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Hey guys welcome to this video my name is kat as always thank you for stopping in wow what a top notch anyway that is huge um thank you for stopping in my name is kat as always it’s good to see you today i’ve just got a mini quick review on some more sunbun products kind of like more of a what’s the diff situation here um before we hop in don’t forget to subscribe

To the channel for more videos all right let’s just go i have talked about this product tons and tons and tons on my channel before because i absolutely love it and i use it all the time so i was at the lake for two weeks and someone had forgot to bring sunscreen for their three children plus themselves it just so happens that i had an abundance of sunbum sunscreen

While i was there i wanted to make sure i had a ton more for the rest of the summer so i purchased three well a few more at least three different kinds of sunscreen while we’re up there i have the spf of 50. i talked about this one lots before i love the consistency it works really well it smells really well this is absolutely brand new these are a little bit

More pricey they are a premium sunscreen but i feel that they are way worth it they don’t have that typical sunscreen smell they smell like bananas um so this is the spf of 50. this is new to me and i have not used this before i have used mineral sunscreens in the past um but this is the mineral sunscreen and they recommend this for babies this was i think 12

And then i got this and this is kind of a newer product to the sun bum program and it is a face um sunscreen so we’re gonna just test the difference i still have swatches on my arm oh my god i’m so sorry anyway also on a side note my husband bought this surfer pace and i just wanted to kind of talk to you guys about it and the reasons why i love it so anyway

Let’s just go through this really quick this is going to be another one of those really quick reviews just because i think those are what you guys like something quick so you can move on to another one of my videos because you’re subscribed we all know this right so anyway this is the spf of 50. it goes on clear we’ll put it on my arm right here so you can see a

Difference so it starts off white but it will dry down clear it doesn’t leave a weird cast on your skin at all i love the smell of it it makes you feel nourished it does not kind of dry out it does not flake it does not paste it does not get kind of like that crusty kind of powdery chalky situation so i um super super love that product so now the mineral sunscreen

So there’s two different oh there’s two different um formulas going on here this is a natural base sunscreen this is more of a sun block in the sense where the sun is the sun’s physical rays are blocked from your skin when i explain this this i would consider more of a sun screen where the the product screens the sun rays before it hits your skin so it is not

Um it won’t burn your skin it won’t damage your skin but there is a difference this screens your skin whereas a mineral base will block the actual sun rays so with a mineral based sunscreen there will be a white cast so i have just put this on this is new i think my husband did use this at the leg i can smell it or maybe golfing but there will be a white cast

It will not it will not rub in as much just a little bit of a white cast this is actually one of the better mineral type sunscreens that i’ve seen because it doesn’t leave like you ghosted it just leaves a little bit of a white cast what i’m interested to try is this face one i’m not gonna put it on my face but i will put on my deck with tay today just because

I already have makeup on it feels slightly more oily and less thick than the actual sunscreen and i kind of like that for like my face it doesn’t have any added oils or anything in that um it is branded for your face so i it’s just a little bit lighter of a feeling than the regular sunscreen like it doesn’t have that heavy super heaviness that a sunscreen has

It’s just a little bit lighter feeling than the actual sunscreen so that is the difference between those three i want to just quickly quickly chat about this surf paste my husband recently has been growing his hair longer and kind of has that surfer kind of beach bum look which i really really appreciate this is more of a paste and then he uses this for his hair

He just takes a little bit like that works it into his fingers and it’s it’s not a wax it’s not a gel it’s somewhere in between but it’s light and it’s fluffy and it’s airy and honestly it gives them this total surfer look but that i just wanted to give you guys a little quick kind of what’s the diff on the three different sunscreens like i said this is just their

Original they’re fantastic formula that they’ve always had it is like a body sunscreen it’s a little bit thicker it’s creamy it smells good it definitely definitely works the mineral based on the screen is a little bit thicker than this one it’s kind of more we’ll say a little tiny more pasty it still is very rubbable you will see a white cast um not that much

Though because that impresses me a lot um this is the more natural version natural way to go the face sun bum feels a little bit lighter than the sunscreen itself so it’s tailored for your face and i always use a sunscreen on my face so this will be my new next sunscreen to try on my face i cannot wait and i love the smell of it that’s it for today’s video guys

I just wanted to give you a little quick mini review and what’s the death don’t forget to check out more of my videos i will link some down below something i think you might like don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more content all my upcoming stuff it’s going to be really fun i promise and we’ll see you guys my next video

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