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straighten ur main

tips to straighted ur beards

All my bearded brothers here’s another beard tutorial about beard straightening your hair now you don’t want to strain your beard until you have your product in until you comb that through like as you can tell i got product my beer is kind of all over the place so i kind of just want to straighten it now a company that i got mine from is a newman because they’re

Having a sale for like 15 bucks it’s not the best hair strainer i wish it had more dials i wish it would actually tell you the temperature but on this one it doesn’t it it’s just medium and high so high is red and medium is green you let that heat up like i mentioned you put in your beard products your beard um oils and then your beard bombs at in the morning

Comb that through also a nice tip if you want to get like a natural like straight beard straight beard comes with length so if you have like a beer that’s maybe maybe right here it might not be that easy another good tool is a curling brush now before i do all this i’m just gonna put that in the corner and let that heat up i usually grab like a hair dryer and i

Go up like this and then i just curl that like that i curl the hair and i pull it down and i i do that a couple of times with um medium heat and i blow it this way i don’t blow it down and then i come back up comb it all out and then i blow it down but i blow it down on cold heat and not medium heat and it’s the same exact method you’re just going to want to pull

Up and pretty much bring that hair all the way down so that’s one way if you don’t want to use a straightener since my straightener is nice and hot the very first step is just you’re going to want to straighten it down just like this i normally when i straighten my beard i hold my hair and that way it kind of just helps everything go straight down again not too

Many times center hold the beard center hold the beard center hold the beard and the ends are just quickly go through and again sides i the only reason why i actually like not like pull pulling my beard but gently tug it is because when you’re straightening it if you just go straight down you’re not going to get the full length when you pull it you’re actually

Like stretching your beard it’s not going to damage it because you’re not ripping it out but i but for my sides i normally straighten it and i kind of go this way like on my beard just like that like i i just pull in the opposite direction because a lot of times my sides are the most messed up parts of my beard so yes i i normally just straighten it pull it off

To the side straighten it pull it off to the side straighten it pull off to the side and then on this side i’m gonna do the same exact thing straighten it pull off to the side straighten it and just pull off to the side and pull off to the side and this this is just so your hair falls naturally down and same with the middle i i normally just go against it and

That way it gets rid of the beard curls and all the messed up parts again this side i’m just gonna straighten it going all the way across there strain it going all the way across there and then straighten everything down if you want to you can also comb your beard up with a wooden brush i don’t recommend anything plastic unless it’s a cat comb but with bigger

Beards you want a nice even like i’m not saying like it has big teeth but like with this one there’s little notches like right there and that can rip and pull out your beard hair and when you’re combing your beard you’re trying to pull out as little hair as possible so again i’m just going up looks crazy as heck i know and then with my beard strainer all right

Just go up go up go up turn that off i know my beard looks crazy and then just fix your beard just like this comb it down swing around my other brush this is a nice good brush it’s a it’s called wet brush and it’s a nice detangle brush go through it like this and yeah guys that that’s pretty much how you you go from big beard to nice well-kept like i said

With my daily routine and the that i’ve been doing for a year like i said length it’s going to help your hair come down after your shower you’re going to want to use cold water not hot water because cold water is gonna let your beard hang and yeah guys that’s pretty much it just make sure your beard’s nice and healthy make sure it’s got the vitamins from beard

Oil and i hope you guys stay bearded i hope you guys enjoyed my video if you like subscribe to my channel if you like tik tok subscribe to that channel it’s the same exact name crazy norseman and i hope you guys got a nice day yeah yeah stay bearded my guy say yeah

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straighten ur main By crazy norsemen