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Sonic Dash – Super Sonic New Character Unlocked Update – I Paid 15$ – All 58 Characters Unlocked

Hi guys in this video i buy New Character from Store with 15$, now i have official all 58 characters. I hope you enjoy my video with Super Sonic where we fought two times with Boss Eggman and Boss Zazz.

Hello hello guys welcome back to another video sonic dash hears guys with supersonic official guys in my official account i will buy super sony guys that means about 15 dollars 15 for supersonic and i will do that right now guys don’t forget to push the like button let’s make over 200 likes for that video guys and let’s buy that one tap buy because many people

Say you are cheater look guys i buy that payment successful new character is here guys supersonic new runner new runner in sonic dash all 58 runners unlock it oh yeah oh yeah two person owning nice who did it okay okay supersonic is here official guys super sonic in the store 75 lay in my currency it’s about 15 guys 50 dollars for one runner i have long time

Without buying something in sonic dash last time this time when i buy something was jingle bell emmy i think honors and santa big but it was more cheap okay cool let’s make full upgrade foreign okay guys finally max upgrade guys all runners here guys all 58 runners unlocked okay let’s go let’s beat the boss two times i want i want to beat the eggman two

Times and just two times guys let’s do that guys don’t forget to push the like button for my super sonic in my official account 15 dollars i think we’ll be able without money in 8th november guys after three days but i want to get that early come on come on let’s find dr eggman boss foreign here it’s dr eggman it’s a little bit expensive guys 15 dollars

A little bit expensive okay i want to get one hit i want okay because i want to see him very good like that thank you okay super sonic versus dr eggman boss hit okay one more time and one more time good job okay let’s find zaz i told you guys two-time egg eggman two times as i want in that video foreign okay go in the snow map foreign oh really

Bro i’m so bad i’m so bad who’s thank you okay i see zaz far away i see thus far away okay here is us guys super sonic versus zaz good jump okay supersonic versus us let’s win let’s win let’s win the battle let’s win the battle okay let’s jump dude good good job okay let’s meet eggman again oh beach zone oh it’s too good okay use

My boost foreign foreign okay dr eggman again thank you supersonic vs dr eggman oh he’s so fast like money so fast i’m on dr eggmanito we look off that oh no okay let’s see if i can beat him because he will be very very fast okay one top one more one more hit one more hit good job super sony good job good job good job good job good job good job this

Come on come on come on come on let’s meet zaz a okay okay okay okay foreign thank you come on come on let’s get drinks for boost okay finally where are you guys where are you oh i must now i can find him foreign ah come on look oh my god i will lose again we okay finally i see one more time okay the last battle between supersonic and

Zaz gonna beat you like a dream thank you okay oh he’s so fast go fast oh yes okay guys that was my video thank you so much for your big support don’t forget to push the like button share and subscribe guys let’s make 200 like on that video with supersonic in sonic dash i buy him with fifteen dollars thank you so much guys see you next time bye bye

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Sonic Dash – Super Sonic New Character Unlocked Update – I Paid 15$ – All 58 Characters Unlocked By vs Mobile