry especially around your eyes

Because petroleum jelly has been found in various studies to help with barrier repair it’s also good in the treatment of minor cults wounds bruises and burns and has also been found to be helpful even in post-surgical care for surgical wound care um petroleum jelly is also non-comedogenic it’s hypoallergenic and it is non-sensitized and it’s actually one of the

Least irritating skincare ingredients and for that reason this is great for babies especially when they have a diaper rash and also for people with sensitive skin so people will have atopic demates like i do various studies have shown that because petroleum jelly helps reduce water loss from the skin it helps reduce the dryness and the itchiness that comes with

Atopic dermatitis and also the flakiness of the skin that comes with atypic dermatitis that’s also been shown to reduce the severity of the disease has been found to help to reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses that is commonly found on the skin of people who have atopic dermatitis because their skin barrier is damaged so for this reason it’s also a great

Skincare ingredient for people who have compromised and damaged um skin skin barriers from other skin conditions as well because cesarean great moisturizing and helps with skin moisture it’s also good to be hydrating your nails especially when they are damp so like if you’ve done a pedicure a manicure the best things apply to your nails like after that you can

Easily find around apply things as well they’re still damp and still fresh it’s actually petroleum jelly um it’s also great for chopping my chaffin is the erosion that you have when your part of your skin rubs together which can be quite painful when it rubs against clothing some people have it in their thighs on their feet so you can apply um petroleum jelly

To those areas and it helps to reduce that as well this is great for as a lip product as well so when i have cleansed my face and after applying my skincare routine i love to go in with petroleum jelly in the form of vaseline or cerave healing ointment all over my lips and also helps with the dryness when your lips are another thing i use personally is petroleum

Jelly for it also on my piercings so when your piercings are healing in the during the healing process or even when your piercings have healed but when you um maybe where jewelry that your skin your ears react to or start to have some allergic reactions to different kinds of metals and different kinds of earrings or jewelry petroleum jelly also really helps with

That personally i love using this i just apply a little amount with clean hands of course on those a on that area and within a day i’m about good to go even when i want to put in earrings into piercings that i feel that um the earring or maybe too big or maybe have that maybe friction putting the earring into its hole i apply a little bit of um petroleum jelly

On my earring and then put it in and it slides in just beautifully and that’s on that without any friction or any inflammation or any irritation occurring the two most popular products that have made the ingredients petroleum jelly in itself so popular in the last few months have been the cerave healing ointment and vaseline yes so i’ll just talk about both of

Them briefly and so you guys can make a decision if you’re deciding which one to buy vaseline or cerave or the other healing ointments so let’s start with vaseline vaseline is available everywhere it is cheap and widely available all over the world from what i from what i i gather vaseline contains which is made by unilever which is actually produced by eating

Liver contains 100 petroleum jelly as its ingredients um it costs about two to three dollars for about 1.5 ounces of products it comes in various sizes about five sizes as well and it costs and costs really very very cheap it’s found in most pharmacies and drugs vaseline has a thicker consistency and has and when you apply it on your skin it has a more sticky

Consistency and i think for that reason it might be a little uncomfortable for people who do not like their skin care to have a tacky finish if you’re the kind of person who really appreciates consistency in skin care and who does not like their skin to feel tacky or sticky or does not like your skin to feel overly warm because when you apply this it gives a

Really nice thick consistency that is like that is tacky after application your skin can feel slightly warm as well that might be good for some people and might not be good for some people but i know that turkey consistency is something that may bother quite a number of people when they use this product until i have used it without any problems and it’s a good

One another thing i should note is that if you live in places with humid a more humid or hotter climate you might find this slightly uncomfortable um especially if it is hotter you might you might find it a little uncomfortable i might find it uh clammy on the other hand cerave healing ointment contains 43.5 petroleum jelly it also contains ceramides contains

Mineral oil contains paraffin it also contains pancetta and contains hyaluronic acid as well it’s fairly available around you can find these we get sodas very easily and it costs about ten dollars for three ounces of product i think they’re about three sizes this is the three ounce size that cost ten dollars but this one has a thinner consistency it is also less

Tacky so it leaves less of a tacky residue tacky finish when you apply all over your skin and also you your skin does not feel as warm or hot or clammy which is really great if you live in a place with a hotter climate like lagos so you will enjoy this for for that purpose in terms of um ingredients this obviously contains ingredients that are also very skin

Barrier friendly and also very hydrating i mean you have mineral or you have um hyaluronic acid you have those all those ceramides and so it’s this makes its park a little bit more of a point there’s much more than petroleum jelly in this in terms of efficacy i have used both do i think that one is better than the other in terms of efficacy in terms of moisture

Levels and in terms of their emergence properties i do not think so i think they are basically the same thing to be honest but for me because i like my skincare not to feel too tacky and i do not and i live in lagos which is very hot i do not want to go to bed at times feeling greasy to be honest this one has um does not have a greasy feel well yeah vaseline

Can’t feel greasy on the skin so for that reason i prefer this but in terms of their properties as emollients in themselves i think they both act the same to be honest but if you want something that is much cheaper and easily available this was gifted to me but i know this cost about eight thousand naira in nigeria and this probably cost me 200 naira so if you

Don’t want to spend the amount of money you can always go for vaseline obviously bear the consistency and all of those things in mind i obviously apply them in the night in the night time because when i’m going to bed because that’s the best time for skin repair skin barrier recovery so for different ceramic healing ointments your pain for the cosmetic elegance for

The lack of tackiness lack of grizziness and also for the extra ingredients hyaluronic acid mineral oil and those ceramides that you get in the ceramic healing ointment now let’s just briefly mention i’ll give a shout out another balm that i have been using and loving and i also think has similar emollient properties to these cerave healing ointments and um the

Vaseline and it’s the la roche for lipica ap plus moisturizer balm this lipid car bam contains shea butter glycerine um dimethicone and nasa named as the top five ingredients in english after water i really really like this balm because it has a lovely texture it is a lot thinner it is thinner than the other two than the cerave healing ointment and lamb vaseline

But packs a punch of moisture because shea butter is also an emollient and also and shea butter is actually a beautiful emollient shea butter has lovely antioxidant properties it contains skin beneficial fatty acids oleic acids which are great for skin barrier repair so it’s an amazing emollient helps to prevent trans epidemic water loss just like petroleum jelly

But also has added antioxidant effects as an ingredient in itself so now puts that together with glycerin and put that with nuts and that might just makes this product beautiful i use this balm on my body and as i said earlier i have it to pick demand tightest and i love it it reduces the itchiness i feel on my body and it also helps to increase my moisture levels

My skin does not look lizardly at the end of the day without the tuckiness i would usually get from petroleum jelly my skin has a really nice sheen after i after i have applied this i really love this because i have the 200 new side and i feel like i might run out soon and i don’t know how i’ll be able to get it in because i can only get to look fantastic and look

Fantastic does not ship these products legos for some reason to nigeria for some reason i have been using this with my body other with other body lotion so i just take a little bit of this and a little bit of any other body lotion do anything else that i have around and just apply it together and it’s been a really lovely moisturizer for my skin i’ll be applying

All the products and giving you guys a demo so you guys can see how all of these products are applied individually but i really really really like this and it’s also not so expensive 200 meals of product costs about 15 and 400 meals of products cost about 20 dollars so it is much more cost effective to buy the 400 mls of products um if you’re really if you want

Something that packs a bigger punch in terms of um not just moisture levels but also in terms of terms of having skin beneficial ingredients i would say good for this if you live in a country where cerebral healing ointment is always sold out and you don’t want to buy vaseline because of the texture because of tackiness i would say go for this it contains shea

Butter and shea butter is an amazing emollient i’m going to leave try to leave studies and references for all of these things that i’m saying sherbet has a beautiful emulator and i particularly love this product this product is beautiful from the first time i tried it and i applied it on my skin the sheen i got was you have moisturized but you do not look like

An oil you do not look like a frying pan but it is so deeply moisturizing without being tacky and has such a light consistency and absorbs well into the skin and i really really really really love this product probably because i have a big dermatitis so i really appreciate this more and because it has a thinner consistency i find it easier to just apply all

Over my skin all over my body without feeling unduly warm or tacky or greasy or feeling like i’m sticky or something like that so i really really like this i love this so so much if you happen to pick them atopic dermatitis if you have dry skin on your body if you have um worry about dry patches on certain aspects of it but if you have eczema i love it larissa

Is a beautiful brand anyway but i love this product i love it and i’ve been thinking of how to get another one and you can also apply this on your face you can apply this on your face and on your body so if you’re looking for an alternative to any of these two you can also try this one um it’s also i forgot to mention that it also contains that their signature

Prebiotic thermal water which you put in the number of their ingredients and it’s also she’s able to be used by babies above two weeks old and also for children so i mean i mean don’t say i didn’t do anything for you this is a beautiful product so that brings us to the end of this video i would love to know if you have any questions have you tried vaseline have

You tried the cerave healing ointments have you tried the la roche posay lipika bam i would love to know if you’ve tried any of these products are you a fan of slogging do you not like slugging what questions you have about slogan leave all your questions in the comment section below i’ll definitely get across to you guys do you have any any other products similar

To these that you have tried and let us know like share the ideas before sis bro like let us know give us the t so i would love to hear from you guys please thank you so much for watching if you love this video don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe once again share this video to people who you think might find it’s useful thank you

So much for watching once again don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you in my next video bye

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