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SUMMER ESSENTIALS SPF, Cellulite Cream, Self-Tanner & More! | Fortune Finds

Hey Finders!

Hey finders and welcome back to fortune finds today i’m bringing you my summer staples guys you do not want to miss out on this video i have a ton of products here in front of me if you are someone that is looking for a sunscreen that goes on really sheer that doesn’t feel heavy and make you sweat even more i got you covered tanning products self-tanning products

Makeup with sunscreen in it i have makeup setting spray with sunscreen in it so we definitely got you covered from the sun because you know summertime we’re outside the livin is easy but we do want to stay protected we want to keep our skin nice youthful and supple for as long as naturally possible some really great amazon products that you can buy honestly i live

For the amazon products that i mentioned in this video and also if i didn’t entice you enough and i brought receipts that it definitely works i have a cream that has made my cellulite 20 times better than what it is i’m not kidding you it’s it’s life-changing so there are a lot of my life-changing products that i mentioned here in this video so before we do go ahead

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Me out also if you really like this video be sure to leave a thumbs up a thumbs up just kind of points me in the right direction of things that you like to see so if you like content like this be sure to give it a thumbs up let’s hop into my summer 2020 staples must-haves things that you need for the rest of your life going forward if i’m being totally honest if

The sun is out i’m wearing sunscreen and it is on any parts of my body that are exposed my favorite face sunscreen by far neutrogena age shield face oil-free lotion and this my friends has an spf of 110 it covers uva uvb rays and it has superior anti-aging protection is water resistant and it lasts for 80 minutes i have dry skin but sunscreen always breaks me out

This does not break me out although it’s really white it blends out really nicely you just you need to take the time to blend it out if you don’t take the time to blend it out it will leave your face white and i feel like that’s just simply because it’s a spf of 110 so it is a thick mama you just need to blend her out but it feels really nice it kind of like blurs

The skin a little bit i don’t know if you can see the difference but it creates a really nice sheen to the skin and kind of blurs it and gives an instagram filter effect this is my favorite sunscreen for my face hands-down kate somerville makeup setting spray it’s a soft focus makeup setting spray it has a broad-spectrum spf of 50 this one is the only one that i

Use to set my makeup with this nozzle can get crusty the sunscreen will dry in it and you need to just make sure that you clean it out it will make the mist less fine and then you will go ahead and ruin your makeup so just make sure that every time you are done using this you just take a cloth and wipe it out or even take a q-tip that’s what i do because the q-tip

Fits in here perfectly just clean it out so that the next time you go ahead and use it you don’t spray globs of sunscreen on your face and ruin your make a cool refreshing water mist sunscreen it has a full 360 spectrum and this has an spf of 18 spf of 18 doesn’t really excite me i don’t think that’s enough i throw this in my bag on days where i’m not planning to

Be outside all day say i’m going to run errands i put my makeup on i set my makeup sunscreen doesn’t last all day guys you really really do need to reapply if i’m out and about i will throw this in my bag because this is the smallest setting spray or it’s not even a setting spray i don’t want to call it that it’s a refreshing water mist it has a really nice mist

It’s really fine i don’t even know if you could see that on there coke and i mean for sure this can break you out honestly i can’t use this every day i wore it for a week straight and then honestly by day 5 i broke out so if you are someone that’s sensitive to coconut and just note that but i think this is really great to just throw in your bag just so that you’re

Protected antioxidant and enriched it’s vegan cruelty free wreath friendly which is really important a neutrogena ultra sheer is my favorite line from neutrogena i mean this is my favorite face one but my favorite body ones are the ultra sheer dry ones mike and i we go through bottles and and bottles of these i wear a minimum of 30 on my body i like to pack on

This bf when it comes to my face with my body i will wear a thirty lens really easily onto the skin you don’t need to like rub and rub and rub again i have sensitive skin not only on my face all over my body this doesn’t break me out really light and it doesn’t make me sweat i don’t like the sunscreen that makes me hotter in the sun that i already am and then

This is just the same kind of sunscreen but this is in a spray look at that and it dries down it’s really shiny this is an added bonus spray this all over your body it’s gonna make you look really dewy and delicious and just your skin looks really youthful but you’re also protected from the sun wherever it is you’re going you always want to be protected guys this

Is the bomb now that it’s warmer out you know we show a little bit more skin we have our legs out this just gives shiniest most delicious like kind of like of this effect but no sunscreen this is just heavy on the hydration so this is the nivea body lotion essentially enriched 48-hour nourishing moisturizer this has deep moisture serum and two times the olive oil

And this is for dry to very dry skin and it is thick like it’s a thick thick lotion like the light just hits it right guys it just oh and imagine that on your legs with like a short little black dress oh my god delicious and i literally only wear this in the summer because if my skin isn’t showing this is just a little bit too thick of a moisturizer for me sol de

Janeiro bum bum cream guys guys you need this okay and let me tell you why you need this and let me show you why you need this i have been using this for the last year here and there but i have committed to using this since the very very beginning of spring i started using this everyday this is a thick thick cream i don’t put this all over my body i literally put

This all over my butt and then the back of my legs this makes my bum so smooth not only does it feel smooth it looks smooth i’m gonna go ahead i’m gonna show you pictures here from day one of me using this i’m going to show you my cellulite and all the dimples that are go i mean no shame in my game guys i work out five six days a week i’m really into fitness i do

Try to keep healthy and i drink tons and tons of water on a daily basis so i think you know if you’re someone that doesn’t take care of yourself yeah it’s not like a miracle worker okay it’s not gonna like erase all the bad decisions that you’ve made when it comes to your health but this really smooths out my bum as you can see throughout all of these photos it’s

Really helped system without my stretch marks to smooth them this makes everything feel smooth that i’m not kidding you guys when mike and i are in bed if he touches my tush like he tells me how soft my tushy feels i don’t know about you but i feel great when my man tells me that my butt feels nice and when he tells me that i have buttery thighs because i use this

Don’t sleep on this i know that it’s expensive i will only buy this during the sephora vib sale i will buy two of these and i’m gonna tell you i use this on my bum every time i got out of the shower i will go through this and maybe even like four to five months it goes pretty quickly and i kind of got a big butt i wasn’t sure if i was gonna mention this one this

One that’s a little weird but this is the summer’s eve yes this is the vaginal region company you know the summer’s eve commercial where guys in the shower his wife like says oh honey when did you use to wash your body and he says oh the summer’s eve and she’s like did you know that was like a vaginal cleanser and he’s like oh my god and then he has to go outside

And like chop all the wood and pull a car with a rope from his back because he needs to like remind himself that he’s a man you guys know what i’m talking about so this is the same company i cannot tell you how awesome this is this is the ultra freshening spray it neutralizes odor absorbs moisture it won’t disturb your natural ph which is very important because

You just herb the ph then that’s when you get all kinds of infections i’ve literally been using this for the last like five years so this is just like a spray it’s a powder spray oh sweaty ladies or sweaty guys and guys can’t even wear this – it doesn’t matter i like this scent this is the lavender scent all the scents are nice i don’t really know if i want to

Smell like a tropical vacation down there i kind of like a lavender it’s kind of feminine i don’t know that’s just personal preference it makes you know down there smell nice and also it prevents you from sweating a lot so if you’re someone that you know you know a little sweat it down there spray this it’s going to make sure that you don’t have a swath this is

That sweaty ass you can spray this you know the front and the back i like to get it all just just to cover our bases okay really awkward but i really thought that you guys should know about it i am so sweaty and i am totally honest when i tell you that i have struggled really really hard to find a deodorant that can help me with my sweatiness and i really genuinely

Tried to go down the natural route mike and i did some hefty research i tried so very many natural deodorants and it just it just wasn’t working out for me so if you have one that really really works i kind of feel like i’ve tried it but let me know down below in the comments section i would appreciate it but degree clinical protection this is their summer strength

Antiperspirant and it has 20% of lumen them if i don’t really know you then you know i try to mask my scent but if i know you like i mean it is what it is right people that i know are like wow you were really smelly and sweaty for such a little thing which i really know what the f that means i mean our little people not allowed to sweat or smell and i’m pretty sure

There are bigger people who don’t smell at all so i don’t really know and i don’t mean to offend you by saying that but it offends me so we could be offended together san tropez i didn’t put it in this bin okay i will link it down below which is because i’m lazy and i don’t feel like going to get it but it’s like the skinny long san tropez it’s their self-tanner

Mousse it it’s a white bottle with the blue top i will literally put the link down below so that you know exactly what it is that is my favorite self-tanner i have talked about it here on my channel before self-tanner can be really drying and i have dry skin so what i do is i will use my aveeno moisturizer that i’m also if you lazy to go get i will link that down

Below right beside the self san tropez tanner that i’m talking about one pump of moisturizer – one pump of self-tanner and literally rub that all over my body from neck to toe okay not on my face make sure that you wash your hands because it will stain your hands and you will look like an orange crazy person i’m a big believer in self tanner and honestly you get

The same exact aesthetic whether it’s fake or real so self-tanner always a great thing you know protect yourself from the sun protect yourself from skin cancer from aging and all that jazz let’s move on to some spf foundations i have a few because i know we all have a preference when it comes to foundations okay so i have light coverage medium coverage and full

Coverage so don’t worry about it guys i got you i got you boo i’ve talked about this so many times i’m not gonna get too into this i did a wear test on this i will link it up here as well as down below if you want to check it out get the full on scoop of this but this is the it cosmetics your skin of a better cc plus color correcting full coverage cream it’s anti

Aging hydrating and it has an spf of 50 super hydrating it’s more hydrating than a foundation and it’s gonna definitely add to the skin benefits more so than a normal foundation would it evens out the skin tone i don’t want to wear foundation every day just because i do have really sensitive skin tinted moisturizer it’s really nice when you’re not going full beat

So that is why i definitely wanted to mention this and when i know i’m gonna be outside for most of the day i would say that i grab take towards this the most on days where i need a little bit more coverage i know that i’m gonna be outside i have a drugstore option and a higher-end option so my drugstore option i also did a wear test on this i’ll link it up here and

Down below l’oreal infallible up to 24-hour fresh wear foundation with a sunscreen of 25 mike and i have a party or we have like an outdoor barbecue that we’re going to like i will make my way to the barbecue and i will sit in the shade but you do want to be protected because you know uv rays can bounce off of things and hit you so you always want to wear sunscreen

Whether you’re gonna go and lay out directly in the sun or not if you’re gonna be outside wear a sunscreen that’s really the psa of this entire video i’m actually wearing this foundation today i applied it with the sponge that is for me the best way to apply it i have very dry skin and i have very dry areas on my nose it kind of does cling to my dry patches i have

Trouble areas i understand that i have the trouble areas i don’t like loose leave over my troubled areas but i do have like dry patches on my nose that this does cling to but as you can see this is a decent coverage foundation another one that i reach for this is really try friendly really compact it is plastic marc jacobs shameless youthful look 24-hour foundation

And this also has an spf of 25 i can’t wear this every day same with this i cannot wear these too every day if i have a week where i need sunscreen in my foundation i would alternate the two of these i think that they’re both really comparable to one another medium coverage i would say that you could build both of them up to be a little bit i’m gonna say like full

Full coverage like somewhere in the middle between medium and full this one i like to apply with a brush or a sponge so these are really great i wanted to give you these two options drugstore and a little bit bougie er and last but not least the bhujiya sub them all this is the guerlain natural glow foundation 16 hour wear tests with an spf of 20 i don’t know if

I mentioned this guys mike and i pushed our wedding it was supposed to be june 20th and we were supposed to get married this year with the coronavirus and everything going on we are now getting married in 21 we can do like a chitchat get ready with me and touch upon it i feel like i’ve been filming this for like 45 minutes so i don’t want to touch upon it now but

I wasn’t aware of this to our wedding this is full coverage it looks way better in photos than it does in real life i did a wear test on this i’ll link it up here and down below you can get the full-on scoop on this but if you are going to an event where you’re gonna be photographed and you just want to look your best while also being protected from the sun then

I would totally recommend this one my skin has never looked better in pictures than when i wore this even with flash it looks great and that’s saying a lot because usually products that have spf cream flashback this one does not liquid and cream highlighters look the most natural last the longest and just really give a nice summer finish cover fx custom enhancer

Drops in the shade celestial i don’t know if i’m ever gonna go through this because there’s so much product in here kinkier highlighter super blinding though really really really pretty it’s so pretty and this looks great on my skin whether i have a tan i don’t have a tan it really doesn’t matter this one’s a little bit cheaper and i think this will look really

Great for people with medium to darker skin complexion so this is the suva beauty liquid chrome illuminating drops i really love brands that like no one talks about and then i find something that i absolutely love and i’m like yes it’s really pretty i mean i can wear this on my fair skin too but i think it will give me more beautiful with somewhat of a darker skin

Complexion because it’s really gonna pop this is so natural it’s shiny but it’s not like metallic it kind of just makes you look wet it’s so good guys i’ll link a video up here that i recently uploaded where i use this all over my face and now use this as the main highlighter oh my god so for eyeshadow palettes i just wanted to mention one that’s right i picked one

Out of my entire collection and it is the collab tropic like it’s hot this screams summer look at these shades oh oh my god oh my god so pretty like oranges and then this green like blows me out of the water it’s it’s such a good palette and it’s so like underrated so underrated and it’s so cheap i think it’s like $15 and you get eight shadows granted it doesn’t

Have a mirror which kind of sucks but it’s small its compact you can do a basic look with this or you can do a more fun look with this waterproof mascara if you watch my best mascaras under $25 you will have already known this so i’m not gonna talk about this too much but this is the tarte lights camera splashes the only waterproof mascara i ever buy i buy it on

Repeat and makes my lashes really really wispy really spidery long and just to love it i love it so much i just i love it i love it milk makeup hydro grip primer if you need your foundation to stay on your face all day long without budging this is really great and i did want to mention i haven’t bought it in a while i ran out of it last summer i didn’t repurchase it

This summer but the hourglass veil primer i remember when i bought it i went to sephora and the girl and that hourglass section was telling me that she wears that primer to the gym and her makeup goes nowhere i would not wear makeup to the gym just because i don’t want to think about all of the crap that’s getting in my pores but that’s really good this is really

Good so milk makeup is a little bit cheaper as far as lipstick shades go i did a spring to summer like sexy lip collection i will link it up here and we could literally be here for another 45 minutes talking about lipsticks i look i thing fabulous do i not like these are huge and i then they look like celine but they’re not these are literally i think there were

Like $15 i will link them down below got them on amazon arrived at my doorstep in two freaking days they’re big so they cover a lot of my face which the son and me the more coverage i have the better this is a hat that you can roll up and it has like a little rubber band that you can wrap around to keep it nice and condensed it has a velcro in the back and it’s

Adjustable guys look at this hat look at this hat okay you might be thinking like do you look nuts but let me tell you something i have been reading a ton during this quarantine i really want to educate myself i’ve been reading self-help books educational books i’ve been reading makeup books like i’m just trying to absorb as much as i can in my brain it really

Blocks out the sun it keeps my chest covered it keeps my face covered again i’m a sweaty sweaty and so if i wear like a floppy hat like this that’s covered on top it makes me hot like i get really really hot and i’m the kind of person where i sweat from my head literally all this one on my body is for my head that’s just how i sweat i don’t really know so if you

Are a head sweater by this it’s a hat visor i don’t really know but it’s so cute and look at how cute is that it’s really great this is cheap this is not amazon i will link it down below i look like i belong in the hamptons bye i’m not a hamptons girl let’s not kind of twist it i’m a jersey girl dirty jurors that’s me so guys if you liked this video do me a favor

And leave me a thumbs up down below also comment did you learn anything from this video are you gonna buy any of the things that i mentioned what are your summer staples let me know if there are any products that i should be trying before you leave make sure you subscribe and ring the bell i had a great time as always thank you guys so much for joining me and i

Will see you in my next one bye finders

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