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So I Tried Olaplex on my Curly Hair And….

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Oh i feel like i say this every time and it’s never gonna get old but it feels so good to be back in the youtube space okay i know it’s been a long time since you’ve seen me and last you saw me my hair was probably a lot shorter than what it is right now thank god for growth as many of you know if you follow me on any of my other social channels i’ve been

I’ve been working i’ve been really busy and this is why i rarely make youtube videos anymore because i’ve just been so busy but recently a favorite brand sent me some products to show you guys so i’ll be reviewing and trying out some olaplex products for you guys on virgin curly hair my hair is not processed or anything like that it doesn’t have any um chemical

Damage or anything like that but of course hair gets mechanical damage from detangling environmental damage uv damage if you’re wondering how olaplex works on non-damaged hair this is the video for you so the first thing that they sent over to me is the olaplex intensive bond building hair treatment number zero number zero primes repairs strengthens and protects

All hair types so this one you’re supposed to apply to dry hair saturate from root to tip leave on the hair for 10 minutes and don’t rinse and apply a generous amount of number three hair perfector to saturated hair and then wait 10 minutes after that it is considered to be their hero product it acts as an intensive repair booster working in tandem with number

Three so number zero and number three go hand in hand basically you need both of them to really get the job done this means 68 more repair and three times stronger hair when used together so i’m gonna go ahead and section my hair because let me tell you olaplex is not it’s not cheap okay and you want to make sure that you’re using this properly and not wasting

A drop so i’m just gonna apply this from the ends to the roots and try to really saturate the hair it’s as saturated as it’s gonna get because i don’t want to use this whole bottle on that one section okay i kind of wish that this came in a spray bottle olaplex if you’re watching this a spray bottle would be really nice that way it’s just easier to apply and it

Missed evenly onto the hair i think a spray bottle would be so convenient now we wait for 10 minutes and then we’re going to apply number three strong set timer for 10 minutes all right so now that 10 minutes has passed with the number zero i’m gonna go in with the olaplex number three which repairs and strengthens all hair types it says our global best seller

In our at-home treatment not a conditioner that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair improving its look and feel it will restore the hair’s healthy appearance and texture by repairing damage and protecting hair structure the ph balance of this product is 3.5 to 5. so now i’m gonna go ahead and apply number three right on top of number zero and this is

Like a creamy formula and it spreads really nicely in the hair so i like to start from the ends and just kind of use like that praying hands method and i’m telling y’all like a dime size amount just spreads nicely through one section of my hair it just you can feel it on the hair so you can use this sparingly i could definitely vouch for number three now all the

Other ones i’ve never used before this is like my first time using them on my hair but i can tell y’all like number three is it has to be my favorite product like ever ever it’s just amazing and you like i said you can visibly see the difference and you can just feel it on the hair like right away it’s like game changing for real like my hair’s already hydrated

Okay so this is my hair now and this is going to be my hair once i apply oh no a draw has fallen okay so look seriously i take this small of an amount rub it through my hands first that way i get more coverage and i start on the ends and just work my way up oh my god and it’s not a conditioner but it feels like one all right so now we’re going to wait another 10

Minutes set timer for 10 minutes all right so 10 minutes has passed with the number three and then now i’m going to rinse this out of my hair and then apply the shampoo to my hair after now the shampoo comes in a bigger container and the shampoo is the number four now it is called bond maintenance shampoo it repairs strengthens and hydrates all hair types now it

Says use every time you shampoo or after rinsing olaplex number three hair perfector from the hair lather rinse and follow with the olaplex number five bond maintenance conditioner now with each use your hair is supposed to improve over time allowing the hair to strengthen from the inside out like i said repairing bonds in the hair improving moisture improving

Frizz it is actually ph balanced which is awesome and from what i’m understanding all of olaplex’s products are ph balanced for the hair so while my hair is still warm i wanted to talk to y’all with this shampoo in my hair this shampoo is so luxurious i apply the smallest amount i would say like maybe a dime size amount and oh my goodness it’s really nice i love

When i can detangle with my shampoos okay so now i just rinse out the shampoo and my hair feels moisturized almost as though i applied a conditioner which is freakishly weird i am impressed shampoos are usually a hit or miss for me i don’t really particularly love them but this is like try it for yourself so now this is the olaplex um number five bond

Maintenance conditioner that i’m going to try next and it says it repair strengthens and hydrates all hair types it says it’s formulated with the patent olaplex bond building chemistry restores repairs and hydrates hair without adding excess weight eliminates damage and frizz for strong healthy shiny hair and it is also ph balanced and what i read on the website

Is that it actually prevents damage from happening such as split ends dryness repairs the hairs texture and just overall health from the inside out and repairs the bonds in the hair i’m gonna go ahead and apply number five whoa whoa it’s super thick like thicker than your average conditioner like look at the bottle you can tell oh okay okay didn’t mean to eat it

Oh wow it is thick like a deep conditioner would be oh y’all this is crazy slippery and my hair is like towel dried yeah this is legit so i’m gonna leave it on for three minutes then i’m gonna rinse all right y’all so i just rinsed out the olaplex conditioner and my hair feels so amazing and so now i’m just going to go ahead and do my wash and go my typical

Wash and go routine y’all know i like to shingle or rake this time i’m going to rake lately i have not been having time to shingle i’m getting some of my favorite products i’m not going to really show the styling process but if you want to see how i do my raking method or if you want to see updated one let me know oh wait hold on wait we have olaplex number

Six bond smoother which is their leave in and it is a reparative styling cream that reduces frizz nourishes and protects the hair it says to concentrate on your mid length to ends which is usually the part of your hair that needs the moisture the most so that’s what i’m going to do and it also says that um it’s excellent for all hair types including color and

Chemically treated hair oh wanted to let y’all know that all of olaplex’s products are color safe so the consistency is thicker than the number three but looser than the conditioner but it’s thick and i don’t think i would need a lot at all in order to coat my hair so i’m just gonna apply this oh this stuff smells super good smells like the um conditioner like a

Grapefruit smell but a little stronger but not overpowering which i live i feel it on my hair but it’s a lot lighter than what i expected being that the consistency is pretty you know pretty thick it’s nice on the hair and i guess you know it’s gonna serve a purpose but it’s really really light so if you know you have fine curls or anything like that you don’t

Have to worry about it really weighing it down i don’t mind some weight because my curls are you know i need weight for my hair but it’s very light on the hair yet still slippery and still moisturizing but like i said very very light they did send me the bonding oil which is like a reparative oil and i cannot find it i’m so sad because i really wanted to review

That for y’all but i think one of my kids took it and walked off with it somewhere so yeah and now i’m gonna go ahead and apply my favorite styling products to my hair and then i’ll be right back to show y’all the result and i’m gonna come back after it is like one o’clock in the morning so i’m kind of whispering so i won’t wake up my kids but um this is my

Hair after i have to say that i truly love my results with the old plex system it is definitely a very unique product that builds the hair i was impressed from beginning to end i have to say that my favorite was the shampoo if i should pick i really like number three okay if we would take number three out i would definitely say that shampoo is that shampoo was

Amazing because i’m so unimpressed by what shampoos typically do to my hair so if you want to learn more about olaplex products go ahead and click on the link in the description box i’m going to leave some info for you guys and let me know which i want to see next if you love this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up comment rate subscribe and definitely set

Your notification bell so that you would know when i upload a video and i will see you guys in the next one

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So I Tried Olaplex on my Curly Hair And…. By YoursNaturally11