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South Street Loft Microfiber Sheet Set with Extra Pillow…

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This is the color like i said that i just bought i have again that a sleep number what is it called i always get it wrong a split top split top kit where only the top portion right split and so if you have one of those unique configurations then you would just get one of our king size um sheet sets and that’s perfect but then if you have that fully split king

Option where you have two twin xls and you get matching two to an xl sheet sets but i also love about the pillowcases i know i’m just showing like extra little pieces i mean i think we’ve all been to stores looked online and we’ve seen just an extra set of pillowcases for like 20 26 dollars easy and a heartbeat but it’s so fun because our prints are exclusive our

Colors are exclusive so you kind of want matching extra pillowcases you know what i mean so i love that when they don’t all match right and i love doing different things with all four right so you don’t have to use all four right out the bank right out the gate but if you do you can stack them forward like that you can stack them like this you could do a little

Diagonal kind of action so how simple fun how easy it is to be your own diy designer it just spruce up your space just like changing you know the the formation of your pillows i love it i love it okay we’re gonna go over the colors again for everyone but here’s the thing if you just tuned in and you know if you’ve never shopped with us before here at hsn like i

Said amazing amazing amazing first purchase we’re going to be at 22 000 gone in a heartbeat and all i can say is we said to everyone out there is do not buy one i want you to think about your room your the master bedroom i want you to think about the kids rooms i want you to think about the guest room do you have a boat what about your camper what about the kids

Dorms thanks to that twin xl gift ideas and listen you know if you’ve ever bought i probably shouldn’t even say this but you know they had those stands that they set up like on the side of the road and you buy those i bought those sheets once oh my gosh first of all they fell apart the first time i wore they were pencil thin they had no substances of them these

Are not that at all so that’s the most important thing that we want to say that the quality that you’re getting in these sheets is unbelievable and particularly today and i love that we’re shipping them to you for free i love that they’re on five flex pay so imagine like 5.39 to get these home and then you know what you have 30 days so you have the opportunity

To get them home put them on the bed sleep with them and if you’re not completely satisfied you can send them back but we chose the microfiber because it is our number one best-selling fabrication and stephanie you were saying these are like a double double brushed double brush so they’re even softer holy cow so microfiber is a very durable fabrication so if you

Like to wash your sheets more often this is going to be a great choice for you brushed microfiber is created with thousands of finely and densely woven fibers per square inch bobby so imagine how many microfibers there are on this bed or on a twin bed it’s incredible then we go ahead and we brush those microfibers and it feels so so soft you can imagine you know

When you have such densely woven fibers whoa when you brush them together it’s like oh that feels nice yeah the other thing is we go back through and we brush them again so that’s what makes it like the signature south street loft hand as i say and that’s why they’re wildly popular we have this kind of crowd following um and you know we’re just so happy everyone

Gets to have them in their home and and show off their own personality with all of these different choices okay so we’re gonna go over the choices again for everyone and by the way you know come on in and say hi we are hearing that most people are picking up more than one which i really hope you will do look we’ve all been out there you do your comparison shopping

You know what you pay for she’s if you’ve been part of our family at hsn you already know microfiber the fact that you’re getting with the twin and the twin xl instead of one pillowcase you’re getting two but with everything else with the full queen king and cal king you are getting four pillowcases do we have an item do we have more pillowcases that people needed

More i don’t know if we’re selling any more additionally i don’t think so these ones come with so it’s kind of like very easy you know what i mean so it’s just like one package all four are already in it so we kind of done the extra step for you i love it it saves us so much more money yes exactly okay so here are your solids again this is the serenity blue um of

Course and we paired that with that leopard i mean look at how pretty that looks with the leopard definitely suggest that if you want to pick up a couple i think those work such a fun twist right very very scenes a navy leopard print i love the scale of this it’s not too small it’s not too big but it’s very interesting and so if you’d like to have a very um a home

With a lot of personality this is definitely the best bet i love it okay and then we have our gorgeous aqua i’m pretty that aqua is and you know we talked about like with the plaid that you can team that with anything the gray foliage which is still way out in the lead oh that’s fun i like that a lot actually and you know aqua is a color that is also used in various

Seasons even for the holidays you know a lot of people like those cooler tones for christmas and and it’s kind of nice to have that aqua and then this can also be very everyday but then very holiday too i mean it could kind of look you know like a garland and your silver and gold motifs i love it okay here’s my terracotta mine notice now yeah yeah well leslie and

Like that um pumpkin spice oh pumpkin spice is a good thing yes and you’re right because i know a lot of people do like to do that like to change their sheets for the seasons right so there you go that’s your perfect thanksgiving one and then of course the beautiful white i mean needless to say goes with everything we go back again but my gosh like with i mean if

You’re just buying that fabulous plaid that is a black and white plaid but it is it’s more um like more a brushed i know we have one called brush strokes but those also look like brush strokes on that one yes it’s that same kind of vibe which is really nice and then actually we’ll show you this brush stroke one up close there’s a couple different colors going on

Here when you get it home you’re going to say oh wow this has more dimension than i thought it did so there’s kind of this nice blush tone there’s a little bit of this coral a little bit of tan going on so it almost looks like a feather it almost looks like yeah little brush strokes it’s very interesting and that hand painted watercolor vibe so again just really

Unique prints that you would not find anywhere else and these are all exclusive to hsn and then we love it i love that one also with the terracotta so because again it appears that a lot of viewers are doing that picking up more than one so that perfect with that and then that is the green as well now this green one is i think it’s stunning so let’s take a nice

Look at this one so you have different foliage going on here so if you love gardening if you love kind of those sweet details this is going to be perfect for you i also think this would be fun for the holidays as well if you didn’t want to do that true true emerald kind of forest green right this is just a nice lighter touch a bit more contemporary but you’ll notice

And see very familiar kind of foliage used especially in the holidays but also year round so i think it’s really sweet i do too very beautiful and of course again obviously with your white or even you know what i’m not hitting it with the aqua that’s a nice yeah that’s a nice choice it looks so neat when you can do that when you mix and match them on the bed like

That by the way i do have to just jump in and say we have so many people calling that if you can go to and place your order or shop you the app i’m i’m the app person i did that’s how i bought mine you know you grab the phone download the app is so easy boom boom boom you bought it it’s on its way i mean it’s so simple and easy to shop that way because i

Want to make sure you get yours and with the raid with the amount of people we have calling we’re about ready to hit that 23 000 mark if you’re waiting until later in the day you’re going to be sad you did don’t do it and this is also it for the entire year in terms of a sheet set i mean not just for south but also in general so okay back to the other choices all

Right here’s that plaid we were talking about there’s that gorgeous plaid isn’t that pretty so again the black and the white love it very shared this one with the white too yeah i love it with the white that would be really stunning wouldn’t it yes i can just imagine the pillows you’d be getting eight pillows pillowcases if you selected two choices that’s really

To do it because that way you get all the right you get all the if you have tons of pillows right you’re gonna get all the pills you need gorgeous gorgeous well i love four pillows because my husband actually sleeps with two pillows does he i sleep with one pillow so we need we need minimum of three but three looks kind of funny when you make your bed yeah so we

Have to exactly minimum you know what i mean so i love that we’re just automatically giving you those four i love it and and the bottom line is right now right now we have all the sizes so we do we talk about the twin in and the twin we all know what the twin the twin xl we have so many requests for the twin xl the twin xl generally always ends up being like one

Of the first the twin xl and the cal king are always the for the two that go first twin xl again is also going to be um your dorm bed so as we said you know we the kids need more than one set because they aren’t going to launder them so please get them the twin xl for their college dorm uh the full the queen the king the california king and what we’re loving as

Well the fact that it is the exact same price for everything and do some comparison shopping because i think that’s always the best way to appreciate it don’t you stephanie absolutely so the value is just there i mean we’ve all been to the department stores or looked in the magazines and we’ve gosh you know actually i have accidentally purchased sheets and i only

Purchased the flat sheet i got it home i was excited and the way they wrap it right they stick the cardboard in the thing they were sold separately like you know what i mean so many times when you want designer prints and colors like this you have to purchase the pillowcases separately pillow cases you know everything is separate and so it really adds up very

Quickly but here at south street loft we want to remedy all of that for you we want to just be easy and breezy and you get these home and it’d just be wonderful wonderful quality that you have for a very long time and we think every single bed in your home should have the same amount of attention your twin should have multiple of the same quality your queens should

Have multiple of the same quality i have a king bed as well and it has multiple of the same quality so many times the king bed you have like one great one and then all the others are kind of because they’re generally expensive so now you can have the same great quality on all your beds plenty in the linen closet for a wash day yes you know just go ahead and switch

It out real easy you don’t have to do the laundry that day and throw out the ratty sheets i have to say that to myself sometimes she’s like oh i really love these sheets yeah we got to be the the best friends of it yeah you know replace it yeah get rid of them this is that if we tell you anything about this out just get rid of the yucky sheets that you have and

Stop stressing out you’re right about having to like what we that’s what we went through with our bed like i said we had the sleep number for anyone out there but i have the top split and we don’t we know we really don’t move it that much so i bought the king and i bought them also because these are 26.95 and the other ones were 273 but that’s just me that’s kind

Of the difference yep and i love microfiber so just to put it out there that easily you can do that as well we are shipping it to you for free okay you’re seeing something on your screen i want to talk about oh first of all a clock yeah the clock just went up on your screen we will hit that 24 000 mark right around the corner gray foliage still the most popular uh

The one of several where the twin there’s fewer than 100 twin xl about 60 and the cal king about 40. so that’s all we have left in that uh gray foliage and the other size is the twin the queen and the king we have a couple hundred available in each one of the those but you also see the qr code i love this so the qr code that is in the bottom you see that on the

Bottom left hand side of your screen all you do take your phone right and you can stand i think quite far away from it also you can’t understand it right it will take you not only right it will take you right to these sheets we talk about shopping how easy it is to shop again you know with the app definitely do that because you don’t want to have to wait

And we have a lot of people that are in that waiting process and we thank you for your patience we’ll get there as quickly as we can because the bottom line is people are not buying one people are buying more than one as you should and i understand that with a sheet you can’t get it you can’t really understand what an amazing night sleep this is going to give you

What it’s going to feel like until you get them home but once you get it home and once you sleep on it you’ll be like why didn’t i and listen they’re going up to 39.95 which is still a killer price but they’re 70 dollar sheets think about that these are seventy dollars so right now right now by the way 26.95 you can buy three sets of these right almost three sets

Of these easily two sets of these and have money left over and a lot of people are making their first purchase to hsn i thank you so much for that because we are loving it like uh i think it’s over at 1200 people have done that but made the first purchase this is a great first purchase for everyone and i know we have only like a little over a minute should we go

Through all the choices again sure thing that would be fine let’s do it let’s do it i don’t know what my favorite is i mean i just i look at these i’m like well gosh i’m going to redecorate you know i suppose in the same thing so here we have obviously this is that gorgeous peaceful calming serenity blue it’s like a wedgewood blue just a beautiful gorgeous blue

And then the aqua and even next to the colors if you like just solids you can see how the aqua sort of really teams up beautifully and calmly with all the other colors and then that’s that lilac you know oh i love it i love it lilac also that’s your that’s your color yeah oh i do i do love it because it’s my amethyst birthstone so it does speak to me and then in

Terms of the solids the obviously we have white we always have to have a beautiful sharp crisp white and then here’s the one mine that i grab and that’s the terra cotta so those are all of the solids as you can see that we have available then to the print so i’ll just grab this one first because this one here is that black and white i’m talking about i’m talking

About our fabulous friend bill green who has a very modern home if you like something modern i love the modern lines of this the simple lines of this adore it with just the white and then oh stephanie you have i have of the beautiful navy leopard it’s a very unique something you’ve never seen before what a splash of personality well with the white or the serenity

Blue perfect we have the very popular gray foliage so this is beautiful and the background of this is kind of like a brushed as well so i think that’s really interesting you see like little striations on that on that right so lots of dimension when yeah when you get the attention on this one and then next to that is our brush strokes brush strokes so that’s lovely

And that’s on the bed pairs very nicely with the terracotta pairs with the terracotta as you can see but if you have some pink tones at home and some other pinky details in your house then this would probably pair very well with that too exactly and then we have the uh green fields i love this one i think it’s a really beautiful kind of a soft sage almost like

Between a mint and a sage and i think that’s really nice lots of beautiful detail i like it with the aqua too so if you’re a plant mama then this is kind of exactly if you are that mama and all of them today 70 dollar retail value hsn price 39.95 which means any remaining tonight at midnight that price goes up to 39.95 right now 26.95 five flex pay so it’s 5.39

Any credit card by the way on our flex pay zippo interest no interest so think about how crazy that is to get home and we’re shipping them to you for free so it’s like as if we got in a little van and drove them to their house ourselves i mean i do it that’d be fun it would be really really fun so at item number 796405 please stay right here twin twin xl full

Queen king california king and double double double pillowcases and double brushed as well so all right stay right here and we are we said we’re going to continue to build the beautiful bed for everyone so we are now going to go into the comforter right so the

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