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South Street Loft Set of 2 Microfiber Sheet Sets

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Exclusive here at hsn and we take big concepts in the name you know world of linens and you know textiles and then we make it better and then oh it’s a two for price i’m serious okay do you see i gotta do this i can’t see the screen 29.95 are you crazy it’s two sets of sheets so that means two flat sheets two fitted sheets four pillows yes two in each of the prints

Or the colors yes mind blown and then they even come in this great packaging now what’s interesting about this is um it’s not like two of the blue floral right so let’s take everybody on a tour of the colors i love that i love that we’re giving you complimentary pears right out the gate so that you can really create your own special look on your bed so over here

We have our blue floral beautiful leaves and that is paired with this beautiful optic white then we have a rose paired with this blush and we have this beautiful slate gray paired with this dove and then of course on the bed we have this neutral leopard paired with the optic white so total fall vibes right shannon okay 15. i mean honestly this is mind-blowing i

Told stephanie and by the way since we did our last airing of our today’s special i might even grab that big old pail i get to make this of this day only i get to make this this day only i’m serious about that so what’s so crazy about that is well even if you’re new to hsn you can probably figure that out i mean that price is for today it is very very very limited

Though so remember you choose your size and then your uh pattern selection and then if you are looking remember you can always go to you know sometimes when we’ve got very short presentations i don’t like to to waste your time with like i’ve got 40 of this and i’ve got 20 of that i mean just because we’ve got less than 10 minutes or sellout on this stephanie

We talked about the value again it is killer that that basically is a today’s special price and that’s what this day only is that’s why but we don’t have a lot of them let’s talk fabrication though because that’s also part of the great story isn’t it it is so even though the price is absolutely amazing well you have absolutely amazing fabric to go along with it so

This is our signature south street loft soft hand as i call it this is double brushed microfiber so it’s so wonderful and cozy against your skin it’s got those cozy microfibers that feel kind of like a subtle peach fuzz or like a rose petal softness it is so perfect especially for these transitional months when it’s still a little bit hot still a little bit cold

This is going to be great but it’s lightweight enough shannon sometimes which this microfiber you don’t worry about pilling right exactly fading or it is also not a la carte pricing meaning if you need to go big if you need to go small times two times two but the thing about this is it’s kind of like a goldilocks weight isn’t it because not all no and correct me

If i’m wrong it might be helpful to even give people a little edumacation i think sometimes people think oh you know microphone all microfiber is created a light but that’s really not true is it it’s not you know out in the marketplace maybe you have tried microfiber and maybe you weren’t impressed with it right what we do with our brushed microfiber is we take

Those thousands and thousands of tiny finely and densely woven fibers per square inch we’ve brush them once we say oh that’s soft and then we come back through and we brush it again so that’s why it feels so incredible it feels very luxurious it feels like a high-end thread count it does it’s so amazing but it’s so easy to care for too so machine wash cold tumble

Dry low beautiful four inch hem at the top mirrored over onto the pillowcases and i love that we’re not giving you two identical sets of sheets this is way more fun shannon genius okay just to be clear this is for this show this is for this show the price goes up at midnight when you see suzanne with that brand new today’s special by the way you can actually go to and buy that today’s special early you didn’t hear it from me that’s cool but so this is the natural with the leopard so this is now just to be clear this is one choice exactly this is this is one choice you’re getting the whole thing then we’re calling this what blue floral blue floral floral with the white okay then we have the blush but it was more like

A rose with the blush combo and then we have the gray choices so kind of a slate gray with that silvery dove gray yeah would you say more like a grange do you know what i’m talking about like a more um you know that you know when they when they charge more money for stuff why do they come up with a new name i don’t think that grange was in like crayola box when i

Was growing up but i mean it’s not very fancy very fancy with it it’s a very fancy color it’s a very fancy color yeah this is important though too especially for someone like me um i have a terrible it’s hard for me to make a bed you know just because of dexterity issues and the last thing i need is that fitted sheet you know flapping open and poking me in the eye

In the middle of the night and there’s a special design that actually gives you like a more of a customized fit isn’t there yeah exactly so the pocket depth is 15 inches with wiggle room up to about 17 inches so lots of accommodation if you have one of our concierge collection mattress toppers like i do and practically everyone does or if you get a new mattress

That’s a little bit higher maybe in a few years you don’t have to change out all of your linens plus we give you elastic that goes all the way around the fitted sheet not all brands do that sometimes they only put it in the corners of the fitted sheet and then you have that problem that shannon was mentioning they pop up off of the mattress in the middle of the

Night or i have adjustable bases in my home super common nowadays the header moves the footer moves and you want them to hug your mattress nice and taut so we give you all of those bells and whistles we give you plenty of um you know options as well in terms of decorating and making that curated kind of dimensional look that you see in magazines and in on instagram

And in department stores so i love that we’re balancing this nice pattern with this beautiful optic white and you can just create that kind of dimension that you see can i ask you kind of a silly or but a basic question like if i have a split king then would i would i do two twins if you have a split king bed you would get two to an xl two twin x yeah okay oh but

Isn’t that fun because now you can have little pizzazz with beautiful colors beautiful prints even with that unique sizing oh that would be so cool exactly well remember um it is his and herself look at it that way right and remember that it’s just this is a steal of a deal i mean it just is this is a screaming deal this is like another today’s special but at this

Day only just remember um just like the name you would surprise it is for this day only and this is the only airing stephanie came in for me as part of our friday night show and definitely take advantage of it whether you’re discovering our sheets or textiles for the very first time or if it’s just time for i don’t know like a little makeover now that labor day

Has passed and the kids are back in school it’s nice to have that instant makeover and boy the sheets matter don’t they oh they definitely do they touch every inch of your body we spend about a third of our lives sleeping on our beds this is a material that really does matter and you want it to be very durable to withstand all of the washings right and so brushed

Microfiber is a very durable fabrication all of those fibers are finely and densely woven together so it’s wonderful and i love that you’re getting a two pack so when you strip the bed on laundry day you can immediately go to your law to your linen closet and make the bed immediately you don’t have to be waiting for that one set in the washer and then we forgot to

Dry it and then everyone’s waiting for it so this is wonderful to have these on hand and i love that we’re giving you for example the neutral leopard here it has all of those beautiful tones right now heading into fall yeah and that is a neutral yeah so if you want a little pizzazz something a little different but you’re going to add some pumpkins maybe a beautiful

Fall garland on your headboard a beautiful throw at the foot of the bed you can imagine how beautiful this bedscaper should be but you are sleeping on our number one selling fabrication our beautiful double brushed microfiber and it’s so easy to clean and care for at the same time it is you know so i’ll just ask how did you sleep last night and i mean seriously and

I know yes we think of our mattresses i know we think of our you know toppers and things like that but the truth is it’s kind of like wearing a scratchy garment like as an example i forgot to cut out the tag on this sweater and i’m telling you this whole show i’m like i tagged that tag that tag you know the the things that are more intimate against our skin there

Is kind of that familiar and that comfort factor i mean again i mean it makes me think i got that dock on tag it’s driving me crazy and i think we’ve all had our favorite pair of shorts or our favorite pjs that lived in t-shirt this this is that fabrication that becomes that favorite new feel fabric like it’s just like a little baby’s skin like a little uh who is

It marlo who says puppies here yes you know i watch us too yeah and it is it’s just like that nice soft subtle see what i’m using other people’s lines that’s you know when it’s time to go home because so many of the hosts own these sheets yeah you know we all own these and sleep on these i’m gonna go home and sleep on these tonight is that comfortable and that

Amazing and if you have someone that is learning how to do laundry my seven-year-old is going to be learning pretty quick so easy i know she could come over to my house i will that sounds great you know or maybe you have someone in the dormitories that needs a couple extra sets or maybe you have um a granddaughter with a new apartment and her linen closet is very

Sparse well maybe help her fill it with this dual pack this is the only dual pack in our entire collection so this is perfect and perfect timing heading into these transitional months as i said because this fabrication is cozy yet lightweight at the same time for all those layering pieces you might be doing i mean it’s fabulous and remember it’s a twofer it’s a

Twofer it’s a two for it’s 15 a piece and then you get these wonderful curated patterns as well so remember i think the the natural or that neutral leopard with that um that is the most popular and i think that’s probably your best choice in terms of size availability so and then um oh and remember if you go to you can also get details on your size kind

Of like our fashions here at hsn we’re also offering free exchanges which is awesome our fall favorites at and remember even if it’s our shark wand back if there’s a color that you decide oh i should have got that other color then don’t worry because you just call us and we will take care of the rest we love that boy all things in my life should be so easy

I mean seriously right oh sorry steph take hold of my throat oh well this is so exciting so if you’re looking to build your bedscape then we have the most amazing new comforter set for you it’s actually 5

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South Street Loft Set of 2 Microfiber Sheet Sets By HSNtv