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South Street Loft Set of 2 Microfiber Sheet Sets

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Because as i mentioned this is a full hour of some of the absolute best savings we have ever offered on all of our top sellers in soft street loft and that brings us right into the beautiful set of two in our microfiber sheet set we just gave you a quick little preview already hundreds of these have been selected it is a customer pick on and you’re simply

Going to choose we’re going to go through all of the beautiful prints and then we have also your solid choices for you to choose from you’re getting a set of two that i’m going to repeat over and over again so you’re going to whether you’re choosing twin twin xl full we have queen we have king we have california king you’re going to receive two of everything two

Fitted sheets two flat sheets two um four pillow cases i’ll be two in the twin if you’re ordering the twin or the twin xl but double everything for what twelve dollars and change per sheet set and available with flex pay and a customer pick already can we for just a minute let’s start rob what do you say down here with one of our most popular look at how gorgeous

This print is it is so rich looking we’re calling that aqua medallion so you’ll receive one print and then you’re going to receive the solid in the aqua in the other full set okay then in the beautiful navies that’s called blue floral look how clean that is that’s what we have on the bed that we’re displaying here in the studio that’s going to come along with your

Solid white okay this is called how pretty this is wheat boho so it has this kind of boho insignia that you can see throughout in like a butter yellow and that’s going to come with a salad butter yellow in your solid color then we have i know this has been super popular how pretty is this to bring nature outside inside that’s olive that’s called olive leaves and

We have an olive a beautiful planter that we’re going to be showcasing at a great sale price as well that would work back if you’re going to be decorating that print okay this is what we’re calling neutral leopard so just a subtle gorgeous leopard print and that’s also your way of getting your solid white in your sheet set now let’s talk about solids so we have

What we’re calling blush and that’s going to be a softer pink with like almost a mauve or a blushy mauve color then we have your purple which is now very very limited so i don’t think um yeah fewer than 200 i have twin full oh and king okay that’s the other thing how great is that it doesn’t matter what size that you’re choosing in the purple uh everyone secures

This wonderful hsn price here is your blues so how beautiful is this you get a navy blue and then you get like a corn flower blue and then lastly we have this available in gray so the gray is going to be a softer gay gray and then we have like almost um like a taupey gray if you will so pretty great neutrals on that okay stephanie wow and you know i don’t want

To stop there because we’re also going to have accessories that are going to work back like right of course the blankets we have some wonderful shams coming up and and duvet covers and you name it but start right here oh my goodness what a special this is absolutely i’m so excited about this you know south street loft is known for our sheets so if you have been

Through your linen closet lately and you’ve seen some of your stuffs that are pilly and faded and you just need to refresh but not just replace you want to upgrade your sheets try ours out for size absolutely so just to give you some context and why we’re so excited about this price one of our four piece beloved sheet sets will often be 34.99 and that’s a fantastic

Price for a set of sheets honestly so to get two of them for the price today is fantastic it’s way better than a buy one get one so restock that linen closet restock for every one of your beds the reason why everyone loves are so much is you’ll notice that they’re not waxy or shiny and i have a lot of lights in my room right now lin they have this gorgeous matte

Finish very much like when you put beautiful foundation on your face it has like that matte finish to it very similar here it’s very cozy because we brush those thousands and thousands of microfibers per square inch so you can use this any time of year definitely lightweight enough to use heading into the warmer months though but the color is going to stay those

Beautiful prints aren’t going to fade we give you 15 inches in the pockets for plenty of accommodation if you have a mattress topper they’re shrink resistant and also wrinkle resistant which is one of my favorite favorite details now there are other fabrications in the marketplace but they don’t have all of those features and details that i just mentioned so that’s

Why these are just like that go-to you pull out of the linen closet when you have guests when you need it for your air mattress for your pull-out couch for the bunk beds to send your kids off to those dormitories we have those twin xl sizes for you as well as the twin xl for the split king beds too so everybody gets to have great sets of sheets in their linen closet

And in such stylish stylish prints and colors isn’t that great that’s the best part i always say when i look at this bed here or look at some of these beautiful prints that are exclusive it’s like you had a decorator come into your home and the thing we want everybody understand stephanie is that yes you know if you’re choosing one of the prints guess what we’ll

Have blankets to go back we’ll have comforters to go back if you’re choosing let’s say the aqua colors anything that we have in the collection that’s in aqua will work back so we keep those color patterns all consistent to whatever you’re choosing and we’re just showing you how fantastic some of these prints look even with mixing and matching with the solid that

You’re getting however you want to do so or give them out separately as gifts but the best way to describe the microfiber if you could just imagine touching how soft a rose petal would be that’s the exact but not heavy that is the exact feeling you get on the outside that you also get on the inside and i don’t care how many times you could wash these one million

Times and they will keep their color they will not peel on you that is the difference microfiber their game changer and you said it stephanie especially go in the spring and summer it’s a perfect weight just to update what cheats that you have or maybe it’s just time you’re tuning in you’re like oh my goodness i’m loving these prints i’m loving these solid colors

Um i’m gonna try it this is what i normally pay for a pack of you know two pillowcases and it’s true right most places you go um you’re purchasing everything separately you’re buying your fitted sheets separately then you’re buying your flat sheet and you’re hoping oh goodness especially if it’s print i hope they still have the matching flat shape flat sheet to

Go out with the fitted sheet and that just ends up it really does it ends up and it adds up at the end here twin twin xl through california king doesn’t matter everybody’s securing this price of 24.99 and let’s reiterate it’s a set of two so quickly if i can i want to go through colors one more time less than nine dollars we’re shipping these to you you have a

30 day money back guarantee as well so two separate so each one if you’re getting the prints or you’re getting the two different solids each one’s gonna have your fit your flat and your pillowcases depending on of course what size that you’re choosing that aqua medallion that is going very very very quickly it’s absolutely beautiful even just to update maybe you

Have some darker colors on your on your bedding right now and you just want something lighter and brighter so so pretty the print that blue floral is our most popular it’s so clean it’s very um oh you know that big kind of bahama designer that’s what it reminds me of and believe me it would not be 24.95 for a set of two sheets this is what we’re calling the wheat

Boho which is so fun i have fewer than 300 in that wheat boho uh the olive boy did you i hope we had a chance to see that on the bed they were just showing some video of it on the bed it’s called olive leaves and that’s going to come with the cream solid then we have the neutral leopard that was also so fun so cool looking on the bed that’s going to come with the

Solid white as your other set uh then we have your your blush which is a lighter and like a mauve color that’s also been super popular so pretty for a little girl’s room as well the purple uh definitely most limited only about 100 remaining and then we have your blues which will be the navy blue and cornflower blue and then lastly we have this available in the

Gray so with all the hundreds of people right now in the ordering process we are beyond busy i promise you this is going to be a really exciting hour to update your your home and the other thing is stephanie we’re not going to see these prints anywhere else right explain what the whole concept of south street loft is all about right so south street loft is one

Of our in-house proprietary brands with hsn and we are exclusive um and we really pride and pride ourselves on bringing you gorgeous kind of on-trend colors and prints and things that are going to be cheerful for your home that are going to set the mood for your home but at really great prices and with really great quality so we’re kind of just that go-to place if

You need bedding essentials if you want to refresh a bedroom if you want beautiful faux full foliage for your home or accents like lanterns we really have something for everyone and we have 100 and almost 140 items on our south street loft collection right now so take a peek online if there’s other things that you need but i also love lin that we’re giving you two

Different yet complimentary sheet sets in one if you see a double pack on the marketplace typically they would be identical but that’s not any fun right it’s way more fun to have two sets of sheets that go very well together look great so when you mix and match them even within one bed it’s really exciting you know you can really add that layered look which is so

Popular um in magazines and on social media you can create that or you can keep it really clean and simple as i have done in my room with just one solid set with a beautiful wheat boho so i love that and then when it is laundry day lynn i can strip my bed and i can quickly put the other set back on and it’s that same quality it’s that same color tone so i don’t

Have to completely redecorate and my bed doesn’t have to be left unmade which is so common on laundry day because we forget that the sheets are in the washer and we forget to put them in the dryer and that whole thing right exactly and you know it’s the beauty of having the double so the great thing is um when you do put them in the dryer and they are drying guess

What when you take them out nothing makes me crazier when i take out my sheets and they are a wrinkled mess and last thing i want to tell you right now i’m going to do is iron i don’t have the time and i’m not going to do it it’s just not happening these will never wrinkle on you they’re beautifully saturated so they’re not going to lose their color we had some

Questions that you might have a feather bed or a pillow topper this also has on the fitted sheet the extra um stretch onto onto it so no issues there we have listened to you we are very very busy so a couple of ways just to make sure you’re able to get there especially with your first um choice that you’re making if it’s this navy floral which is going very very

Quickly or maybe it’s the aqua medallion or maybe it’s the purple or whatever it may be that is your go-to it’s simple you can take advantage of flex pay you can read the reviews because remember this is a customer pick on already so how many now have been soaking for over 28 000 well i am not surprised in least absolutely not and we have such a

Wide range of sizes so twin twin xl we have full we have queen we have king and california king and on that’s also nice because let’s say you know you have your color choices right there they’ll tell you what sizes are available for you so that might give you a chance to go back and grab another one or however you want to do it it is a two pack so this would

Be a phenomenal price to stephanie’s point because typically we do our microfiber sheets for just a one you know one set at like 34.99 which is still outstanding so this is for the two pack so we’ll keep you updated there i mentioned that the whole goal of south street loft is having like a designer a decorator coming in your home and keeping everything consistent

So we want to showcase some other terrific specials that we have available for you including our lightweight plush blanket and it’s going to be a very quick special but let me take you through first off the prints and i have

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South Street Loft Set of 2 Microfiber Sheet Sets By HSNtv