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Strongman Eddie Hall Takes On The NFL Combine | 40-Yard Dash, Broad Jump & Catching Drill | NFL UK

Someone get @Eddie Hall The Beast an NFL contract!

Foreign stadium and it’s the home of the nfl in the uk and with two professional nfl athletes christians scotland williamson just call me csw csw for short and jack crawford now these are two nfl players a 10-year career yes i did three i did three in rugby yeah three sounds enough ten times horrendous when i’ve done strong man bet swimming that’s pretty much

It there’s only two sports i’ve ever done in my life i can’t catch i can’t throw i can’t run um but i’ve probably got it marrying people down defense yeah strong very strong yeah well that’s an important part of the game let’s find something for you to do awesome just the biggest city yeah but to be fair there’s guys who are 160 170 people playing how’s it

Feel all my tits are pushed down like so you are you familiar with the combine combine harvester this is a way to evaluate talent so it’s all just objective metric so how quickly you can run the 40-yard dash how quickly you can do this drill which is the 5 10 5 or the shuttle is that what’s the actual record that is like a combine record 3.81 seconds brandon

Cook how three so that’s like 30 seconds now to now no chance at three seconds my ass all right give it a go give it a go okay you ready what was the time what time you must have played because i just did it did you not see that yeah on you nice touch get out of it touch nice good finish oh my spine 5.5 that’s not even bad adding pads too they don’t do it

In pads usually yeah i mean that’s why if you take the pads off that’s probably like three yeah three seconds three four i’m actually impressed you moved backed on i thought you were killed me it’s a lot i mean being a big guy and obviously that all nfl players are big guys almost done yeah hard on the joints yeah like just batting themself exactly right but

You did well i did well yeah i thought you did a hell of a job and to be honest you’re right on par with some of the the big guys and the trenches the offensive lineman so that’s impressive so you line up stationary and then you keep your hands in the air and then you basically and you’re used to squatting yeah build that momentum all right there you go all

Right yeah so it’s really good section half seven foot path of the combine record yeah very respectable yeah right then so we’re at the 40 yard dash line this is the start okay in english terms 36 meters what’s the record for this so what’s the one so 40 yards 4.22 seconds wow usain bolt tied that just to give a bit of perspective 4.26 territory yes 4.2

4.22 seconds so if you’re getting within a second or two of that say six seconds and under that’s that’s elite especially in pads two they don’t run in pads especially pads all right ready ready on you man go and finish five seven three that’s better than a lot of offensive linemen in the nfl fairly impressive day is that like you’re standing you have to be to

Get into the nfl or no no it’s just a measurement that they take everybody and some people put more effort into it towards others now let’s say you’re one of the best football players in the country yeah your score on these tests don’t mean a whole lot because we’ve seen your game film we know you can play but if you’re trying to earn a spot yeah you want to

Impressive right so somebody someone sees your size and they see that you run a 573 yeah yeah then you got sharp what’s the drills plus the drills that’s the jump and you’re doing all in pads for no reason at all it shows that you’re committed so uh who’s giving me the contract they need to speak to what do you see in a couple position drills first eddie oh

Got it back out it’s fourth down now game’s on the line this is the super bowl and this is the last play of the game to win the championship all right no pressure no pressure yeah let’s see the celebration let’s fight the ball spike it yeah awesome well done when the pressure was on you came through yeah nice well done okay next up kick from the 20 out 20

Yard line oh nice officer the bowl not the holder definitely not the holder or the kicker there you go hey yeah that is good seriously where like where’s my contract i mean oh yeah i’ve got a year left in me 30 yard field goal from the right hash is that good that’s solid there was a 61 yard yesterday from the logo so basically that side of the field yeah

Yeah yeah so double that so now you’re in my world right okay you’re a defensive lineman yeah all right this is the offensive guard and that back there that’s the quarterback okay right yeah okay so he’s gonna go snap the ball and all i’m gonna do is take simple couple steps and then we’re gonna hit the offense of god but you gotta flip your hips see the most

Important part being the defensive lineman is flipping your hips kind of like that so you flip your hip that way but you step through at the same time okay when you hit this bag you bring this arm up and it’s called a rip and so that helps you bring this foot through and get to the quarterback are you ready yes off the ball off the ball what’s up is that it

That was it that was it alrighty sorry i missed it i played yeah what’s up nice there you go there you go that was good speed i like that you see that that acceleration from the guards to the quarterback in nfl we call that closing speed it’s very valuable they pay a lot of money for that nice eddie i love it he killed him any gm’s watching he’s ready next man

Up he’s good that’s a wrap today thank you thank you so much pleasure thank you really appreciate your time these guys are spent quality time with him today i really do appreciate you coming down and always showing me the ropes of the nfl so uh i mean all around success i think you’re ready i think i think yeah i’m defense yeah i think he’s ready right then

Guys again thanks these thanks to these guys for the time and uh strongman tries nfl success i think so don’t forget to like the channel subscribe to the channel and see you next time big love the peace take care

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Strongman Eddie Hall Takes On The NFL Combine 💪 | 40-Yard Dash, Broad Jump & Catching Drill | NFL UK By NFL UK