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South Street Loft Set of 3 Microfiber Sheet Sets

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Complete sets of microfiber sheets this is well first of all 64.95 for three sets of microfiber sheets pricing on so many things you know has gone up we’re doing in this what has to be one of the all-time low prices so you’ll get three fitted sheets you get three flat sheets you get six pillowcases two with each set beautiful solid color our signature microfiber

That has now really not only become famous here at the network it’s become one of the most beloved fabrications we have because with microfiber it’s anti-wrinkle it’s anti-crinkle it’s anti-crease it won’t shrink on you or pill on you or fade on you like so many other sheets do beautiful quality this is what we have at our home we sleep on the microfiber sheets

From south street loft every single night so i can’t speak highly enough about them 64.95 while supplies last the color on the bed is i believe that beautiful pink but there’s many others to choose from as well from a white to a yellow to a sage to a silver to a light blue to an aqua and so much more um steph let’s get into this because we love the look we

Love the palette especially as we think about brighter days after the gloomy winter but these sheets at any price are spectacular oh yes absolutely well as you know adam we have sold hundreds of thousands of our beloved and wildly popular brushed microfiber and you’ll notice that this in particular set is a three pack so it’s kind of like getting our number one

Fabrication in bulk but these are also embossed if you take a nice close-up look there so these are premium these are gorgeous it’s like those sheets when you go to a really nice hotel and you look up close and they’ve got oh this kind of embossed texture there oh what’s that that this is what that is and so now you can have your home feel like a hotel if you will

Let me show you the packaging here i always like to show you what it’s going to look like if you happen to get this as a gift beautiful packaging and all three sets complete sheet sets are going to come in this one package so you’ll notice that this is the smooth set here this one here is the swiss embossed set and this is the windowpane embossed set all included

In one great package and it is our beloved number one selling fabrication with those nice pockets that stretch to 15 inches let me show you here um 15 inch pocket that actually stretches to 17 excuse me stretches to 17 inches there plenty of elastic to go all the way around and check this out adam we added the little tags in the sides so that you now know which

Direction your sheets go when you put them on the bed so all the details are included and that softness as well which is absolutely the most important because we’re washing our sheets so much more and you want them to be very very durable at the same time so all you have to do is choose your favorite color and the size that you need i do love a good bargain and

I don’t think there’s any argument that this is a great bargain limited in a couple of colors including the white and that beautiful soft yellow last call there on all sizes nobody will pay more so twin twin xl full queen king of california king it’s that same low price again you’re seeing the aqua you’re seeing that beautiful tan you saw the white you saw seeing

The pink the light blue the yellow that we have as well and of course the white that’s there if we could get a close-up over here of the aqua this is a great example we’ve laid all three sets out so just like stephanie said there’s that solid that plain and simple and in that sense it’s a good plain and simple but then in fact let me hold it up because it’s really

Hard to see like that but here are the other two again solid color but there’s the window pane can you just see that very subtle design element that’s in there it says the window pane and then we’ve got the swiss dot that again adds a little bit more flair as a little bit more personality but again isn’t going too wild and out of the box but it just adds a little

Bit of visual interest when you put it on your bed and you think about your bed your bed in your bedroom is the single biggest piece of real estate right so when you refresh the sheets when you refresh the color when you change it out it adds so much of a new feeling a blank canvas that really has a new sensation when you walk in and see that color so let’s try

Something new let’s try the aqua let’s try the soft yellow let’s go with that beautiful soft pink again not one not two but three complete sets of our signature microfiber sheets the one with hundreds and hundreds of reviews you know stephanie so many of us have spent so much money on different types of sheets different thread counts over the years it’s funny how

With our microfiber sheets quite honestly they are perhaps the least expensive of any sheets you’ve ever bought but are the highest rated because it checks off everything on your sheet wish list right it does and the reason why is because south street loft is one of our hsn proprietary brands and so our team is brilliant and they have seen every set of sheets that

Have walked through our doors and they have seen all the issues that can come with other brands and this and that from elsewhere from other retailers etc and they said let’s create that amazing set of sheets that everyone just loves and agrees upon right so that’s what we did we’re giving you those nice deep pockets they’ve stretched to 17 inches they feel like

Rose petals against your skin they’re not super shiny and slick and waxy like other sheet sets are these have a beautiful kind of rose petal finish to them if you will and they have a matte finish as you can see aside from the beautiful embossed detail which does kind of have a subtle sheen to it and so that’s when you really notice it when it catches the light so

The best of both worlds with our brushed microfiber which is very unique and very popular as well now just to give you a little more inspiration our beautiful sage here goes beautiful with any of the kind of lavender spring vibes that you might be decorating with highly recommend perhaps the yellow is speaking to you this is a more soft yellow not super blinding

Vibrant but also not pastel it’s really nice and beautiful right in between look how pretty it looks with maybe some pink elements lovely for your spaces i mean i love watching those decorating shows i love kind of sprucing up my spaces from time to time so if you enjoy that too this is definitely the set to have in your linen closet and i know so many of us are

Doing additional washings now because we’re just more aware of cleanliness which is very important if you think about it adam sheets are kind of like a giant net they capture our oil and fur and pet dander and you know our skin cells and everything and it just kind of like captures it like a net right here so you do need to be washing your sheets a little bit

More hence why you need a durable fabrication that is also lightweight enough to use for the warmer months yet it is cozy enough to use when those cooler months hit again as well well we’re excited so many people are ordering it’s a chance to just have something nice new and cozy in our show home sweet home i love the color choices and i’m really grateful that

You did what you just did stephanie great inspiration showcasing modern home design home decor and the colors that we’re looking for lighter brighter area and happy so happy when you see these colors again this one that’s on the bed is going to be that beautiful pink that we have this now the most limited as well as the yellow 64.95 gets you three complete sets

So maybe that’s one on the bed one in the linen closet one in the wash having three is better than having one and quite honestly we would sell one set of microfiber sheets here on hsn for anywhere between 35 and 49 so to get three for 65 is a really fabulous deal i think a lot of us when it comes to sheets we get frustrated because they come out of the wash the

Dryer they’re really wrinkled they’re really creased so many times you get a new set of sheets and you wash it one time and all of a sudden all of a sudden the pillow is sticking out the end it’s like the pillowcase has shrunk on you well these will not shrink on you they won’t pill on you they won’t fade on you so many sheets you find that the color is lost so

Quickly so quickly it won’t happen with this at all and that’s why people have gone gaga for microfiber sheets i mean again it’s what without doubt of all the sheets that we have at home we always go back to microfiber the reality is stephanie for all the wonderful functional uh features that it has it’s the comfort people describe it like the inside of a bunny’s

Ear or a rose petal whichever way you want to describe it it’s just super super soft oh yeah i mean we brush our microfiber and that’s why so many of our south street loft friends and fans come back to our sheets again and again which is why we’re offering a three pack because it’s just easier for you since so many people were coming back again and again we said

Let’s help them out and just give them a three pack since they love them so much so that’s kind of what inspired this honestly was just the sheer popularity of our single sets but i will say it’s unique because we have beautiful brand new colors which you can see here and these are embossed so these are that elevated luxury gorgeous kind of sheets you see in those

High-end hotels that you’re able to get we don’t offer a single set of our embossed sheets this is the only way to scoop them up so absolutely purchase these for yourself for your twin xl beds that you have maybe it’s a split king or a dormitory ship these off to your college student that’s perfect too bunk beds pull out couches air mattresses the rv you could

Have a whole set in the rv because i know rvs tend to have like three beds even in one trailer so this can be very convenient for so many reasons and i love all the colors because i like to designate a specific color for each room in my home i have a twin i have a queen and i have a king so i have a basket for each and every room and a color in every basket makes

Laundry day just so much more efficient oh my gosh you are so good okay um stay in the ordering process for yours we love this inspiration with stephanie uh stay right there we’ll let you know when a few of these colors are sold out remember no matter what size everybody pays that same low price as well still to come on our home sweet home show today it’s the shark one vac it is magical

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South Street Loft Set of 3 Microfiber Sheet Sets By HSNtv