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South Street Loft Microfiber Sheet Set with Extra Pillow…

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Goes underneath for 26.95 take a look at what you’re getting today because it is a six piece microfiber sheet set our number one seller we say six pieces because instead of getting two pillowcases you’re getting extra pillowcases which we always love if you’re picking up the twin or the twin xl you get two if you’re picking up any of the other sizes so the full

Queen king or california king you will be getting uh the four uh pillowcases but easy care easy wear this is the blush on the bed we also have it available for you in the leopard oh look at this how sweet i love the cherries how fun is it that would even go with this if you want to mix and match how pretty that is we also have aqua sky we also have like it’s

Like a french blue we’re just calling this one blue take a look at this one really special i love uh that you can mix and match this with white or taupes in there it’s called aqua medallion we also have it available for you in a classic taupe color which we are calling beige okay so let me show you that guy here’s your beige here’s your gray and then we also have

A classic white if you love a crisp white bed it is the entire set with extra pillowcases for 26.95 stephanie a lot of people prefer this microfiber because the color stays true because it’s less prone to wrinkling because it dries super quickly this set is a customer pick at the higher price today it’s on sale we didn’t even have to mark it down today it’s on sale

Customer pick absolutely and there’s well over a hundred five-star reviews on this set so there’s a lot to really rave about it because for example we’ve increased the gsm to 95 with these so here’s a white pillowcase my arm is inside the pillowcase and you can’t see it so it really speaks to the density of the fibers and that this is a nice structured sheet that’s

Going to be really comfortable and durable for you it’s double brushed as well so that softness that we love and are known for with style street loft you’re getting that double with this so that nice coziness i call it like our coast to coast sheets leslie because no matter which region you live in no matter which climate you live in they’re going to be really

Cozy for you and comfortable at the same time i also love that yes you’re getting those four pillowcases because four pillowcases make quite a statement on a bed you can lay them horizontally horizontally like i’ve done here you could do them all diagonal or you could use back to back stacking like you see in hotels and these are amazing because just one set of

Extra pillowcases usually runs between 20 and 30 dollars in our collection so the fact that this is all included for under 27 is just unheard of and one of the things that you can do as we head into these transitional months is you can double up your flat sheet we often see this done in hotels and so that gives you just a little bit more warmth when you head into

These uh kind of cooler months it’s starting to get a little crisp out there and so it’s kind of a nice idea to do microfiber has become our number one selling fabrication also for south street loft this is not flimsy it’s not thin it’s not going to be pilling it really is a better quality microfiber so please do not let that price mislead you i love the color

Options here because i mean even the white right nothing like a crisp white beds the reason hotels do it and you know the reason five star resorts do it but take a look at what i did here stephanie this is where you get to have fun because at this price you can be your own designer you can mix and match so i love the cherries with the white needless to say but

If i wanted to do the cherries with that blush that we’ve got on the bed i mean how sweet is that so they work really well yeah but take a look at what i did because i just had a little fun you know with the gray and the medallion you know if you put those together look how well uh they play uh i took the leopard and i took it i put it with the beige and so maybe

You wouldn’t buy two sets at a normal price but when you got prices like these you can be your own designer and you’re getting all those extra pillowcases so you know you get to have a little bit more fun and that’s a big trend we’ve been seeing in the industry stephanie you said it with the bedding set you know we’re seeing people reflect their personality and

Everything whether it’s the fashion they wear or the fashion in their home and their home decor down to like the color of your lipstick right and the nail polish i’ve been using brighter colors than ever before at this price you get to create and you get to express yourself exactly and you can step out of your comfort zone if you want to you know if you want to

Try this beautiful blue that we have here maybe you don’t have any blue in your home at all this can be an opportunity just to try blue to see how it looks in your space to see how much you like it or how much your partner likes it and then you know you can change it out whenever you feel comfortable to do so and i put that together a few little of combos together

As well leslie so i’ve done a little trio here with just some like magnolia leaves and maybe some kind of ivory details if you’re stepping into fall i love the leopard print and the beige with a few warmer tones of orange that’s really cool i love that pretty and then the blush is just gorgeous maybe with the white sheets maybe you would want a little more glam

Little boho with maybe some lighter color of wood touches you can do that so it really looks nice to be able to play with these and be your own diy designer that’s why we give you so many options is we don’t want to force our style onto you we want you to be able to express yourself and so here’s all the tools you need to to do that in your home 5.39 to get a set

Of these home free shipping and handling so think about all of your bedrooms right think about the guest room think about maybe you know what if you want to cheer somebody up and you want to send them those sweet little cherries or you know the fun little leopard print at 5.39 we will ship to somebody’s door right if you want to just go ahead and just cheer them up

Because bedding is always useful always a practical gift at the end of the day you’re getting our number one selling you’re getting south street lofts number one selling you’re getting these gorgeous prints that will stay true wash after wash after wash and the reason people love microfiber period is because it’s just easier to make it look smooth and make it look

Neat and tidy less wrinkling you know easier to get in and out of the dryer this one is a customer pick 197 reviews 747057 is your item number and stephanie there’s something about brand new sheets and i want to remind everybody you’re getting double pillowcases here so a flat sheet of fitted sheet and four pillow cases if you’re picking up the twin or the twin

Xl you’ll get two pillow cases but extra pillow cases on this one and stephanie there’s nothing like getting into bed at the end of a long day feeling that smooth kind of you know cool feel of brand new sheets getting in there and it’s just it’s something psychological i swear you sleep better when you got brand new sheets oh definitely because it touches every

Inch of your body right if you really think about it it’s really important and you know if you have any sensitivities then microfiber is a great choice for you i also love that we are giving you a four inch hem here on the pillowcases as well as over on the flat sheet so it has a nice luxurious tailored look to it and you’re gonna love how they wash up they’re

Very family friendly and pet friendly again double brushing on this microfiber so it’s even cozier it feels like rose petals beneath your skin kind of like a velvety softness but there’s no linting and no pilling so there’s really so much to love about these and the gsm has been increased to 95 so a little bit more structure with these heading into these crisper

Months that you might want to have and always a great idea to send someone in college or for anyone with a split king bed you might want that twin xl size so we really um have something for everyone’s style everyone’s taste and everyone’s bedsides yeah and to get it for 26.95 think about it because this is a real opportunity and this is why we are so busy on the

Phone lines minute and a half left if you want it let’s do colors again on the bed i mean this is just a vision right it’s the blush color so this is your we’re calling it blush we also have it available for you in the cherries i mean is this not fun and sweet it’s just personality think about your decor if you just want to add a little bit of charm this is

Certainly the choice for you we’ve got the white of course that i paired together with the cherry here is your aqua medallion notice that that aqua medallion has like a little taupey sandy gray color in there this is very limited you said 200 allison 200 left in that aqua medallion we also have it available for you in the gray the gray and the white are some of

Our most popular choices tonight the leopard notice that’s not a typical leopard print it almost looks like an abstract or like a watercolor only 300 left there we’ve got a taupe color for you as well which we’re calling beige final 80 left and then we also have the blues so i’ve got a blue and then i’ve also got an aqua sky available for you twin twin xl full

Queen king or california king all of them the same price today 747057 is our item number and i’m telling you this is the sweetest thing the best thing and you can buy a ton of things at hsn stephanie but at the end of the day bedding and sheets it’s one of your best investments because it’s for you it’s an act of love for yourself so i’m so glad you stopped by

With these these are adorable and what a great value with the extra pillowcases oh i’m so glad you like them i’m glad everyone likes them and i can’t wait to see you again leslie thank you stephanie it’s always so good to see you and your home is so beautiful she does such a wonderful job doesn’t say uh thank you miss stephanie okay we have so much more to show

You still i only got 30 more minutes with you guys at the end of the day we don’t even scratch the surface all the cool things you find on hsn and we’re doing secret deals or secret sales as well so i was joking that it’s kind of like a speakeasy you need the secret code word and the code word or the phrase this week is cozy up you’re gonna go ahead and save an

Extra 30 off specifically bedding and bath items we’ve got a huge mix of assorted products at amazing prices you’re going to find great little things to really kind of you know sparkle your home just it up make it your own sacred space right sometimes you don’t got to buy a lot of things just some key pieces you can find them now go to type in the secret

Phrase cozy up in the search bar and take a look at all of the cool items you want to act quickly these sale prices are only good

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