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South Street Loft 4piece Microfiber Sheet Set

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Sheet center were you kind of waiting to see patricia says oh she thinks the orange scent would be fabulous we’ve got the scrub and we’ve got the cream you get them both and gianna says it looks good enough to eat i agree the orange set is amazing i can’t wait for you to try it it’s a very very thick scrub cheryl you are right all right i want to get right to option

B because we’ve only got a few minutes left in the show but i know you’ve been waiting for a great night’s sleep stephanie rance is going to tell you all about it it’s a four piece sheet set and we’ve got it for 28.95 hi stephanie hi sarah great to see you good evening everyone thank you so much for having me in your show this is really a wonderful opportunity if

Any of you need to replace any of those sheet sets in your linen closet or you just love to redecorate as i do we have so many wonderful sheets that are very very popular as well so this is a wonderful double brushed microfiber sheet set and what i love is we have so many colors for you to choose from so what’s different with ours is we double brush those fibers

And that’s what makes it so cozy so imagine you know draping yourself in that beautiful happy orange and then slipping under the covers and it’s going to be so cozy almost like rose petals around your skin so these are two colors i love this is our lavender and our foliage i think they look beautiful together maybe add in some decor and some greenery around your

Home oh that would be a beautiful vignette a beautiful bedscape or what if you love blush look at this cute boho vibe you can do in your very own space we have something for everyone’s style maybe you like a little more classic approach to decorating but we have a beautiful blue that classic white can’t go wrong with that and then here’s our shinwasuri kind of

Touches you can add that blue and white pottery around your room and then we’ve got a couple more sarah we have our beautiful gray and silver and i’ve paired that with our swan so if you want to pick up more than one set you can easily mix and match that’s the fun thing about foul street loft and then here’s just one set with maybe a christmas tree because those

Cozy fibers will actually let you take these you know your bedscape through many many months throughout the year so what do you think sarah uh i love the colors i love the prints i also love the price because if you’re wondering why are they presenting sheets on what a girl wants well they’re pretty they’re practical and affordable and if it ticks off all those

Boxes uh i definitely want it in this show because i think you’re gonna really love these already very popular uh how about swans wouldn’t you love to have the most adorable swan in your bedroom these are a very beautiful soft pale pink the swan is white with a little touch of black they’re adorable they’re pretty they’re fabulous that’s one of our prints the

Second print we have available for you is called our leopard and i want to just kind of hold this up so you can see it it’s not really a leopard it’s more like a subtle kind of organic looking pebble shape dot so we’re calling it leopard it really can be anything it could be sort of an organic look it can be the look of river rocks it can be the look of you know

Stones and a river it’s just so pretty so natural against that kind of soft kind of rosy beige background that’s called leopard and then our solid colors down below are super fabulous as well let me go through these we’ve got make sure i get this right this is the blush and then we get to our lilac and then we’ve got blue and then we’ve got gray and then we’ve

Got white here’s what you’re getting everyone is getting a flat sheet a fitted sheet and four pillow cases for less than twenty nine dollars that’s like seven dollars a pop we have all the sizes we have twin we have full we even have the twin xl if someone’s going up to the dorm dorm rooms notoriously have that twin xl size so maybe it’s for bunk beds twin xl

Also great if you have those adjustable beds where you’re on different sides and you like to sleep at different angles uh great for those as well we have the full the queen the king and the california king they’re all machine washable they’re all done in this beautiful silky soft velvety finish they’re not shiny they are a beautiful matte they’re very saturated

The colors last they’re wrinkle resistant they’re fade resistant they’re also a beautiful way to update your bedroom and you get a four piece set for less than 29 dollars and very quickly i’ll mention one other thing we have additional pillowcases available we don’t always have additional pillowcases available but if you like having four pillows on the bed or

If you like to wash your pillowcases a little bit more often or you just want a backup plan add the additional pillowcases they’re on sale for 8.95 yeah a set of pillowcases we have those in the standard and the king sizes uh and they’re on oh is that on five flex pay it looks like it is and uh i don’t know why but just add those to your order and you’ll be glad

That you did uh the sheet set is on flex pay as well less than ten dollars to get this home uh and a huge fan favorite stephanie we have i think some of the most reviews on the sheet set than any other sheet set we’re talking about 150 rave reviews people who own these sheets love these sheets they do our south street loft community is very passionate about these

Sheets so those reviews are more like testimonies honestly and you know just to save you time you don’t have to go through all of them because i actually read every single one of them but what i love is there were reviewers that said they don’t use fabric softener anymore because they’re so soft another reviewer mentioned that she’s used to spending about three

Times this value on sheets but once she got these home these became her favorite so it just goes to show that more expensive sheets are not necessarily better and you’ll even appreciate the details so we give you a nice strong elastic all the way around the perimeter and we even give you this label in the fitted sheet that says top or bottom so you’re going to know

Which direction the fitted sheet needs to go on your bed and the pockets are nice and deep too so 15 inches with about wiggle room up to 17 inches so plenty of accommodation for those mattress toppers or maybe you change out your mattress in the future to a taller one no problem you can keep your sheets and everyone just loves how soft and durable they are sarah

Because microfiber is a very durable fabrication it’s made up of thousands of fibers per square inch and they’re just tightly and densely woven together but what’s unique about sow street loft microfiber is we brush them once and we say oh that’s soft i like that and then we go back through and we brush it again so that’s why they’re very addicting there’s kind of

Like no wrong side sheets the underside feels just as soft as the top side and they’re so fun to decorate with so i did kind of a neutral escape in my bedroom here i did the neutral leopard and the beautiful gray and i paired those together and i added pillows galore i have six pillows here i used to work in hotels sarah and the number one question i would get was

Can we have more pillows can you have more pillows so now if you want four six eight however many in the exact same print you can have that in your home and they’re like 8.95 you said that’s amazing yeah i love that idea uh by the way you just saw a little uh invite pop-up i’m doing instagram live after the show we do it after every what a girl wants it’s on my

Instagram page sarah anderson hsn uh come join the show because stephanie is going to be my guest we’re going to talk about some fun kind of cool off the beaten path summer adventure ideas summer travel ideas uh because she is uh quite the guru not only in home decorating but in making life an adventure as well so that’s going to be a lot of fun let me go through

The colors the swan is very popular i think this is so darling and it’s really subtle it’s a very classy way to add a little touch of whimsy to your room remember you’re getting all four pieces flat sheet fitted sheet two pillow cases in all the sizes for less than twenty nine dollars it’s a great buy if you want that fun i would call the neutral leopard

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South Street Loft 4piece Microfiber Sheet Set By HSNtv