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Srum com vitamina C – Natural e Vegano – Vivi Ferronatto Fitocosmtica

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O hello everyone, welcome to the channel vive ferronato that you are cosmetics and today i bring you a recipe for a facial serum with vitamin c so, everyone, i’m here today in a slightly different place. the weather has cooled down here in the south we have very low temperatures right the place where i usually record it is in an open area right so it’s very cold today there

And i believe that now for the winter with the rains i end up improvising and we make videos here from my room is ok i ask you to let me know how is the sound how is the image right that background it my choice really there for that area that i name a video is for the question of elimination today i i adapted it here to see how it turned out and i would really like your

Feedback so that i can be improving that you are understanding me and it is accessible to you and pleasant so that you can follow the recipes in the one at the back of the house where i really record in the summer, there are also some problems here, right, it’s the sound of the cicadas, the birds or they would use that pass, so it’s not an ideal situation, right? this is the

Way i have to be producing this content for you is the videos as you see they are homemade they are amateurs so i, within my possibilities, i have to do the best, right, everything that can be improved i will try to adjust i ask for your feedback, understand a little fix here and i brought some plants of something to make it pleasant and we know that having plants having

Animals around us we are producing cosmetics is not cool, it is not part of good manufacturing practices but these videos that i make for you are fortunately illustrative because you like it i visualize how i do it, right, an ideal situation, it’s really not your wooden workbench, it’s not with plants, animals around, right, the situation the ideal really extreme hygiene

White always gloves masks and caps lab coat anyway medium protection equipment and also palletized places so we today’s recipe so it’s a facial serum with vitamin c you asked a lot for this recipe and here it is hmm but before to start i want to bring some information about the ingredients that i consider in short the answer is developing the product to be suitable for your

Skin type that’s right as other agents we will be using in this formula some carboxymethylcellulose a also called cnc gum why me i’m choosing this gomes some wither it’s soluble both in cold water and in hot water and it’s very resistant i loved acids so as this product we’re going to make it has to be more acidic we opted for this gum so that ours were it stays inside of

A stability vitamin c is known clinically by the name of steel of the strings and it is very it is used in beauty products mainly in social products because it prevents premature aging it stimulates the production of collagen and it helps in lightening spots the vitamin c used in this residence ea vita the excitability is i will bring you a little of the difference between

Stabilized vitamin c and vitamin c heals that’s ascorbic acid right vitamin c heals is the molecule of steel in the strings and stable vitamin c it’s a derived form so it doesn’t trust like that and i don’t understand as you it becomes more stable, thus being able to be applied in cosmetics and products for sensitive or irritable skins already pure vitamin c, as it is an

Acid, it oxidizes very quickly in formulations that contain water, thus compromising the effectiveness of the product, but even so, it can be used pure vitamin c for oily skin and for normal skin, vitamin c has no contraindications, it can already be used in the second trimester of a pregnancy for example to be stenciles and with rosacea the indication is that it is used

In minas made available because it is softer it does not contain acid and it will not cause any type of irritation to the skin stabilized vitamin c can also be used for skin with melasma remembering the more sensitive the skin the faster the whitening of these spots would be and to finish two very important information first maximum concentration of use of vitamin c three

Percent in the formulation and remembering always and when to use products with vitamin c c it is essential that you use sunscreen we will also use aloe vera extract here we want a healing environment toning refreshing and also restores tissues we will also use jojoba oil which slows down premature aging and it helps with expression lines is essential that i stayed here

Is luiza’s rose oil 10% right but the essential oil really can be up to you right let’s go to the recipe for this recipe we will need it 82g of distilled water 14 grams of glycerinated aloe vera extract 05 g of cnc gum 2 grams of stabilized vitamin c one gram of oil jojoba vegetable 20 drops of essential oil of your choice one gram of spectrastat preservative one gram of

Vitamin e and citric acid for ph adjustment so here we can start our recipe right i already weighed all the ingredients and we are going to start solubilizing our vitamin c a and the amount of water you have the recipe ingredients you and stop 20g of distilled water for stakes answer organizing the vitamin c a and after solubilizing the vitamin c you will reserve and we

Will continue including the other ingredients we’re going to take our gum and mix it with the glycerin and then well then here you mix it well u ma gnv enters that there is no group after homogenizing well we can be including our vegetable oil after the vegetable oil so we can already print our vitamin c a hello painter, last little by little we are going to include our

Distilled water that you use in water distilled but you could be using some other aqueous extract, right, or even water hydrolate? it’s at this point for admiration that you might also be using a lot. so here at we can already include our essential oil if you want and a preservative and a natural antioxidant i left a little antioxidant and a preservative together what

We can already include the essential oil

And now one is very tasty too good morning, not only can we measure our

Bh and here we are with a ph between 4 and 6 and 5, right, and ch is adequate when so we would n’t need to make the adjustment with citric acid but if necessary you could be including a few drops to even correct it to more or less between 4 and 6 5 which would be the ideal ph it works or we won’t need it so today get it i’ll bottle it our product and i’ll be right

Back so guys , our product is ready, i hope you liked it remembering that every time you use these products, the text must also be using sunscreen, right? to be rehashing this formula, right? ok, but this is a simple base recipe so that you can be developing and reheating your formulation more guys i hope you enjoyed it if you liked it so subscribe to the channel turn on

Notifications so you don’t even have the next video and leave your like your comment and be interested produtinho tag me on instagram to see how it turned out ok a great one kiss and see you next time bye so

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Sérum com vitamina C – Natural e Vegano – Vivi Ferronatto Fitocosmética By Vivi Ferronatto Fitocosmética