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South Street Loft Set of 2 Microfiber Sheet Sets

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Boiling already we’re boiling over with our deals right if you’re watching last week this will be familiar to you i again want to thank cheryl who works here who made this happen you’re about to see the biggest deal i’ve ever sold in sheets on hsn ever this is microfiber proprietary our signature collection won’t wrinkle and crinkle like regular sheets doesn’t shrink

Or pill like regular sheets is breathable one set one set of microfiber sheets normally on hsn costs around 39.99 i’d say that’s a fair average price around 40 we knocked the price down from 39.99 to 24 99 but we added something else in and that was the second set of microfiber sheets so it’s time to grab it for not one but two complete sets of our signature

Microfiber sheets at 24.99 this is not a mistake this is absolutely real uh last week we had a preview to this and we sold many many many many thousands 24 000 to be precise obviously i’m down to the last um let’s quickly go through colors this is going to be your beautiful i believe olive leaves with olive leaves you’ll get a print and then you’ll get the eye

Very solid only 500 remain in all sizes all the way up to california king this in this one there’s only twin xl now okay twin xl full and queen if you want this color i apologize next is blush you get the softer blush and you get that beautiful darker color really popular nice and happy this is going to be that i believe what we’re calling in the system the purple

Softer and stronger in terms of the colors you get two complete sets this is the blue you’ll get a lighter and a darker and then at the end we’ve got our gray you get a soft grain of dark gray on the bed i have natural leopard natural leopard print and then you get white you’ll also get a set of the white solid white sheets so that means two flat sheets two fitted

Sheets and four pillow cases the best deal ever on sheets that i’ve ever been a part of these are our premium best quality and it’s only while supplies last i’m going to get cozy because these are already going to sell i just lost the purple okay purple’s gone so we’re doing another grab it half hour at 11 30 through midnight that’s what’s going to be the story

I’ll just put these over here a second that’s what’s going to be the story of the night let’s dive in stephanie rantz voice of south street lofts is here stephanie it’s great to see you again an extraordinary deal two complete sets of our best-selling microfiber sheets oh yeah this is so great adam i love these look at this how they float and just kind of glide

Right over your body this is what everyone just loves and raves about our sheets and this is our number one selling fabrication so even though the deal is amazing and you’re kind of doing a double take right now don’t worry this is still that number one selling fabrication that is oh so cozy against your skin because we brush those fibers it’s got a gorgeous matte

Finish as you can see it’s wrinkle resistant fade resistant and shrink resistant and the thing is is so many of our beloved fans have come back for more than one set so basically this dual set is kind of like a thank you to all of you and to make it super convenient so that you don’t have to pay for shipping and handling twice you’re getting two in one batch so

That’s amazing and let’s just talk about how convenient two high quality sheet sets are to have in the linen closet on laundry day we always have great intentions now you can strip your bed and immediately make that bed right again so you’re not waiting for it to drop wash in the washer dry in the dryer and then how many of us myself included completely forget and

It’s like nine o’clock at night and your family’s kind of like mom my my bed’s not made so remedying that situation all together how convenient also for dormitories right i think that back at college there adam on laundry day i would strip my bed i would head to the community laundry room there would be a line out the door right of everybody else i’m like oh i’m

Definitely not going to do laundry today or i’d get there and the washer and dryer would have a big out of service sign on it so you need to have multiple sets for all of these convenient reasons don’t you agree i want to lock the doors and make this dream last forever i don’t want to ever stop talking about these sheets i never want this price to go away i want

This to be here every day of the week every month of the year of course that’s just a wild fantasy because it’s selling out right now i want to show you something some good news this is blue floral i have some of these in stock it wasn’t out here originally but i do have some in stock our team managed to bring it out we started with 6 000 i have 900 left if you

Want the blue floral i do have some you get a blue floral and you get the white i’ve lost size california king now in this but i have the other sizes available guys i i i take for granted that everybody’s been with us for so many years but many of you i know maybe are just joining us for the very first this bed’s moving for the very first time if you just kind

Of stop a second and think when you’ve been into the stores and you’ve looked at sets of sheets what kind of prices have you seen because one set of sheets i don’t mean basic anybody can buy the cheapy stuff i don’t mean that i mean the high-end stuff this is the premium microfiber that feels so luxurious that won’t wrinkle and crinkle or crease that doesn’t

Shrink or pill or fade set of these at 24.99 would be amazing two sets that’s twelve dollars and change per set of sheets this has never happened before ask colleen ask amy ask tamra ask shannon ask suzanne ask any of the hosts have you ever sold us two pack of sheets for 24.99 i know what they’ll say what where are they give me them now because this is a crazy

Deal which is why i have more people ordering these than anything else in the show so far anything else now all good things must come to an end i never liked that saying but you know obviously here it’s true because as much as i love selling sheets two sets of sheets of 24.99 we won’t be doing this ever i mean i just don’t i mean it’s like a clearance deal it

Is a clearance deal i don’t know how to describe it okay i’m gonna do colors one more time our quantity counter jumping 10 at a time i am seeing a time limit of four minutes left on this grab it so i want you to really really grab it really quickly um can guys can you just take a shot of the um dr ho we are 10 minutes away from a natural pain relief system very

Premium proprietary technology fda cleared class 2 medical device normally hundreds of dollars we have a customer appreciation door buster tonight at 10 pm that will bust down all the doors stay with me okay olive leaves olive leaves is over here olive leaves means you get the olives leaves print and you get the solid in the ivory two sets two sets that’s the

Flat sheet the fitted sheet and the four pillow cases this is that beautiful blush i get the soft pink and i get the stronger pink again two complete sets of sheets at this price this is the blue floral it needs no introduction everybody’s loving it what a lovely refreshment for the summer time you’ll get this and the solid white i have fewer than 700 left at blues

Let’s think about bedrooms son’s bedroom any bedroom but we get the lighter blue and we get the stronger navy blue two complete sets of sheets again 24.99 at the end i’ve got the grays really popular the grays are there soft gray dark gray two complete sets stephanie that’s the only thing that i you know other than it being two sets of 24.99 i’m really obsessed

That people know this isn’t the type of cheapy sheet set that you see at like the introductory level in a regular discount store this is our world famous best-selling signature collection it’s the best we do in the line of microfiber exactly it really is and this is one of our proprietary brands south street loft so that means that you know we have seen all the

Different sheets that have walked through our doors and we have hand-picked all of those wonderful features and methods so we brush our microfibers we give you those nice deep pockets that stretch to 15 inches my mattress here is 11 inches plus a concierge collection mattress topper of course i have one so that adds to 13 inches and now this goes all the way down

And over my corners so that when i move my adjustable base which this is it doesn’t pop off in the middle of the night which is so convenient so all of these different things the wrinkle resistance the fade resistance the shrink resistance we have remedied all of those common problems you often have with other sheet sets and then take a look at how they float and

Glide these are perfect for any time of year any season any month any climate my mom lives in the pacific northwest she uses our brushed microfiber 90 of the time i live down here in the southeast i use ours 90 of the time as well so if you’re some a family that moves from different region to region maybe with the military this is a perfect uh sheet set to have in

Your linen closet think about anyone if you’re doing potty training for your little kids or your grandkids it’s nice to have extra cheat sets as well so all kinds of lifestyle reasons is so perfect to have these we love it and we love you stephanie thank you so much for presenting it with us tonight obviously all of america is shopping for these right now stephanie

We’ll see you a little bit later on for more grabbits looking forward to it thanks adam thank you stephanie we are t-minus eight minutes before dr ho world-class chiropractor joins us live via skype from new york city to talk about his world famous tens system with proprietary technology we’re going to end this hour though with the ultimate guest experience at a grab it

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