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Speluitleg Pandemic

Dit is een speluitleg van Pandemic. Zijn er zaken onduidelijk? Zet ze in de commentaren of neem even contact op met de winkel! Kan deze uitleg beter? Vertel ons waarom, we zijn hier nog nieuw in en dan kunnen we er van leren!

Welcome to the short game the guts to be pandemic pandemic is a cooperative game where you together try to save the world from four pandemics the goal of the game is to develop 4 drugs before things get out of hand fleece conditions are about to come into play now lays down for two players and this is different from that of three and four players explanation can be found

On the first page of the book we assume that the game is ready soon look further game then the neighborhood order is here indicate how and plays it looks like when it is your turn q4 perform actions that i will explain further in a moment then draw two playing cards you do what happens there then the cities will continue to be infected because as soon as we have done

Ourselves the games continue and immediately against us who tries for it doesn’t win you have 8 possible actions when i start a bit clear but luckily they are all once here on this sheet everyone has already put that oil in front of you on one side are the actions the simplest action is that your puppets don’t mind adjacent city that is connected with a line so for an

Action shrink on the here go for two actions you can trick in it so for 4 actions you can for example go to paris in a two three four then your turn is also over the second possibility that has a direct flight then a card that you have in hand may be discarded on the discard pile and q fly directly to the position that is on it the other way around it also works if you go

To a city to the hand put in this case riaad then you can fly from that city to any city of your choice that is called a charter flight so in this case make sure for an action to stoutenburg starts here for an action to iaat be able to fly over places and then card faria lose it to go to any city brackets anything goes for the good id ee because the cubes are disease and

Those trying to keep control i’ll come back to that last move research centers are packed and start one can let more build and suggested is a second very kind of board then you can for a thank you to between research centers the travel research centers build quickly second good idea dense one of because i can easily go to a hotspot what back of the map are other options

Build research center the maps are multifunctional so first of all use chris to travel with can also use to build research centers set your research center in sydney tree do you need that map so you can move and city late has easier then we assume that you are already on cindy then you can discard the map of sydney to build our center there those maps are so very important

For several reasons and the main reason is also you can play a game mika or together i will come back to that and if you have five of the same card you can discard in the research center and i get the medicine of that color so you discard five red card get the red medicine when all the medicine so it found that together the game also not unimportant you can remove a block

Before an action the position starts here you can say so two steps to montrĂ©al pink gray oh and then you can use the last reactions to remove his buddies you can also say i’m going to french erg quickly sometimes you have to leave a block for a week and the cream further that is entirely up to you if the action scenes are whole if you want as the last action you can play a

Card for example again is not the other given my for where that you together we the see your own city-state then give it to another player to complete the recipe easily, but put them together very tired to get to the city and that it will be nice when you have done 4 actions continues turn just an example point they set starting situation well what you want as few diseases

As possible cubes on the field preferably no cities with reese disease cubes the season tsi why order white starts white chance family material instead of two actions only two get two books three four i go back to stock then your turn is over then you had two new cards one two and the one in front netherlands the maximum of 7 hand now it’s done don’t infect cities that’s

This pile and start closed infection goes on second means your two cards are down in this case karachi and nina and you put a chip of the relevant color there this is what the turn looks like now play the others quiet who wants to go to buenos aires today is also a mess i then go in for a 2 comments is boring and can it just leave a block that has been used pass it again

So you take okay two cards what you see here is an economy card depending on the difficulty because between four and six of shuffled when it is drawn what is the trouble first of all goes infection goes a fruit so in the end it is a stone must infect with a maximum of 4 then you take the bottom card it is clearly laid out there from the draw pile and with this case miami

And 3 chips are immediately placed and finally the cards you have had are shuffled and placed on top again and then he matches the cities infecting she is lancia now comes another chip and the laugh around it my kratie luckily bumps into not just a chip but a stripe takes a city as an example like maybe pulling that is going very well fortunately i don’t make the environment

Right star trek miami then there will be no fourth visit light, but you have an outbreak and that it is certain that in every adjacent city there will be a physical had and then it goes down again with you had an outbreak this can also lead to a crash cat reaction tribes mexico step low also three chips also come an all adjacent cities and dirty and two out you have lost

8 outbreaks that game lying like this n chips of a color on bunch 6 new can replenish you also lost and that ctrack is with resources of his the card that helps no did you also ask ask you manage to there is a game and paul the color fight him and set white is on the stock market and those fifth last blue blocks and you have a medicine then disease is eradicated then you

Will never come again the battle here is a blue card nothing happens as a bonus but you don’t have to it is just about getting the four medicine find out good is optional but can be very useful are there any questions in fresh contact with the store or drop by have fun

Transcribed from video
Speluitleg Pandemic By De Dondersteen