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SML Movie: Jeffys Laser Pointer! | JEFFY REACTION

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Laser Pointer! | JEFFY REACTION

Do you like html movie well good because today we’re gonna be reacting to jeffy’s laser pointer drop a like on this video and make sure you’re subscribed right now i hate school cody what happened that’s when they shoot lasers in your eyes to correct your vision but i don’t need glasses now so now you guys can’t call me four eyes well we can still call you a bug-eyed

Freak yeah yeah i think this is worse cody he’s just jealous of my 20 20 vision you can only afford 20 20 vision you’re so poor you bought two-year-old vision um but no it’s not the year it’s how good the vision is 2020 was a bad year cody that’s when the pandemic started yeah guys yeah get away yeah i don’t want to catch your sick eyes okay whatever you guys

See how dark it is because daylight savings time ended yeah i hate when it’s dark whoa whoa what’s wrong with dogs people is that today we’re going to be learning how fast is the speed of oh i know 25. see that little tiny red dot whoa that 186 000 miles per second or 11 million 160 000 miles per minute 669 million six hundred thousand miles i’m sticking with my

First dangerous whoa that’s so fast cody that’s how fast your mom would run to the buffet if she wasn’t so fat regardless of her weight yeah your mom’s the fastest land elephant what land elephant is there any other kind of elephant well dumbo could fly he was an air elephant i’ll look at him right now with those big ass ears oh my god no jeffy the laser pointer

Is a very dangerous device you’re not dangerous so no you can’t play with it it’s not bigger i want to play with it all right chris this daylight saving thing is really screwing me up right now so you guys can go home class is over right here right here right up it’s gonna be right here so don’t touch it all right we know where it is thanks teacher all right we

Really shouldn’t touch that laser pointer yeah let’s go home yeah dude you know i’m not gonna take that thing good job jeffy oh so guys say it dude say it i dare you uh nighttime outside and i say hey guys what i got yay oh i touched it and i took it but the teachers yeah i guess we could play with it for a little while yeah it’s fun shut up cody thanks junior

What are we even gonna do with the laser junior um i got an idea lasik eye surgery and you liked it so i thought you might want it again for fixing vision yeah no that’s not how it out okay now you have 20 22 visions oh you can see how many fingers can i hold up i can’t really tell it out did you see me doing that hey jeffy shoot me in the other one oh god oh

God it does hurt yeah it does actually hurt what’s going on dude hey there somebody call an optometrist and we gotta make this quick in a few minutes because i’m delivering a whole bunch of donor organs to a hospital so today what a doctor slash pilot so what’s going on i wouldn’t trust this guy we can’t see okay well that’s dangerous but i don’t really have time

To diagnose you with anything so i’m just gonna give you all glasses glasses all right there’s your glasses now i got a phone to fly wow cody now we all look like you well it’s your fault nice cody impression dude thanks joe’s i’ve been working on it you know i was really trying to capture his voice but i think i got it i see you’ve been practicing uh-huh i’m really

Good at it now where’s jeffy jeffy hey it’s a kitty cat i mean kitty cats sneeze on me you get all your germs on me i already caught your bad eyes i don’t want to catch their kids jeffy can we return the laser pointer back at school because we already hurt ourselves with it okay you guys want to walk with me yeah let’s walk with him yeah okay guys let’s walk to

School and return the laser oh what’s wrong with it being night time you can’t see me when it’s dark do i blend into you to you no i just think we need a flashlight i got a light that little laser is not gonna help us see guys look at the full moon full moon oh there’s an airplane oh jeffy you should see if you could hit the airplane with the laser oh oh you’re

Hitting it i don’t know man what a beautiful map flying you’re in the airplane moon i wonder if it’s really made of cheese huh oh no oh guys why is the plane going down yeah it’s just landing crash god plane crash no jeffy made that problem i think so he probably blinded the pilot guys there’s no way this laser blinded the pilot it couldn’t even reach that far

Yeah definitely this cheap little laser could reach that far cody the plane probably didn’t even crash we heard the explosion no i didn’t car crash on the interstate that exploded yeah what if a car hit a semi truck carrying gasoline yeah i saw the plane going down well maybe it was a meteor with flashing lights on it no junior that plane definitely crashed well

Listen it didn’t crash until we have proof what’s wrong cody what the news what the news oh no oh no oh no breaking news okay a plane has replaced after a pilot was blinded by a laser pointer if you have any details on who could have done it call 9-1-1 immediately we don’t know we don’t know he’s built my free medium french fries i get from mcdonald’s every week

Dude i’m out of here you know they always guys what are we gonna do we we don’t have to do anything jeffy’s the one that shined the laser and you’re the one who told him to do it i didn’t have anything to do with any of this jeffy can i see that oh would you do that because we’re all in this together from the top yeah cody no no no high school musical oh guys

We committed a serious crime you should be singing seriously yes we did that’s what you should be singing cody now is not the time to be singing a song but what yeah we have to deal with that laser pointer i can hide it up my stinky rectal hole yummy good job jeffy no no one’s gonna check up jeffy’s butt so look no one’s gonna come looking for us because no one’s

Gonna know where that laser came from came from this house yeah i guess you’re right they won’t know where it is let’s just sit back and eat some of your french fries belle oh junior essentially you’re gonna have to answer the door okay look i’m gonna answer it if it’s the cops we’re gonna hide just keep that thing up your butt hello hey did you just hear that

Explosion that was me i was just in a plane crash i don’t know i was just flying and then all of a sudden a laser came out of nowhere it hit me right in the eye and i got all confused and i got up and down messed up and then like i just crashed right into the ground luckily i parachuted out at the last minute but i still bang my face up pretty bad on some trees

Well i’m so sorry about that that sucks to show i want to be your fault uh hey can i come in and use your phone i got a call just just everybody i have all the houses you came to this house it’s pretty cool well yeah you can use my phone okay okay so where’s this phone junior is that the pilot yeah he was almost flying the plane that crashed junior he can’t be

Here i’ll tell you what happened shut up jeffy uh sorry sir we just realized that we don’t have a phone what you don’t have a phone kid this isn’t funny i was just in a plane crash i gotta call some people yeah sorry but you gotta go you gotta leave wait wait a minute aren’t you the kids from earlier that was shining lasers in your eyes oh no but we don’t have

The laser anymore oh no we don’t know where it’s at did you kids shine a laser in my eyes while i was trying to fly a plane no no the only was our eyes and maybe a helicopter but not your plane so yeah no it’s our teacher has a has a laser pointer on his desk at school and he pointed at things maybe airplanes huh i think i need to talk to your teacher junior you’re

Gonna get the teacher in trouble better him than us all right guys yeah on the desk okay who wants to go spur lunking in some cheeks no i do i do i’m a professional okay i don’t want to watch this who’s scott what you just said you got off a guy named scott for free no no no scott free it’s insane what’s it mean i don’t know who’s scott scott it’s just a thing

People say then why are you saying things i think if you don’t know what it means well i don’t know it’s just like a common saying what if i just had random words it didn’t make sense like yeah cody beehive bare tree what that wouldn’t make sense yes and then there’s no point saying it so shut up yeah why did you call me here well on the street is you have a laser

Pointer i do it’s right here rookie mistake showing me the evidence you’ve been shining that laser pointer at any planes oh no looking at the board to teach my students how fast the speed of light is well i’ve even shown him the speed of light by shining that laser pointer at my plane no oh likely story maybe i should just check this out for myself oh gosh oh why

Does it smell like dookie i know how about this oh i have an idea i think you shine this laser pointer at my plane and then when the plane crashed you got scared and tried to hide it up your butt but then that got uncomfortable so you took it out of your butt and you put it on your desk yes oh all right you’re coming with me yay for the rest of the night well i

Guess i’m just gonna go oh my god not again freaking news okay an elementary school teacher has been arrested as the person who pointed the laser pointer at a plane causing it to crash he’ll be going to jail for a very long time trouble now because of something we did we have to say something dude this is serious we just ruined his life okay listen cody if we speak

Up we have to go to prison you want that well i think i could take it better than anyone else really wait what listen i’m not saying anything i’m going home what jeffy can you believe him he really wants us to go tell the truth and tell the cop that we were the ones that shined the laser pointer and made his plane crash what wow like i like what i’m hearing what’s

Going on well i just came here to give you the triple t the truth tell the trophy because you told the truth about your teacher having the laser pointer that shot down my plane oh my god this trophy it sounds to me like you’re a fibber oh no no i’m not a fiber i’m not telling the truth i’m not lying send him to jail you tell me the truth okay okay listen okay

Listen we did take the teacher’s laser pointer and we shot about your play on accident so can i have the trophy there’s another very important question and i need answered so whoever can tell me the truth will get the trophy now the question is if you guys are the ones who stole the laser pointer why did it smell like because it was in my ass oh my god that was

One of my favorite html movies ever especially the part where i went up his ass uh-huh but if you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a like and subscribe right now and i’ll see you all of you in the next video

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