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SO I TRIED OLAPLEX NO 3 ON MY 4C HAIR | Is it worth the hype?

Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector is probably the most hyped up product on the market but its SO EXPENSIVE. Today i’m trying the Olaplex No 3 on my 4C hair to see if its worth the hype. I’ll show you my before and after and give you my final review 🙂

So if you’re not living under a rock you must have heard of or at least seen this olaplex number three hair perfector so this was made by scientists and doctors to work on your hair at a molecular level to permanently repair broken bonds and strengthen your hair so those who have damage due to heat chemicals or just like physical manipulation like brushing your

Hair too much then apparently this is meant to be a miracle product to change and reverse all of that the reviews on this is absolutely crazy people love it they say it’s just transformed their hair for the better and i honestly think it’s one of the most hyped up products on the market full stop so i don’t actually have any damage to my hair that i’m aware

Of but i do sometimes get a bit paranoid about split ends because as you all know i transitioned for quite a long time and my hair started breaking off and when your hair breaks off it becomes more prone to split ends so when the braids became too much i did obviously end up cutting my hair so i hope that i cut off any split ends that were there and prevented any

From forming but obviously i’m not a professional hairdresser i don’t know if i cut it properly so i do want to just try this out today just in case also this isn’t just for broken hair so you don’t have to feel like your hair needs to be like on its last leg or like seriously damaged before you can actually benefit from using this and the reviews that i’ve read

Especially from girls with curly hair including my own sister have said that this made their hair feel softer easier to manage their curls look more defined so i’m sure it’s something that all of us can benefit from regardless of our hair condition what i will say about this olapex treatment is that it is expensive so i actually ended up buying the bigger size

And it’s only 250 milliliters but it costs now wait for it it costs 52 pounds so i personally don’t think i’m gonna get more than four uses out of this so it is a pretty expensive treatment okay so the directions date to use this on damp towel dried hair before you shampooed so basically like a pre shampoo treatment so you just need to leave this on for a minimum

Of 10 minutes rinse it out and then shampoo and condition as usual so some people choose to actually leave this on overnight and they say that it gives them really great results but for me today because i’m recording i’m gonna leave this on for about two to three hours but maybe on another day i’ll try and do the whole overnight thing see if there’s any difference

If it works any better it also said online that if your hair is extremely dirty if it’s got quite a bit of product build up that you should lightly shampoo your hair before putting it on and my hair i’ve not washed it for two weeks there’s so much product build up they’ve got gel in there all sorts so i am gonna go lightly shampoo my hair first so i’m gonna just

Gonna do that now and then come back and then we’ll apply this okay hopefully it’s not too echoey i normally do a voiceover at the stage i’ve put pre shampoo in my hair you know the pre shampoo i always use and i’ll put a picture here of it so as you all know i stick to using this tgin moisture rich shampoo this is my shampoo that i use weekly and i’ve been doing

So for years however if you’ve watched my previous video you will know that we found out that this actually has an ingredient that is really harsh and makes this a clarifying shampoo so technically i shouldn’t be using this weekly and i think that this could be the culprit of my dry scalp because i’m constantly complaining about an itchy flaky dry scalp and i’m

Thinking it could be because this is actually quite strong so it’s stripping my scalp with like natural oils and that’s why i normally have quite a dry scalp so in that same video we also tested the ingredients of this carry care hydrates and detangling shampoo and this when we found out it has no harsh ingredients and the cleansing agents within this product

Are very gentle so i’m going to switch this is going to be my new weekly shampoo and every once in a while when i want to clarify my hair maybe it’s got too much buildup then i’ll use this one and also i’ve only used this once and i told you guys about it and i said i felt like it made my hair cleaner because my scalp wasn’t as flaky and dry however i’m thinking

That maybe it’s because this was more hydrating and it didn’t strip my scalp and that’s why i felt that my scalp is cleaner so that’s what i’m going to do now i’m switching to this and let’s just see do okay on the back my hair is shampooed lightly i honestly cannot believe it but again there are still some straight bits of hair in here and it’s actually

Becoming a little bit annoying now because every time i think i’ve cut off all the relaxed ends i wash my hair and i find that there’s still like little bits of straight hair so i think i just really need to go to a professional and get them to cut my hair now because this is becoming annoying i’m clearly missing something before i actually use this odoplex i

Just want to actually say something so as i may or may not have already mentioned i have now found a better way to moisturize my hair and i don’t know if it’s that or i don’t know but this week i’ve just been noticing that my hair seemed a lot curlier it looked a lot curlier and i’m like maybe just in my head but it just looked a lot earlier and then now i’ve

Just washed my hair and it’s so curly look at that and the only reason why i mentioned that is because i want this to be a very fair test i want to test if this actually defines curls brings it out if it actually dries up in your hair so yeah it’s going to be a little bit transparent because i don’t want to like use this and it looks exactly the same then i tell

You oh yeah my hair is curlier now because no it’s already looking a little bit curlier i’m going to start off by should i section it should i just put it on our section okay um it feels really nice going on it actually feels really nice it’s got like some slip to it i hope i’m putting enough because they do save a generous amount okay one more for

Good luck just put this all around i don’t know i’m thinking if i should probably comb it in it didn’t actually say that on the packet but i’m going to do that because i’m struggling to get it inside my hair yeah i can feel it distributing better when i comb it so now i’m definitely confident that it’s everywhere because i’m going to be leaving mine on

For a lot longer than the recommended time i also think i’m going to twist it i don’t know i’m just thinking as i go that’s why i keep just changing my mind because if you leave your hair untwisted it’s going to dry quicker so i want to keep this as moist as possible so i’m going to just do a very quick very quick twist okay so firstly i’m hilarious i said

I was gonna leave this in my hair for about two to three hours it’s actually been five hours i just ended up getting caught up doing other things and yeah so it’s actually been on my hair for quite a while it’s dark it’s literally the evening the hair is still moist because i had this plastic covering over so yeah i’m just gonna wash it off now so okay

So i’ve just washed the early plex off and i will say my hair felt like it’s never felt before it did it felt so soft and i could really feel a lot of curls in there which i don’t normally feel i mean recently as i have been moisturizing my hair i did mention that my hair had felt softer and i have started to see some definition to my curls but not like that now

That i’m touching it obviously the olaplex is not conditioner it’s not a shampoo so i wasn’t really expecting it to stay feeling the way it did which it doesn’t to be fair it kind of just feels it feels soft but it doesn’t feel like how it did in the shower it was so slippery my hair didn’t fill up my hair at all so now when i put the conditioner on i’d be really

Intrigued to see what it ends up looking like every time i use these clips um someone comments to ask where they’re from they are really good they bend in a really really cool way so it’s really great for thick hair and i will leave a link this time below in the description so as you know i use my own hair mask that i’ve made and it’s been working wonders for me

So i’m just gonna continue to do that okay so this condition has been sitting on my hair for about an hour and i can’t notice you guys it’s so late i’m knackered so i apologize if my energy is just kind of dropped but yeah i just want to wash this off now but before i do that i just want us to have a look and see if there’s any changes oh wow okay my hair feels

Really really soft wow i don’t even understand how to explain this it feels so soft and i didn’t even use any heat so normally i use a hair steamer but because it’s just so late and i’m just so tired i couldn’t be bothered to bring that thing out if you see how that’s just pulling apart so i’m gonna go and rinse it off now off camera because i’m honestly so tired

I don’t have the strength to take this camera into the bathroom right now so good morning everyone um i just wanted to start off by saying i’m so sorry like i couldn’t last night i was so tired and i ended up just switching off the camera moisturizing my hair and then going to bed um i do know i told you guys i’m going to show you my moisture routine so i’m

Going to have to do that like another day and because yesterday i was tired i just want to show you what my hair looks like the next day though because i can’t get over how soft my hair is to be fair like i mentioned before after i changed my moisture routine i definitely started to see my curls coming out a little bit more slightly my hair felt a lot more moist

So i’d already seen like some subtle changes but this time coupled with the olaplex i’ve not felt or seen my hair like this since i’ve gone natural now if you have a look you can see like the curls have just started to really come out but look at that so much definition and i’m definitely going to keep on using the earlier flex treatment just to see what it can

Do after like continual use because this is just after the first try so my verdict for the olaplex treatment is definitely 10 out of 10. i would highly recommend it and yeah if you guys like this video definitely do give me a thumbs up and if you’re not already subscribed you know what to do hit that subscribe button and i shall see you guys in my next video

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SO I TRIED OLAPLEX NO 3 ON MY 4C HAIR | Is it worth the hype? By NUCCHI