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Stress Management 7: Neck & Shoulder Relaxers

Part 7 of a lively, informative 1-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ talk by mind/body educator, April Rubino, exploring practical stress management techniques. This clip suggests some simple stress relievers for neck and shoulders.

Okay physical stuff you can do because the tops of your shoulders and your neck this is the upper trapezius muscle right here it’s enter baited directly by framing owner which means basically that there’s nerve because directly from the brain this muscle that doesn’t go through the spinal column so it’s there’s not a demotion or a lag effect so if your stress

Response basic ucr is up here and moves down your body if you were to to film somebody getting stressed or startled in slow motion it starts by the head and moves its way down so people were chronically stressed frequently have their shoulders up around their ears this is to address that situation and it simply involves slow on purpose raises of the shoulder to

The ears breathing with that and slowly melting the shoulders back down as you breathe in did you bring it out slowly let your shoulders go down now you’re breathing may not be that slow and that’s okay time it with your bread that you want to wear you can take several breaths while you’re doing this slow journey the three times just slow loading the shoulders up

To what you hear is get the grab and then slowly melting shoulders back and right there you flop brought low reese the blood flow into we dance area which helps it relax the shoulder circles would simply be taken a forward and up and back and just nursing other peeps little bit and of course there’s no formula you get to choose how many times you do it you know

You might have a cool one and then another thing about to do but giving yourself that kind of nurturance which is very simple you know taking the moving to release attention because when they move they can’t play so opening up the chest these pectoral muscles right here are also muscles that tend to contract in the stress response which is in a complex that holds

You’re one of the complex and losses ribcage kind of compressed so you can’t so opening up the chest as you breathe and exhaling to mulder’s down is another lovely day yourself and finally because those muscles run all the way up here and of course we also tend to carry a lot of stress in the back of the neck bottom into the scalp so just so stretching single

Stretching right okay kicking the neck forward and just very very gently now remember this is not a sport don’t start throwing them around lovely you feel your way close your eyes if you can and feel what it feels like as you slowly invite the fascial connectors and the muscles at the back and sides of the neck so let go a little bit take your time breathe bring

Warmth into those areas and just enjoy enjoy the feeling keep it within your comfort zone whoever said no pain no gain take another shot okay i need to jump through here because time’s a-wastin so sedating postures if you have the opportunity either were to go into the bathroom the privacy of your office if you have one or at home here’s some stuff you can do

Shape-wise just shapes you can put yourself in better sedating sedating comment okay one of them i call the skull old is to take one hand and put over your forehead and to take the other hand and place it in the occiput the very bottom of your soul reverie your skull joins your neck and just breathe and hold yourself here they’re a couple of bits sometimes this is

More comfortable when you’re lying down and just try that see it feels like just lightly mist your hands what feels better that’s how you find out take your back hand down a little yeah yeah many people again no one-size-fits-all many people find this particularly calming which is why i’m sharing okay you can have a few moments to just launch yourself in that way

In a very loving way there’s no i get no formula recipe about how long how much whatever okay do it if it feels good and doesn’t skip right the bottom line what feels good to you is what you use you

Transcribed from video
Stress Management 7: Neck & Shoulder Relaxers By April Rubino